This Ultra-Stylish Cabinet Organizer Will Instantly Declutter Your Tea Collection (And More!)

published May 30, 2023
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Cropped shot of an attractive young woman making herself some tea in her  small kitchen at home
Credit: Pekic/Getty Images

If you come from a tea-drinking family, you know how quickly all those little boxes can pile up — loose-leaf blends excluded, obviously. Back home, my folks always kept the tea and coffee cabinet stacked with every flavor, from English breakfast to chamomile to lemon ginger. And although it’s always great to have options, the clutter can quickly become unmanageable. Of course, there are lots of viable storage solutions out there for all your favorite herbal tea bags, mainly in the form of drawer dividers. If your drawers are already full, however, you’ll be happy to learn that there are other alternatives. For instance, we recently came across this clever packet organizer, which is designed to instantly corral your packaged snacks. Not only is it super functional, but because this product is part of Umbra’s editor-loved Bellwood collection, it’s also incredibly chic, to boot. If you ask us, it’s a must-have for every kitchen, no matter what you like to munch on between meals.

Measuring less than a foot in width, this organizer is compact but still manages to hold a lot. That’s because it offers three roomy tiers of storage space, where you can place all kinds of packaged eats, such as granola bars, tea bags, grab-and-go chip bags, and more. Because the tiers sit at different levels, you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s inside your cabinet and keep track of what needs restocking. The organizer’s dividers are also removable, so if you find that its shelves are too narrow to accommodate a certain snack, remove a divider, and you’re all set! You can forever say goodbye to an overcrowded pantry and cupboard. “If you’re someone who also needs everything to belong to a proper place, this organizer is for you,” one Umbra reviewer wrote. “I absolutely love using it to store my snacks and packets… I’m one step closer to my dream pantry, and this organizer is absolutely the best to achieve that minimal, clean, and functional aesthetic.”


Of course, you’re not limited to keeping this organizer in your pantry or cabinets. You could also place it on the counter next to your kettle to always have tea packets on hand. Even outside the kitchen, it would make a splendid desk organizer by neatly holding folders, notebooks, and other office essentials. In the bathroom, you could use it to better display your skincare or cosmetics (think of all the sheet mask real estate!) and give your vanity an elevated look. The place and purpose are all up to you, but one thing’s for sure: This simple yet genius product will eliminate clutter in no time.