This Wicker-Filled Yard Sale Is Straight Out of “Facebook Marketplace Dreams”

published Feb 3, 2024
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Facebook Marketplace isn’t what it used to be. There’s more competition to be the first person to message a seller, and it can be hard to find a good deal anymore. So imagine scrolling through TikTok and seeing a huge variety of beautiful wicker baskets, furniture, and bookshelves ready to be snapped up at a yard sale — and realizing that the sale already happened. I feel your pain, especially after seeing this viral TikTok.

TikTok user @martinedelasoul shared a video of their impressive wicker furniture collection, and said they had to get rid of it for an upcoming move. “I’m moving out of my house, and I’m moving into a super tiny apartment and cannot bring any of this sadly,” she said.

Ranging from peacock chairs to a wardrobe, it felt like a punch in the gut to see this TikTok without access to buy any of the items. While showing off the belongings in the video, they even said that there were more items that sold earlier in the day. Driving by a yard sale like this would immediately be your lucky day (or year!).

And TikTok users cannot believe someone is selling all of their beautiful furniture. “Babe, are you okay?!” someone asked. “This hurts. I’m so sorry for your loss of this beautiful collection and pray for the wonderful things to come to you!” Another wrote, “This is the haul of my Facebook marketplace dreams omgggggg where are you located.” Between asking for Martine’s location and suggesting a storage unit, it’s clear that shopping at this yard sale is equivalent to finding a treasure chest.

Let this TikTok be your sign to wake up early on the weekends to find a yard sale, or you can consistently scroll through Facebook Marketplace for a miracle like this.