This TikToker Found an Unexpected Way to Store Toilet Paper In Her Tiny Bathroom

published Feb 10, 2023
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When the followers of NYC-based thrifter Birdie Wood questioned why she had a lot of toilet paper rolls hanging on her bathroom wall, she gave an answer that actually makes sense.

In her video, Wood gives a quick tour of her bathroom. A really quick tour, given that the space is so tiny, it doesn’t have any place to store her toilet paper. Not even under the sink nor beside the toilet.

“When we first moved in,” said Wood, “I quickly realized there is absolutely nowhere to put extra toilet paper.”

To fix her storage problem, she came up with a strange but effective solution. Instead of returning a towel rack that was too small for her towels, Wood repurposed the item to serve as a toilet paper rack, using the hooks to hang the rolls. According to her, the rack can carry entire pack of toilet paper.

“And it looks weird, but the rest of my house looks weird, so I mean it’s not a big deal,” she said, pointing out her home’s unique and colorful aesthetic.

It’s a clever solution to a problem that every city dweller knows all too well. With limited storage areas in small apartments, utilizing wall space is a must. 

And though it looks odd, at the very least you know you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

“It doesn’t look weird! It’s usable art!” said one commenter. Another person put it perfectly: “Living in small spaces means function often takes precedence over form. Just the reality!”