Trader Joe’s Has a “So Cute” $10 Bouquet with Mini Bananas (!)

published Mar 27, 2024
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Raleigh, North Carolina USA-11 16 2022: Trader Joe's is a Specialty Grocery Store Chain Based in California.
Credit: Wileydoc/Shutterstock

Flowers are just about my favorite part of spring, even though I have terrible allergies. I’ll gladly blast my air purifier and take Allegra every day if it means I can have tulips and garden roses in my apartment, and whenever I go into Trader Joe’s, I’m tempted to pick up the store’s affordable bouquets. And now TJ’s has a new bouquet that is kind of blowing my mind. It’s a tropical bouquet, and it has — get this — mini bananas in it.

Instagram account Trader Joe’s Obsessed spotted them in a Colorado store, and obviously the bright, beautiful hellebores, anthuriums, and other flowers are hard to miss. But it’s the bunch of mini green bananas (or plantains, it’s hard to tell from the photo) that’s the really eye-catching part. They go perfectly with the vibrant leaves and give the whole bouquet a gorgeous, jungalow look.

And I’m not the only one who’s delighted by the whole arrangement. “Stopppp these are SO CUTE😍” one commenter wrote on the Instagram, while another said, “How fun!!!!”

If you’re like me and wondering, “but can I eat them?” the answer is … maybe. A TikTok user with the same question actually took apart the bouquet and cut one open and found that the inside is an edible-looking fruit.

If you choose to just display the bouquet, it won’t set you back too much. They’re $9.99 each and the perfect burst of spring sunshine if you’re somehow still plowing snow from your driveway. And with TJ’s increasing the price of their bananas for the first time in years, a bouquet will be a pretty reminder of when your grocery bill was that much cheaper.
While you’re at Trader Joe’s, you might want to really lean into the whole spring plant thing and pick up a succulent basket or a gorgeous tulip bouquet. When it comes to plants, the more the merrier, right?