Where Does Martha Stewart Live?

published Aug 3, 2023
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Martha Stewart cooking in the kitchen
Credit: Amazon

Celebrity home tours can be out-of-touch and somewhat impractical, but that’s never been the case for Martha Stewart. Whether you’re thinking of her well-known first home (and kitchen) in Connecticut or her summer getaway in Maine, you can’t deny that she has good taste when choosing a home and decorating it. The queen of entertaining has multiple properties across America, but she tends to choose places in the Northeast. Here are some of the more notable homes in her real estate portfolio.

Katonah, New York

In Katonah, Stewart’s 152-acre estate is home to a plethora of animals (horses, chickens, peacocks, and donkeys) and a thriving vegetable garden. The residence, usually dubbed the Catinoe Corners or Bedford Farm, was purchased in 2000. Earlier this year, Stewart repaired the roof on her little basket house and detailed the project in a blog post. Yes, she has a space on her property that is literally a home for her basket collection. 

New York City

Meanwhile, her other homes in New York are completely different. In Manhattan, the chic West Village neighborhood is known for the popular Washington Square Park, celebrity sightings, and the Stonewall Riots, but it was also the location of Stewart’s former glamorous condo. She used to reside on Perry Street, but now her daughter Alexis lives in the same building. 

East Hampton, New York

In her former East Hampton cottage, Stewart spent nearly 30 years remodeling the home and tending to the land’s rose gardens before selling the home in 2021. Located on Lily Pond Lane, the posh residence is one of Stewart’s admired homes.

Westport, Connecticut

Although you might recognize the phrase “Turkey Hill” for their sweet tea and ice cream, it’s also the name of Stewart’s infamous first home. If you’re a longtime fan of hers, you’ll probably remember the farmhouse that she purchased with her now-ex husband in Westport, Connecticut. In a blog post, she recalled the importance of her former home and its “distinctive characteristics” prior to selling it. “Turkey Hill was a dream place for my family and me for many years,” she wrote. “It taught us, it nurtured us, it fed us, and it occupied us in so many wonderful and instructive ways. I would not be who I am today without the vast knowledge I gained there, on that small bit of paradise.”

Seal Harbor, Maine

If you’ve been to Maine in the summertime, you can understand why Stewart’s home in Seal Harbor is the perfect getaway. Located near Acadia National Park, her woodland estate has a dozen bedrooms and a pink-granite driveway. In a blog post, Stewart detailed the gorgeous walks that she frequently takes across the pine-needled property and nearby businesses and beaches in the Skylands area. In an interview from 2017, Stewart mentioned that the Maine home is her “favorite place,” and if you were to see it in person, you’d probably say the same.