Leah Moss

Before, During, After: An Evolving Outdoor Space
Just about this time last summer I somewhat sheepishly shared our back deck and the modest makeover cover-up that I attempted to pull off with $150 and a can of paint. This year, we’ve poured a bit more thought, time, and money into the space, and it has totally transformed our summer!As I explained in last year’s post, we have the world’s narrowest deck attached to possibly the world ugliest addition.
Dec 19, 2019
Before & After: Disguising Offset Windows Behind a Bed
Recently I helped a lovely couple redesign their bedroom. They already loved the wall color and the abundance of natural light, but the placement of the windows left something to be desired.  They also wanted to upgrade from a queen size bed to a king, while enhancing the airy feel that they liked best about their bedroom.
Apr 1, 2013
Non-Nasty Neutrals: Beiges That Won’t Drain Your Soul
Beige paint might as well be a toxic poison, because around here, it elicits just as many negative reactions as a typo. I get it. Who wants their walls to look like a giant bandaid? But, like most things in life, the right beige, in the right place with the right friends, has a chance at happiness.Before we get down to paint colors, let’s start with basics.
Jan 28, 2013
Strategies for (Very) Big Holiday Gatherings In a Small (ish) Home
One of the biggest challenges of small space living is entertaining. For a family of five, our 1700 sq ft house is more than enough on a daily basis, but add in twenty dinner guests, and we’re bursting at the seams. After a few years of failed attempts, this year I’ve discovered a happy style recipe for low-stress, large gathering entertaining.
Nov 26, 2012
Before & After: A Travel Inspired Kitchen Renovation
If there’s a leading trend, it’s embracing color, and that’s exactly what the talented crew at DC design firm Residents: Understood did with their clients Danielle and Peter. Using the young couple’s wanderlust as inspiration, R:U set about transforming sterile gloomy to bold global.Given that Danielle and Peter met while studying in Europe, got engaged in Iceland, and will be married in Italy this fall, they wanted to make a home that suited their vibrant life together.
Aug 13, 2012
4 Things To Consider When Picking A Wall Color
Sure you can always paint over, but that doesn’t make picking the color that you’ll see everyday any easier. I’ve seen more people agonize over the perfect wall color than the perfect sofa, despite the fact that the former is significantly less expensive. It’s harder to visualize, and that’s scary. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ease the process. • Don’t ignore your floor color! Don’t.
Jul 5, 2012
Tricks of the Trade: 5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In Small Spaces
Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed mirror. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can be used to solve most any design dilemma. Perhaps that’s why we feature their awesomeness so often.Not all of these examples hail from tiny spaces, but all the same tricks can be easily employed in these spaces’ smaller sisters to similarly brilliant effect.
Apr 10, 2012
Saf’s Pint-Size Personal History
Name: Saf, 10 monthsLocation: Silver Spring, MDRoom Size: about 8′ x 6.5′, 52 sq ft Of all the rooms in our house, Saf’s tiny nursery is the one that elicits the strongest reactions. When we set out to put together his pint-size dwelling on a pint-size budget, we looked to things we already owned to set the tone. Saf is our third baby, and now that we have a bit of experience under our belts, we know how quickly babies move out of the nursery stage.
Mar 19, 2012
How To Make A Globe Pendant Light
Ubiquitous as they are around here, I can’t seem to shake globes from my affections. And don’t lie, your inner nerd knows deep down just how cool they are too. For all who emailed or commented on my house tour asking for a tutorial, this post’s for you.Before I totally get it from you all, I have to say that, yes, I know how stupid easy this project is. But stupid easy makes for a very satisfying DIY for those of us short on patience or low on funds, right?
Mar 13, 2012
Leah & Rich’s Evolving Patina
Name: Rich & Leah Moss, three children, one Mexican exchange student, and, until very recently (sniff), a fierce Rhodesian Ridgeback named Koa Location: Silver Spring, Maryland Size: 1800 square feet Years lived in: 3 years — owned With 3+ years worth of Apartment Therapy posts under my belt and the thick skin to prove it, I decided that it was high time to invite you all in for a proper tour. Unlike most homeowners, we didn’t buy our house for its style or even its location.
Mar 8, 2012
How To: Create A Reclaimed Wood Wall
I’d been scheming to create a reclaimed planked wall for several years, and finally got my chance when the talented couple behind Ashley & Robert’s Streamlined Bohemian asked me to help them design their new Georgetown chocolate shop.The goal for their shop, Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates, was to create a vibe that was both clean and rustic.
Feb 23, 2012
Display Inspiration: Art In The Bathroom
Sure the bath isn’t the most practical room in the house for art, but adding even a little can bring cheerfulness to the most functional — and often uninviting — space. And in a rental it can help set the style tone when the landlord’s tile choice does not.
