8 Great Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

8 Great Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Jennifer Hunter
Jul 23, 2015

We think that anyone with lots of love to spare should share their home with a dog no matter what size home that is. But there are some dogs that just adapt better to a small spaces than others. Let's start this relationship out on the right foot paw. Here are some breeds to consider first.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — These dogs are so friendly toward humans and other dogs, so they're perfect for apartment buildings and their size is just right for a small scale space.

Greyhound — Many assure us that these large, lanky dogs are perfect for apartments because they only need a little bit of space and they love short bursts of exercise before sleeping the day away. Sounds like my weekends. Also, there are so many retired racing Greyhounds that need homes!

French Bulldog — French Bulldogs are bred to be smaller than their standard Bulldog cousins so they're perfectly suited to an apartment (although both breeds are worth considering). They have short hair that doesn't need much grooming and love to lie around the house!

Pug — Playful pugs are perfect apartment pets because they're tiny, eager-to-please and can get along just fine with a little indoor exercise along with their daily walks. If you plan on sharing your bed with a pug, however, be aware they're notorious snorers.

Beagle — I have a beagle here in NYC so I had to tell you about them! Beagles are the right size for an apartment and they need very little grooming (in fact, baths too often can dry their skin). They love being around people so they're happy to hang around the house most of the time but are also up for activities like the park. Be aware that they have a very distinctive bay, so need the right training so they don't cause noise complaints.

Bichon Frise — These cuties are in the poodle family but much more petite. They're energetic so they need regular exercise but they are not big barkers and don't shed.

Mastiff — If you love big dogs, this breed is actually surprisingly great in apartments because they are so calm and docile. They love being lazy and rarely bark. The only problem you'll have is finding a place for them to lay their huge bodies!

Yorkshire Terrier — Yorkies are tiny, cute and love to cuddle so they're the perfect movie marathon companion. They are also quiet and calm but are great with new people and other pets.

Time to tell us: what breed works well in your small space?

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