6 Easy & Clever Ways to Organize Your Hair Styling Tools

published Oct 22, 2016
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You wouldn’t trade your favorite curling iron for anything, and yet, you probably don’t even have a designated storage space for it. Keeping your heat styling tools clean and organized is important for more than just aesthetic reasons—having a safe place to store them will help them last longer, since easy organization means no more destroyed cords and damaging falls from the countertop.

To keep your favorite hair styling tools safe and your bathroom looking chic, try one of these DIY storage solutions:

Turn PVC pipe into a stand

All you need to do to make the simple styling tool stand above, from Decorating Your Small Space, is find a PVC pipe connector that fits the size of your hair dryer and flat iron or curling iron—you should be able to find one that works for you at the hardware store—and then paint or decorate it to your liking.

(Image credit: Collecting the Dots)

Hack a magazine holder

For an equally cheap and easy DIY storage solution, hang a magazine holder on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door—just make sure it’s sturdy (this example from Collecting the Dots used adhesive Command strips.) Then, you can fill the magazine holder with all your hair tools.

(Image credit: IHeart Organizing)

Build a custom storage box

This sleek storage box from IHeart Organizing is a little more complicated to make, but still totally DIY friendly. It’s made with medium density fiberboard, decorative moulding, and empty paint and soup cans, and has room to store more than just your blow dryer—organize brushes and other products for an entire hair styling station that still looks cute on your counter.

(Image credit: Glamour)

Hang a series of cute baskets

To make use of vertical wall space, try this hanging bucket storage solution from Glamour. All you need are some baskets (this tutorial uses IKEA Fintorp Cutlery Caddies), clothesline or rope, and a hook to hang it from when you’re finished—pick a spot to keep your hair tools and beauty products easily within reach.

(Image credit: Family Handyman)

Put PVC pipe holsters inside cabinets

An alternative to the PVC pipe connector stand, this is a great solution if you’d prefer your hair tools to be out of sight. Try mounting sections of PVC pipe to the insides of your cabinet doors and using them as holsters for your heat tools, like in this tutorial from Family Handyman.

(Image credit: Instructables)

Mount a DIY storage shelf

This is the most complicated solution on the list, but if you want to save precious counter space and keep your cords at bay, this storage box shelf from Instructables is still totally doable. It mounts to the wall and takes advantage of the outlet there, so all the cords plug in inside the box—and you can decorate it however you please.

Even more tips & tricks:

  • Use an over-the-door hanging shoe rack to store hair tools, brushes and beauty supplies
  • Adhere command hooks inside your cabinet doors or on the side of a cabinet or vanity to hang your tools.
  • Use toilet paper rolls to organize all the cords from your hot tools.
  • Wrap your heat styling tools in potholders if you’re worried about storing them while they’re still hot.

How do you store your hair styling tools?