Sep 26, 2011
Amy & Greg’s Fresh Traditional
Name: Amy & Greg Strunk, their brand new baby, Graham, and their two kittens, Pips and Fawkes Location: Penderbrook (Fairfax, VA)Size: 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 ½ baths on 4 floorsYears lived in: owned 4 years I didn’t even have to look at the house number to find Amy and Greg’s home on photo shoot day— as soon as I saw the flowers and foliage cascading down the front steps I knew I had arrived. Knowing that Amy is a landscape designer, that part was a giveaway.
Aug 25, 2011
Zoe & Trey’s Refined Eclectic Georgetown Digs
Name: Zoe Feldman and Trey Location: Georgetown — Washington, DCSize: 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 2 half baths. Approx: 1200 sq ftYears lived in: almost 2 years — owned Seeing what tricks designers use in their own homes is always a treat, but getting to peek into the home of an interior designer as unique as Zoe Feldman is a total thrill, especially since she was so open about sharing tips and resources.
Jul 21, 2011
DIY Rope Mirror: A Restoration Hardware Inspired IKEA Hack
When I planned my son’s nursery I had only one item on my wish list, Restoration Hardware’s Iron & Rope Mirror. The problem? It cost more than I budgeted for the entire room. However, with a quick trip to the hardware store and another one to the Swedish retail giant, I was in business.When I checked out the RH mirror in person and saw that the eye hook anchors and rope only played a decorative role, I began to think about how I could recreate the look using everyday materials.
Jul 18, 2011
Hallie & Mark’s Hip Slice of History
Name: Hallie & Mark BurrierLocation: Frederick, Maryland’s historic districtSize: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, built in 1890Years lived in: owned, 1 yearEven from the street, Mark and Hallie’s three story row house is a stunner. And perhaps even more stunning is the amount of work that the young couple has poured into restoring the turn of the century row home in just a year. While Hallie claims that there is still tons to be done, you would never guess it.
Jun 27, 2011
Dimensions to Follow: Proper Furniture Spacing Basics
Have you ever been in a home that just feels right? One where chairs pull out easily from the dining table and conversation can be made without shouting across the living room? Well there are reasons for that, and they probably have a lot to do with the spacing and placement of furniture. Following a few simple guidelines on furniture placement will make a world of difference in the functionality of your home’s layout.
Jun 16, 2011
Before & After: Fresh Starts at the 2011 DC Design House
How do you revive a dark and dated room without completely eliminating its original character? I gleaned quite a few ideas from the 2011 DC Design House where some of my favorite DC designers brought fresh sophistication to their spaces by simplifying and lightening — perfect inspiration for spring!• 1-3: The Pool Room: Erin Paige Pitts Erin was charged with the task of making the rather gloomy pool room into a functional and inspiring retreat.
Apr 8, 2011
Chris & Saule’s Clean Eclectic Family Home
Name: Saule & Chris and their three young childrenLocation: Frederick, MarylandSize: 2,800 square feet — 4 bedroomsYears lived in: 9 — owned (and still changing it every day) My first thought on walking through Saule’s door was, “how on earth does this stylish woman keep her house looking this perfect with three young kids and a busy career?” She and Chris have mastered the art of balancing interesting and unique accents with durable, practical materials.
Mar 29, 2011
How To Clean Your Mattress
I’m embarrassed to say that aside from changing the sheets, washing the mattress cover, and giving it the occasional flip, I haven’t put much thought into the care of my mattress. However, Real Simple’s April feature on spring cleaning shortcuts made me reconsider my neglectful approach to the most used piece of furniture in the house.
Mar 23, 2011
High Impact Decorating with Multiple Matching Mirrors
When it comes to room makeovers, there are two things that never fail in dramatic transformations: paint — of course! — and mirrors. We’ve seen oversize mirrors, layered mirrors, mirrored walls, unusual mirror uses and just about everything in between. But today it’s time to talk about one of the simplest mirror concepts with perhaps the highest impact of all: multiple matching mirrors.• 1-2.
Mar 4, 2011
Before & After: Den Makeover On an Extreme Budget
When I posted How To Make a Block Print Rug Using a Welcome Mat, I promised a full reveal of my den’s before and after, and while ideally there are a few tweaks I’d still like to make, here it is. Since our budget was virtually non-existent — as in free— everything in it was borrowed from another room, salvaged, handmade, or secondhand.Ideally, we’d like to redo the addition where this room is housed.
Feb 28, 2011
Angelique’s Feminine Vintage Harmony
Name: Angelique Hoffman & Dan, + 3 young daughters + fluffy dogLocation: Myersville, MarylandSize: 2,500 square feet —4 bedrooms, 2½ bathsYears lived in: almost 4 Some homes are lessons in compromise — Angelique’s is a lesson in harmony.
Feb 24, 2011
Shannon & Aaron’s East Coast Yuppie Bungalow
Name: Aaron and Shannon Hase, owners of Yuppie Decor, and their spoiled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, PepperLocation: Arlington, Virginia (Douglas Park)Size: 1450 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Years lived in: owned 2 years Part preppy coastal, part old boys club, and part fresh traditional, Shannon and Aaron’s home is a lighthearted interpretation of yuppie East Coast style.
