This Ingenious $16 Organizer Will Change the Way You Store Leggings and Free Up So Much Space

published Jan 3, 2024
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Black painted dresser in neatly organized bedroom closet.
Credit: Minette Hand

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I feel a slight chill in the air, I break out my leggings. I own countless pairs; whether I’m pulling one on to run errands or to keep my legs warm under my work trousers, I practically live in their stretchy material from fall to spring. The only problem with this, as you can probably guess, is storage. Though I do my best to fold the pairs neatly in level stacks, I still struggle to get my dresser drawers to close most days. I’ve thought about hanging my leggings the way I do my other pants, but a regular hanger can only accommodate about two pairs, and I don’t have much closet rod space left, either. If you also live in a small place, I’m sure you can relate. Luckily, my colleagues here at AT are always finding clever organizers for just about every purpose, and we recently came across the Volnamal legging hangers on Amazon. Though they might be pretty straightforward in design, the hangers promise to declutter and transform your closet for the better.

What are the Volnamal legging hangers?

Unlike regular hangers, each of the legging hangers has 10 clips that’ll hold your activewear upright, keeping leggings free of wrinkles and drawers free of clutter. The clips are purposely made to be large and bear a decent amount of weight, so you can really use them to hold a variety of garments and accessories, including jeans, T-shirts, bras, scarves, ties, and more. And because each hanger can accommodate up to 10 garments across its length, it won’t bulk up your closet rod. Essentially, the hangers create extra hanging space out of thin air! You’ll also be happy to learn that the clips’ edges are coated in rubber, so they won’t leave indentation marks on your garments. Plus, the hangers, themselves, are made from carbon steel, so they won’t dip, bend, or break, even while holding heavier items. You can snag the organizers in a set of two or a pack of four, and they come in black, green, and pink.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“As someone with an ever-growing collection of leggings, this organizer has been a game-changer. Each pair now has its designated spot, making my morning routine smoother. The organizer fits perfectly in my closet, is durable, and the design ensures easy access to every pair. If leggings are a staple in your wardrobe, this is a must-have!” — Brandy

“Instead of digging through my drawer to find a certain pair of workout pants, now they’re easy to see in my closet. And it frees up space in my dresser. The design of the hanger takes up little space in the closet.” — Olive

“These are advertised for yoga pants, but I have jeans hanging from each clip, and they are holding them with no problem. I like that the clips turn freely, allowing me to have my jeans hanging front to back to save closet space but can display them left to right when choosing what to wear. These are one of the best products I’ve bought for organizing my closet.” — Melissa

As if those glowing testimonials weren’t reason enough to try a pack of hangers for yourself, the organizers are currently selling for only $16 per pack! Buying a set is probably the cheapest and easiest way to expand your closet space — no renovating or rearranging required.

Buy: Volnamal Legging Hangers, 2-Pack, $15.99 (normally $19.99)