This $35 Mini Trash Can Fits Perfectly In My Tiny Bathroom and Keeps Garbage Out of Sight

published Apr 11, 2024
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There are a lot of tiny details that go into setting up a functional bathroom, and it goes way beyond finding countertop and cabinet organizers. Since moving back into my childhood home five months ago, refreshing my old bathroom has been one of my big projects. I’ve found myself neck-deep in contact paper and drawer organizers in an effort to elevate the space, and fortunately, it’s been paying off! While I have yet to make it to the flooring and painting stage, I’ve made lots of little changes that have increased my efficiency and comfort in the space. And, believe it or not, that includes my trash can.

The waste bin I’d been using was one that we’ve had in the house since before I can remember. It didn’t have a top and was even cracking in some places, but it did its job. However, I knew it was beyond time to let that trash can go. I immediately went to Yamazaki, one of my favorite retailers for small-space home goods, and found the upgrade I was looking for in the brand’s Step Trash Can.

What Is the Tower Step Trash Can?

The Step Trash Can from Yamazaki’s Tower Collection is one of three fully enclosed lidded waste bins that the brand offers. Of those three, it’s the smallest (but no less impactful). With a one-gallon capacity, this mini step can is a choice pick for bathrooms, and suitable for any tiny area that needs some decluttering. It’s made from durable ABS resin that holds up throughout constant use and has a built-in handle on the back for easy lifting. The trash can itself is equipped with an inner ring that holds and hides a plastic waste bag without interfering with the lid, and the step design means there’s less bending you’ll have to do in the long run. At just 10.83” high, the Step Trash Can is available in white or black to match any bathroom’s aesthetic.

Credit: Brittany Franklin

Why I Love the Tower Step Trash Can

If you’re like me and have a bathroom that’s roughly the size of a closet, you can understand why I’d love a trash bin like Yamazaki’s Tower Step Can. I have less than a foot of space between the toilet and the wall, and this tiny trash can fits there with room to spare. Because it’s tucked into a corner, it helps that I can step on the foot pedal to open it from a distance. Despite its petite size, I’ve never had a problem fitting lots of trash inside of it, from empty toilet paper rolls to medicine bottles and all the bathroom scraps in between. I also love its discreet lidded design because it keeps everything out of sight so that garbage isn’t the first thing people see when they enter the room. All in all, this step can is a long-overdue (and much-appreciated) upgrade to my bathroom that I’ll be holding onto for a while.

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