Feb 15, 2011
Pam & Bryan’s Comfortably Creative Family Home
Name: Pam, Bryan, their sons, Sawyer and Zane, and dog, ShaynaLocation: Arlington, Virginia (Clarendon)Size: 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ bathroomsYears lived in: almost 11, owned Pam is an intuitive decorator. Rather than adhering to any strict design principles or striving for complete cohesion, she’s designed each room with elements that she and her family love regardless of whether the spaces have a strong stylistic connection to each other.
Jan 27, 2011
Marya & Rick’s Layered & Luminous Arlington Retreat
Name: Rick, Marya, baby James & Sadie the catLocation: Arlington, VirginiaSize: 1000 square feet (including the basement)Years lived in: 1.5 If there’s a perfect balance between cozy and clean, fresh and welcoming, Marya and Rick have found it. Marya knows how to make the most of the old home’s small rooms without letting it feel the least bit contrived or overly decorated.
Jan 13, 2011
Vintage and Retro Inspired Decor
“Vintage” and “retro” were a couple of 2010’s favorite words, and while their meanings may be a bit ambiguous, we all seem to know a good retro room when we see one. Accessibility and affordability are part of the appeal, and the touch of “something old” is just what most modern homes need to feel warm, welcoming, and interesting.
Jan 2, 2011
Real Life Small Space Solutions From Studio House Tours
Inspiration comes in all shapes in sizes, but at Apartment Therapy we have a special place in our hearts for the smallest of spaces and an extra special place for the impressive small spaces where all the living happens in one room! This year our community offered no shortage of inspiration in the form of creative studio apartments.
Dec 31, 2010
Janelle’s High Impact Oasis
Name: JanelleLocation: Southwest Waterfront — Washington, DCSize: 600 square feet — studioYears lived in: 11 months — owned Since Janelle’s studio was one of the finalists in this year’s Room For Color contest, I was expecting the vibrancy and the brave use of saturated hues. What I didn’t expect was that the same lively palette that wowed us in October was also capable of eliciting a soothing sense of calm.
Dec 6, 2010
Allison’s Playful Chinoiserie Modern
Name: Allison and her cats, Pooh Bear and LBA.Location: Cleveland Park, Washington, DCSize: One bedroom, about 850 square feet. The apartment is split into two levels, which helps it feel a bit roomier.Years lived in: 2.5, rented If there’s one thing I learned about Allison from visiting her lovely home, it’s that she is way too modest about her DIY skills. Walking in, my first impression was that her home felt very “put together,” in the best possible sense.
Nov 22, 2010
A Perfect Balance: Gray and Orange
The saying “opposites attract” goes well beyond human relationships — and the affair between orange and gray mingling to create a stunning balance is a perfect example. Depending on the tones, the duo can be youthful and whimsical, eclectic and bold, moody and sophisticated, or masculine and sleek, and any combo in between!
Nov 17, 2010
5 Low Cost Big Impact DIY Branch Centerpieces
With fall in full swing, we have officially reached the point where some of our trees have lost all of their leaves. As beautiful as changing leaves are, there is something magical about bare branches. So, this season as I look for ways to bring nature to the table while celebrating with family and friends, I’m looking to all things branch.
Nov 12, 2010
How To Deal With Wall-To-Wall Carpet Woes
There are few souls in the world who have wall-to-wall carpet topping their dream decor list. It’s often the stuff of McMansions and is commonly viewed as the epitome of dated decor, but it’s also the reality for countless American homes. And if you’re a renter, there’s not a whole lot you can do to change it. So how to deal?Before we get started, we need to set a few things straight. Not all wall-to-wall carpet is created equal.
Oct 27, 2010
Caroline’s Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget
Name: CarolineLocation: Columbia Heights — Washington, DCSize: 475 square feetYears lived in: 1.5 years — rented Studio apartments are tricky in their own right, and studios where the only windows are on one wall are even more so. Add in renter’s white walls, precarious plaster, and a lilliputian kitchen and you’ve got yourself what could easily become a design disaster.
Oct 21, 2010
The Best Resources for Inexpensive Frames
Finding favorite pieces of art and photos is the easy part — it’s the exhaustive search for and the prohibitive price of frames that I could do without. For those of you who aren’t down with the idea of displaying art and photos outside the frame, take heart! Finding the perfect frame doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.Any good thrift store lurker knows that the very best deals on frames are the second hand steals.
Sep 20, 2010
Amna & Paul Paint It Bold
Name: Amna & Paul WerdelLocation: Adams Morgan — Washington DCSize: 750 square feetYears lived in: 2 — rented Take a good look, because these are some of the last pictures snapped of Amna and Paul’s Adams Morgan gem before it goes under the knife…or the sledge hammer as it were. Their turn of the century building is being turned into condos, and part of the process is a major renovation of all the units.
Aug 19, 2010