A TikToker Thrifted a 1960s House-Shaped Coffee Table, and Her Cat Loves It

published Sep 4, 2023
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Recently, TikTok user @that_boringbitch stumbled upon a thrift-store item that would be the envy of all feline owners: a vintage coffee table that doubles as a cat house.

In her video, you see the 1960s coffee table being hauled home on the roof of her car. Its design is reminiscent of the architecture of that period, with the bungalow’s exterior having lots of curved lines and pops of pastel colors. The piece has been so well-preserved that its new owner didn’t even bother to give it a refresh; she just added some books and houseplants to complete the look, and that’s it.

Inside, it has curved arches for the doorways, plus a bunch of stairs and minimalist walls. Sure, it doesn’t have any rooms, but the place is practically as spacious as apartments in New York these days. 

Best of all, the house has a “sunroof,” allowing the pet owner and her guests to be amused as the cat goes in and out of its humble abode.

Also, would you believe the coffee table only cost her $60? What a steal (or, should I say, cat burglary?).

The bad news is that items like this really are rare, as the product was made 60 years ago. So you’ll have to scour more than one thrift store to find a similar one. The good news is that furniture that doubles as a pet’s living space is becoming more common. You can find varying styles from both retailers and thrift-flippers. Or, you can even make one yourself.

And if that’s all too much work, there’s always a cardboard box!