20 Drill-Free Decluttering Solutions We Discovered in 2022

published Dec 14, 2022
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When we look for organizers and storage upgrades to add to our homes, easy installation is always a big consideration. If something asks you to drill six holes in your wall, hammer in plastic screw anchors, and fasten it to a point where you don’t know if you can ever unfasten it, that device better really be worth it. We don’t want to do unnecessary damage to our (likely rented) walls before we’re sure whatever upgrade we’re installing will work, and we wouldn’t ask you to do that either.

Which is why we are so keen on drill-free storage solutions. Shelves, bins, and hooks that hold themselves in place with clips, magnets, or non-damaging adhesives are our favorites, because they ask so little yet give so much. This year we found a lot of these renter-friendly options, and they all impressed us with the ways they helped us reimagine typical organizing approaches and create storage spaces where there were none. Browse our favorite drill-free decluttering solutions and see what sticks out to you!

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Shelving is one thing we always thought would require you to put holes in your walls, but thankfully that's no longer the case. These hold up incredibly well with their adhesive backing and look way more stylish than your average shelves. Commerce Managing Editor Tamara wrote that she has "never seen a product like this."

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Not having to deal with drills is great, but not having to deal with adhesives either is even better. These metal baskets slide right onto shelves in your pantry, cupboards, or storage closet to give you extra space to hold small items. Any time you can use your existing shelves to create more shelves, we say go for it!

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Caddies are always a smart storage addition to cabinets, closets, kitchens, home offices, and more, and this one from Command is one of our favorites. Installing — and removing — it is easy, it doesn't damage surfaces, and it holds up to 4 lbs. For an all-purpose organizer at a super affordable price, it doesn't get better than this.

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Put the corner areas of your shower to use with these compact but powerful bins. Tamara found that they hold up to 10 lbs. of toiletries, so these will hold enough products for any bathing routine. If you want a shower storage situation that stays out of your way, definitely choose these.

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Once you upgrade from propping your broom, mop, or sweeper against the wall to keeping them in these grippers, you'll never go back. The easy hold and release function may seem like only a minor difference, but it makes taking out and putting away your cleaning tools easier, which makes you more likely to use them. You'll thank yourself!

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Until these hanging utensil holders came along, we also thought the only places to keep utensils were either stuffed in drawers or overflowing in crocks. But this carousel-style design turned utensil storage on its head — and freed up a lot of counter space in the process. Our writer Amy was surprised by how many tools she ended up hanging on her twirling organizers: ladles, strainers, whisks, measuring cups, you name it!

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With four sizes — small, medium, large, and extra-large — and a simple aesthetic that doesn't stand out, these bins are our choice for creating a uniform organizing system throughout your entire home. Grab all the sizes you need and you'll have reliable storage options for your home office, laundry room, and kitchen.

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This paper towel dispenser earns our award for "Thing That Actually Does What It Says It Will and Doesn't Let You Down." A nice strong adhesive backing holds it in place even with regular tugging on the paper towel roll, which is a feat worth acknowledging. One Amazon reviewer wrote: “NASA needs to study the adhesive they give you to mount this thing because it’s crazy strong.”

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Until we live in a futuristic world where every electronic device is completely wireless, we have to make peace with cables and cords. These bundlers help tidy up home office areas, entertainment centers, and anywhere a powerstrip lurks. We really like how the adjustable closure lets you fit large and small amounts of cables.

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The fact that this stylish light attaches to walls without screws and comes in your choice of walnut or white ash wood finishes is enough of a selling point for us, but that's not even the half of what it does. Built-in motion sensors make this sconce an excellent accent light, and rechargeable batteries allow you attach it wherever you want without worrying about finding an outlet. Plus, you can lift them right off the wall mounts and use them as flashlights. That makes them a game-changer.

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Create an entire shelf out of thin air with this magnetic attachment that fits on the very top of your stove. We love that this turns an otherwise unused space (and an unfortunate trap for flying food particles) into a practical storage area. And because this stays in place with magnets, it really doesn't require any installation at all.

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Yamazaki Home

There is no reason your refrigerator can't store things on the outside as well as the inside, and this delightfully simple basket makes that possible. Magnets hold it firmly in place so it can carry kitchen essentials like coffee, cooking oil, cleaning products, or whatever you like. AT contributor writer Erin likes how it removes clutter from her kitchen, and if you're wondering whether it would also be a good fit on the side of your washing machine, we say yes.

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Laptop and phone cables will always try to slither out of reach when you unplug them from your devices, but these simple (and super affordable) clips keep them in check. We like this 16-pack because it gives you plenty of options both for keeping cables handy — like at your desk or nightstand — and for keeping them organized — like around computer stations or entertainment systems.

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We prefer this pair of self-adhesive shower caddies over others for three reasons: 1. They're spacious. 2. They're sturdy enough to hold multiple shampoo and soap bottles. 3. They have hooks and hangers for all your razors and loofahs. Of course, we like their sleek and stylish design, but we can't recommend them enough for their strong work ethic.

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We bet there is unused space hiding in your kitchen cupboards, and this hanging container set will take care of it in a jiffy. Slide-on clamps and adhesive strips safely attach the storage rack to the underside of any shelf, and then you're free to use the included storage containers for the dry goods that don't need to be taking up precious shelf space.

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It may sound funny that one of our favorite and sleekest kitchen upgrades is a big magnet, but it's true! This attaches right to the side of your metal fridge and has plenty of space (17 in.) to hold your chef's knives, bread knives, steak knives, and any other blades in your collection. And if you prefer to keep it over your counters or in a non-fridge spot in your kitchen, they make a screw-mounted version, too.

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We recommend this for bathrooms that simply don't have the room for more expansive storage additions, or when you're only looking for a small organizer. A single Command strip keeps the metal rack on your wall (without damaging the paint) and holds up a multipurpose cup for carrying toiletry essentials.

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Imagine never hearing the clanging cacophony of loose pot and pan lids ever again. These minimalist rubber holders use 3M adhesive to stick to the inside walls and doors of kitchen cupboards and keep lids from piling up. They're strong enough to hold glass and metal lids, and we know you'll like how neat they keep your cabinets.

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Bathrooms are one of the trickiest places to add wall storage because no one wants to drill into tile, but this ingenious caddy takes advantage of that very constraint. Slap this on a wall, mirror, or somewhere in your shower for an extra place to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving razors, and anything else you don't have room for around your sink.

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Add a bit of Memphis design flair to your desk or bookshelves with these metal shelf units. The hanging design creates a convenient cubby for notebooks and office supplies, and you can rotate it to make dividers or extended shelves off your bookcase. Sturdy and versatile!