A Photographic Ode to IKEA’s Expedit in Kids’ Rooms

updated Feb 24, 2019
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(Image credit: reader Stephanie)

IKEA’s announcement last week that they were discontinuing the ubiquitous Expedit storage unit was, ultimately, much ado about nothing as its replacement, called Kallax, is nearly identical. But the public outcry by many fans was a reminder of how beloved this versatile and functional piece is. The Expedit transcends nationality, budget and decor styles as you can see in this gallery of children’s rooms.

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​Quentin’s Room (Image credit: reader Stephanie)

The Expedit’s greatest utility is just plain holding a lot of stuff – books, toys and bins to hold clothing – but it can be used as a room divider (see Phia & Anthony’s room) or a bench with storage (see Baby Delaney’s room). You can put it on casters (see Chloe & Cora’s room) or legs to give it a little individuality (see K’s room). Put two together for a large unit (see Baby Quentin’s room) and break them apart if you change the room up later. Put doors on them (see Hudson & Langston’s room) or keep them open for easy access or display. Feeling fancy? Cover the back and cover it in paint or wallpaper to add some color or pattern ( see Hayes’ room) And, or course, use them vertically to maximize storage in small rooms or horizontally to create a usable surface area.

  1. Quentin’s Room
  2. Reid’s Room
  3. Jett’s Room
  4. Jake’s Room
  5. Paige’s Room
  6. Noah’s Room (formerly Paige’s room above!)
  7. Hudson & Langston’s Room
  8. Collin’s Room
  9. Amelia’s Room
  10. Julian Grey’s Room
  11. Phia & Anthony’s Room
  12. Baby Delaney’s Room
  13. Lucas Gray’s Room
  14. K’s Room
  15. Hayes’ Room
  16. Sylvia’s Room
  17. Phillip’s Room
  18. Baby Rockwell’s Room
  19. Amelia & Paul’s Room
  20. Lesley & Gus Poole’s Home
  21. Frida’s Room
  22. Benicio’s Room
  23. Shaw’s Room
  24. Chloe & Cora’s Room
  25. Taylor’s Room