This Brilliant Storage Trick Instantly Saves You So Much Closet Space

published Jul 6, 2024
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If you strive to have a well-organized closet, every item you need to store should have a home that makes sense. There are countless creative ways to achieve this, like using a coffee mug hanger for your jumble of handbags and belts or special hangers just for leggings. Finding the right product for each storage dilemma is key — like discovering the best way to store offseason sweaters more effectively. And when it comes to storing pants, the secret is apparently very simple — less is more.

Former professional organizer Annika from Sweet & Tidy shares why baby hangers — hangers that are generally 10 inches in size to fit baby clothes without any stretching or slipping —  are best for storing bottoms in a viral TikTok video. As it turns out, baby hangers not only maintain tidiness but also help to optimize space and reduce visual clutter. 

To demonstrate, the organizer folds a pair of jeans over the 11-inch base of a baby hanger and does the same over an average 17-inch hanger. It’s immediately clear the standard hanger has unnecessary space left on both its sides and protrudes from the rack significantly more.

“[A baby hanger]’s gonna be way more of a proportional fit, and it doesn’t give the pants room to slide around or weigh the hanger down like it does on a traditional size,” Annika says.

Baby hangers offer about 8 inches of vertical space, accommodating a range of sizes in case your bottoms need to be folded multiple times. In the video, the organizer also recommends placing hanger hooks around the hangers’ necks to neatly store matching sets or cascade similar items. 

Of course, baby hangers can revolutionize more than how pants are organized. These compact gems can streamline how you store scarves, skirts, fluffy sweaters, and any other drapable, thick-fabric accessories.

Once you try this trick, in addition to having freshly balanced hangers that no longer stick out at awkward angles, you’re also left with extra hangers to use in other areas of your closet (or spaces around your home). What’s not to love about this hack?

You can find affordable, nonslip velvet hangers and space-saving hanger hooks on Amazon. If you’re a parent with a growing toddler and you’ve been wondering what to do with these mini closet essentials, then today’s your lucky day! Baby hangers are yet another win for small but mighty storage solutions.