4 Low-Lift, High-Reward Rewarding Cleaning Tasks to Do on a Rainy Fall Day

published Oct 14, 2022
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I grew up in San Francisco, the foggy side near the ocean, where every day was hoodie weather except for two weeks in October when it hit the 70s and we all enjoyed our very brief “summer.”

The rest of the year was wet and cold, the kind that seeps into your bones and makes you keep flannel sheets on the bed all year long. Mark Twain wasn’t kidding when he said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. 

Honestly, it wasn’t that cold, but I didn’t know that from experience until I lived in colder places in the country. But my formative years in San Francisco’s gray, chilly weather are probably why, even today, when fall hits and temperatures drop, I feel so at home. 

But most days, even ideal ones, have things that need to be done, especially if I want to enjoy all the coziness in a tidy home. 

Here are some low-lift, high-reward cleaning tasks that help you get your place clean without disrupting the peaceful mood of a luscious, fleeting fall day: 

Straighten up bookshelves

This task is easily neglected, but it’s relaxing to do and makes the whole room feel more put together. You can keep it simple and merely put books back where they belong and make them even on the shelf; you can go all out and empty the shelves, dust everything, and put all the books back; or you can go for something in between. 

Clean leather furniture

Cleaning leather furniture maintains its appearance. Use a very damp microfiber rag or some leather polishing product. Your leather will feel fresh for all that lounging you’re going to do on it. 

Polish wood furniture

Polishing wood furniture is another periodic task. I love doing it in the fall because there’s something cozy about handling wood in a more systematic, slow way. Plus, the scent of many wood polishing products is pleasant and helps set the tone for an evening with books. 

Deep clean the rugs

Beyond simply vacuuming, using a specific tool to remove pet hair from rugs is oddly satisfying and will make your rooms with area rugs feel cleaner than ever. 

What low-lift cleaning tasks do you do on a rainy fall day? Tell us in the comments below.