The Ingenious $10 Amazon Find That’ll Corral Your Entire Ornament Collection

published Dec 27, 2022
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If you celebrate Christmas, chances are that just one month ago, you were excitedly putting up your holiday tree. You might’ve had festive tunes playing in the background, and you likely reminisced about the memories behind your favorite ornaments with loved ones. It was, we’re sure, a joyful and promising start to the winter season. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the packing up that occurs post-Christmas. No one likes throwing out a real fir tree or wrestling with the fussy branches of an artificial one. And you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys returning the ornaments to their year-round resting spots.

Even if you think you’ve figured out a trustworthy system of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, the truth is that you don’t want to take your chances and risk breaking your most sentimental adornments. Luckily, we recently stumbled across a product on Amazon that promises to eliminate these problems. In short, it’s the ornament storage solution of your dreams.

The Christmas ornament storage box by ZOBER holds up to 64 ornaments securely in place, so they won’t tumble around as you stow them away in the closet or hike them up to your attic. Its design is simple yet genius. Basically, you get a fabric box with a top surface that zips open, as well as two side handles for easy portability. Cardboard inserts, which are included in your purchase, help the pouch keep its square shape. The long, rectangular inserts also create a grid pattern with individual slots for all your round ornaments, totaling four levels in all. Choose amid a red, green, gray, and cream color for your fabric, and you’re ready for stress-free packing!

Amazon shoppers also love this product, with just under 11,500 of them giving the storage box a five-star rating. “I love the stiff trays that ensure the ornaments don’t slide around under the bottom,” one reviewer writes. “And it’s not hard to customize the cardboard dividers to fit lots of unique ornament sizes.” That’s right — whether you have big ornaments or a bunch of smaller ones, you can adjust each slot to achieve the perfect size.

If you’re not already in love with the ZOBER box, this might just seal the deal: Right now, you can purchase this storage solution for 50 percent off its original price. That’s just $10 for a foolproof way of keeping glass decorations safe year after year! No more dilapidated cardboard boxes and ornaments individually wrapped in towels or tissue paper. This is the space-saving organizer every Christmas-lover needs.

Buy: ZOBER Christmas Ornament Storage Box, $9.99 (normally $19.99)