Trader Joe’s Cat Planters Are Back, and You’re Going to Want One of Each

published Aug 3, 2023
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trader joes front of store
Credit: LMWH/Shutterstock

If you didn’t get the chance to pick up one of Trader Joe’s prickly cat planters last summer, then you’re in luck. The planters are back and they’re better than ever — and they’re only $8.

“Prickly kitties are back!” the creator behind the Trader Joe’s Plants Instagram account wrote. “Spotted them in orange, gray, and black at my store.”

Like last year, these prickly cats come with one of three different cactus varieties planted in them: barrel cactus, lady finger cactus, and powder puff cactus. But what’s different about these planters this year is that the cats’ eyes are a bit more expressive, with that hint of yellow behind the black.

And yes, even those of us without green thumbs can keep these cat cacti alive. Because cacti are native to arid places like the desert, they’ve evolved to store water in their appendages, so you can go without watering your cactus for weeks at a time. 

Only give your cactus a thorough watering when the soil is extremely dry from top to root. Overwatering can actually drown your cactus and cause it to rot, so these plants are best for people who forget about their plants rather than those who are a bit too attentive.

Finally, keep your prickly cat cactus on a sunny windowsill where your cactus receives bright sunlight for most of the day. (Remember that they’re used to being out in the hot desert sun, so the more light, the better!)

Head to your local Trader Joe’s to see if the prickly cat planters are in stock and grab your favorite color while you can. They’re definitely going to sell out like they did last summer, so scoop one up ASAP.