7 Unconventional but Brilliant Ways to Decorate the Foot of Your Bed

updated Jun 15, 2020
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Credit: Anna Hudson

Your bedroom should be a haven for relaxing and unwinding, so it’s important to make it as inviting as possible. If you feel like yours is missing a little bit of oomph, consider adding something to the end of your bed. But rather than going with a tried-and-true bench or chest, why not experiment with something a little more unexpected?

If you have a big room, you can go as far as adding a small loveseat, or if you have a smaller space, you can always go with a cluster of plants. If you’re really adventurous, maybe consider a row of seats? Check out all the fun, different ways you can decorate the foot of your bed below and let us know what you’ve done or considered for your own space in the comments section.

Theater Seats

Are you an avid thrifter or have great luck on Facebook Marketplace? Then keep an eye out for a row of theater or stadium style seats the next time you’re browsing. They’re a great, unexpected addition to the foot of your bed, as evidenced in this bedroom designed by Emily Henderson. Depending on how many seats you find, they’ll also provide you with more than enough space to tie your shoes or lay out your clothes in the morning. The only thing you are sacrificing here is hidden storage space, but this move will yield major design points in the overall scheme of your bedroom. 

Credit: Anita Yokota

Pair of Chairs

Replace the end of bed bench with a set of stylish dining room chairs. This idea works best if you match the chairs to the height of your bed. For example, if you have a lower bed frame, choose squat chairs with low slung backs. Styles with armrests are also a good idea, since they add more visual interest and some depth to a room. You can also pick something super sculptural, as designer Anita Yokota did in this warm, transitional style bedroom.

A Loveseat

If your bedroom is big enough, consider placing a small loveseat at the foot of your bed. For best results with this design move, find something that matches with the width of your bed and be sure it’s also around the same height as your mattress. You can also place a small coffee table in front of the couch to create a small reading or relaxing space for when you don’t want to lounge on your bed. I love what designer Gina Sims did here with an acrylic coffee table—you get all the functionality, and this clear piece definitely offsets and balances out the visual weight of that leather loveseat.

Credit: SummerHouse

Small Table or Desk

If you have a habit of throwing your clothes on any available surface in your room, fix that problem by placing a small table at the end of your bed. That way, you always have a designated spot for garments. You can also use the tabletop to add more decor to your space, from books and candles to flowers and small knickknacks. If you are still looking for a place to sneak in a work from home area, this is another great spot to experiment with a smaller desk for that purpose, as seen in this setup above from this SummerHouse, an interior design company and home goods store. Pull up a spare chair when you’re ready to work, and you’ll be good to go.

Credit: SummerHouse

Two Footrests

Rather than having a full bench at the foot of your bed, try arranging two ottomans or foot stools instead. You can get two identical ones, as seen in the bedroom vignette above (also from the SummerHouse showroom) or go for a more maximalist look by experimenting with two different styles. You can also arrange a small tray on one of them to create a vignette with coffee table books and small decor pieces.

Accent Chairs

If you like the idea of creating a reading nook at the foot of your bed but a loveseat seems too bulky, consider adding two accent chairs instead, as designer Jaimee Rose of Jaimee Rose Interiors did in this bedroom. Anchor the set up with a small side table in the middle, and the end result is a small hangout zone.

Plants Galore

For those with limited space in their bedroom, consider decorating the foot of your bed with a cluster of potted plants. Set one up on a stool to introduce an element of height variation. Shop for decorative planters or baskets to add texture and color to the spot, as blogger Ashley Benson did in this bedroom. Just make sure each pieces’ design works with the overall color scheme of your room.