The Compact Triple-Duty Organizer That Instantly Decluttered My Nightstand (It’s So Chic!)

published Jun 13, 2024
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As someone who loves to lounge in bed in the morning and late at night, it’s safe to say my nightstand can get a little messy. I don’t really eat in my room, so there aren’t any food wrappers around, but my nightstand has been known to become a dumping ground for cups, jewelry, books, hair clips, pens, chargers, and other small trinkets that I end up with after a day’s activities. Combine that with the fact that I don’t currently have any jewelry storage and you can imagine the clutter that accumulates after a week or so.

While I haven’t fully conquered the whirlwind of my nightstand, there is an item that has gotten me a step closer to organizing my chaos: Umbra’s Tesora Wood Storage Box. This multipurpose organizer has helped to wrangle my trinket clutter in more ways than one — and looks like a piece of decor as it gets the job done.

What Is the Tesora Wood Storage Box?

The Tesora Wood Storage Box is a 3-in-1 organizer that’s seriously stacked. (No, seriously.) It’s made up of two round wood storage containers and a weighted metal tray that fits on top of both bases. When together, the full set forms a stylishly space-saving column that can be placed anywhere in your home for additional storage. You can also separate them and keep them in the same place or space them out around your room or the rest of your home. The organizer is available in two neutral colorways: One has a natural wood base with a brass tray, and the other has a walnut base with a black tray. Measuring 4.6” x 5” it’s small, but not tiny, making this modern piece just the right size for a nightstand, dresser, bathroom counter, side table, coffee table, and so much more.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Tesora Wood Storage Box

What I love most about the Tesora Wood Storage Box is how surprisingly spacious it is. Aside from my bedroom, I could easily place a couple of them into my bathroom for cotton swabs, bobby pins, and other accessories. It’s super stylish and has a surprising tiered design that’s hidden in plain sight. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know the organizer was actually three pieces in one! It’s durable and functional and each piece is unique, thanks to its natural wood grain material. Even the walnut box that I have shows slight variations between the two wood containers.

Credit: Britt Franklin

When it comes to organizing my home, I think the best products are those that are versatile and highly effective. The Tesora Wood Storage Box checks both of those boxes. It helped to clear up my clutter and looks fabulous on my tabletops. The only thing I’m missing now is another one to zhuzh up another room!