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It's a smart move in some properties.
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If you're considering selling your home, there's one detail that you should consider: Whether or not to get rid of a bathtub.
5 Mistakes People Make When Renting a Storage Unit, According to Experts
Two owners of a storage facility offer their advice.
6 Pros and Cons of Buying a Middle-Unit Townhome
Here’s a look at what life could be like in the middle.
5 Fun Games to Play That Only Require a Pen and Paper
Warning: Hilarity may ensue for children (and adults) of all ages.
These Are the Pros and Cons of Renting a Moving Container
They don't involve driving a clunky rental truck or bribing friends with pizza.
Here’s How to Turn Your Basement into a Legal Apartment
There are a few boxes you'll need to check off.
5 Surprising Things That Can Make Your Move More Expensive
Here are some things that can run up your moving day bill — as well as a few ways to save some money.
The One Project You Should Never Skip Before Move-In Day
There’s one project that both pros and homeowners agree you should try your very best to get done before moving in.
6 Things You Need to Know About Listing Your House During the Holidays
Real estate agents are still hard at work during the final weeks of the year, but before you put your home on the market over the holidays, consider the following advice straight from the professionals.
Why It’s Awesome to Live on a Dead-End Street — And Why It’s Not
Here are the pros and cons.
This Once-Popular Real Estate Trend Practically Disappeared in 2021
Tool belts are getting a break.
5 Real Estate Trends We’d Really Like to Leave in 2021
Here's hoping they fizzle out by next year.
Living on a One-Way Street vs. Two-Way Street: Which Is Better?
Here are some factors to consider.
The Biggest Mistake People Make When Buying Brand-New Homes
Old homes get a bad rap for having lots of problems homeowners must contend with before moving in. But new homes can have their share of issues, too.
This Is How the Language in Real Estate Listings Is Becoming More Inclusive
You'll see the term "master bedroom" less and less.
Here’s What Real Estate Agents Secretly Wish Home Stagers Would Stop Doing
The pros reveal their pet peeves.
Here’s How “Witches Stairs” Came to Be — And Why You Might Want Some
You can blame urban legend for the eerie nickname.
That Fixer-Upper for Sale Might Not Need a Gut Rehab. Here’s How to Tell
Hardwood floors could be hiding under that shag carpet.
4 Homebuying Trends on Their Way Out
According to real estate experts.
How the "Starve and Stack" Method of Saving Money Could Help You Buy a House
It sounds like a radical new diet, and it sort of is.
The 3 Things Buyers Often Regret Compromising on in Their New Homes
It's one thing to have buyer's remorse with a pair of shoes. But with a home? It's a much different story.
The One Thing Real Estate Photographers Always Edit Out of Listing Photos
Every home is bound to have some.
4 Things to Remember If You Want to Break Up with Your Real Estate Agent
It takes two to tango in a client-agent relationship.
4 Things Sellers Hope You Won't Notice About Their "Move-In Ready" Home
Some stuff is swept under the rug, literally and figuratively.
Moving? Here Are 5 of the Best Ways to Unpack, According to an Expert
Unpacking doesn't have to be stressful.
Are “Forever Homes” Gone Forever?
Forever seems to have become "for now."
What It Really Means When a Home Is on the Market for 100+ Days
It's not always a bad sign.
What Is an “Attractive Nuisance” in Real Estate?
It might sound like a cute puppy begging for your attention, but it's not.
The Small-Space Renovation You Should Never Do If You Care About Resale Value
According to a real estate agent.
Real Estate Photographers Say to Hide These 6 Things in Your House
If you're planning on selling, that is.
There's an Ideal Time of Day to Show Apartments, According to the Pros
Here's when a place is in its best light — in some cases, quite literally.
The Biggest Red Flags in a Bathroom, According to Real Estate Agents
Pull back the (shower) curtain.