This Sleek $30 Organizer Will Instantly Zap Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

published Dec 20, 2023
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Colorful kitchen with bright yellow painted cabinets and pink walls.
Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Cabinet clutter isn’t the worst type of clutter to have, mainly because it’s concealed behind doors. You still don’t want it, though, as there’s nothing more annoying than having to dig through a cupboard for a specific plate or pantry item. When we thought about how to resolve this problem, our minds immediately went to Yamazaki, the brand behind many of our editors’ favorite home organizers and storage solutions. You could say we stalk the website, but we prefer to say we’re just keeping a watchful eye on its impressive selection and new releases. There’s always something to look forward to from the brand, whether it’s a barely-there toilet paper stand that can hold up to six rolls, an airtight trash can with built-in wheels, or a drawer insert that’ll keep your cutlery collection tidy. Today, we’re obsessing over a newer product that promises to cure a different kind of mess in your kitchen. The two-tier cabinet organizer is functional, stylish, and well-priced, but we’d expect nothing less.

What is the Two-tier Cabinet Organizer?

Measuring just under 6 inches long and nearly a foot wide, this organizer will easily fit inside most standard-sized cabinets. What’s also great is that it’s made of unwavering steel, so even if you choose to load it up with dinner plates and dessert bowls, it’ll bear the weight without a problem. (Specifically, the top tier can hold 5.5 lbs.) The organizer comes in either black or white, both of which add to its minimalist, Japanese-inspired aesthetic — a Yamazaki signature. But perhaps the coolest feature is the stand’s open design; because of its two open sides on the bottom, you can easily reach what you need on the lower tier without running into a leg. Finally, there’s almost no limit to what you can store on top of the organizer, whether you need a spot for long serving platters or food storage containers. You might even grab an extra one for the bathroom or office, where it’ll work wonders for your skincare collection or paperwork stacks.

Credit: Yamazaki

What Yamazaki Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5

“Sleek and sturdy, this shelf allowed me to free up some space in my very small kitchen by storing small glasses vertically. I like that each end has only one support leg so that everything is just a bit easier to access.” — Bethany

“Such a cool and hard-to-find size; [it] fit perfectly in my tiny cupboard.” — Chazz

“Beautifully made, strong, and the perfect size. Yamazaki has the best stuff; there isn’t higher quality design and materials anywhere.” — Kathleen

Although this product hasn’t racked up a ton of reviews yet, clearly, those who already own it are more than satisfied with their orders. We have no doubt you’ll feel the same way, and given that this well-made organizer is priced at $30, you don’t have to shell out too much cash to try it. When you buy yours, you can forever look forward to neat cabinets and streamlined kitchen tasks.