5 of the Best Under-the-Sink Storage Ideas to Maximize Every Inch

published Jul 24, 2023
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In a moment of frustration this past week, I added shelf risers underneath my sink. A $28 Amazon order at 8 a.m. meant that by evening I was throwing away old products, decanting multiple bottles, and organizing stacks of sponges and carefully placed cleaning sprays. The next step? Mounting a corral on the door to organize the inevitable mess of bags that I keep on hand for cat litter. 

These are perhaps the un-sexiest home upgrades I’ve ever made, but the satisfaction when I open those under-the-sink cabinet doors can’t be beat. I can slide out my Swiffer container without worrying that I’m going to drip liquid all over the place. Sponges can be easily replaced when I know exactly where to find them. And I’m more likely to wipe the counter when I know I won’t cause an avalanche of cleaning supplies whenever I open the cabinet.

Ready to replicate the beauty of an organized under-the-sink storage space? Here are five tips to guide you. But don’t forget that your first step should be slimming down your supplies to only the essentials and trashing anything that doesn’t belong

Add shelf risers.

Under-the-sink space is almost always awkward. There’s plenty of vertical square footage, but it’s chopped up by plumbing. You can’t necessarily install a shelf across the cabinet, but you inevitably end up with wasted space in a mismatched formation. 

As I mentioned earlier, shelf risers are the solution (or try an expandable shelf!). They give you a spot for sponges and flatter items on the bottom, while providing a surface for bottles spanning a range of heights on the top. I would recommend adding in a basket to corral the top bottles to prevent them from tipping. 

Contain leaks with an under-the-sink mat.

File this under items you hope you’ll never need, but you’ll be glad you have. An under-the-sink mat absorbs leaks and prevents them from spreading. Whether it’s water leaking from pipes or a spray bottle gone rogue, this mat will contain leaks and prevent them from warping your cabinet when they go unchecked.

Conceal clutter with curtains.

For a touch of vintage appeal, consider removing your under-the-sink cabinet doors and, instead, concealing the clutter with a design detail. A curtain feels absolutely retro and looks on-brand in the most charming way when you have a farmhouse sink, for instance. But even if you don’t have one, a fabric in a style that appeals to you will surely put a smile on your face.

Float Another Shelf

If you thought under-the-sink organization tips were just for the kitchen, think again. The bathroom provides unique challenges — particularly if you have a floating sink with exposed plumbing. Luckily, leaning into the floating vibe makes for a striking minimalist look. Float a shelf below the plumbing to store towels, baskets, and more.

Use a variety of storage options.

Often the best solution involves bringing multiple solutions together. Use stackable storage that mixes both open storage and sliding drawers, and look for pieces that you can rearrange as your needs change (because who sticks with the same cleaning supplies or bath products into eternity?). In the bathroom, use hooks for hair dryers and other odd-shaped items, bins for cleaning products, and small drawers for nail polish and hair accessories.