This Is the Best $0 Activity for Your Zodiac Sign

published Mar 20, 2023
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Tightening your purse strings at the moment? You’re not alone. According to recent data from Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans (75 percent!) think strengthening the nation’s economy should be a top policy priority for 2023. Inflation rates are soaring, and numerous signs point to an impending recession. So, yes, budgeting is more top-of-mind than ever. 

If you’re searching for creative ways to have fun free-of-charge, astrology may provide some inspiration. The alignment of the planets at the moment of your birth can tell you a lot about who you are, including the kinds of activities you find enjoyable and fulfilling.

Read on to learn more about the ideal $0 activity for your zodiac sign. Familiar with your full astrological birth chart? Even better! In addition to your Sun sign, consult the recommendations for your Moon sign, which represents what you find comfortable and familiar, and your Venus placement, which tells you what you find pleasurable.

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Aries: Play board games.

I’ll cut to the chase, Aries: You’re competitive as hell. It’s only natural for a passionate Fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of ambition, conflict, and yes, competition. For your ideal cost-free activity, hosting a board game night is an obvious choice. You’ll relish the chance to take down your opponents — gracefully and in accordance with the rules of the game, of course. Word to the wise: Don’t invite anyone who you wouldn’t want to witness your fighting spirit.

Taurus: Propagate your favorite houseplant.

You already have houseplants, right? Sorry, silly question: You’re a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and aesthetics. Of course you do. Try making clippings from your cherished plant babies and suspending them in water to re-pot once they grow roots. Among the plant-savvy, this process is called propagation, and it ensures you’ll never have to splash out on another sprawling pothos again. Voila!

Gemini: Host a trivia tournament.

Geminis practically invented the concept of a “fun fact” (thank your ruling planet, Mercury, which governs learning and communication). As a bubbly Air sign, you also have an active social life. For your $0 evening, consider hosting a trivia tournament with friends, and keep it extra engaging by inviting every player to curate a round of questions. You’ll delight in the opportunity to catch up with your BFFs and flex your mental agility.

Cancer: Throw a potluck dinner.

Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, which presides over our physical bodies, emotions, and how we nourish ourselves. For you, food — preparing and sharing it — is basically a love language. Keep yourself and your nearest-and-dearest fed with a potluck dinner. The contributions from your guests will keep costs to a minimum, but let’s be honest: Potluck or not, you were already planning to cook something delish.

Leo: FaceTime a friend.

Leos give big Main Character Energy (shout-out to your ruling planet, the Sun, which governs the ego). As an expressive Fire sign, you likely have eventful interactions on a regular basis. Why not keep your besties up to speed with a catch-up call over video chat? This totally free activity will scratch your itch to socialize… and give you a platform to try out your latest bit. You can thank me later.

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Virgo: Rearrange some furniture.

Virgos share Mercury rulership with Geminis, but as an Earth sign, you tend to be more tactile. You’re also an ever-changing mutable sign, which can make you restless. Put your mercurial tendencies to work by rearranging some of the furniture in your home. Others might find this stressful, but you’ll feel invigorated by the subtle shift in your surroundings.

Libra: Host a clothing swap.

Like Taureans, Libras are also ruled by aesthetic-oriented Venus, so it’s safe to say you care about how you look. As an Air sign, you’re also naturally outgoing. Honor your passion for fashion and love of socializing by hosting a clothing swap with friends. You’ll come away from this shindig with fond memories and fresh drip — every Venusian’s dream.

Scorpio: Curate a playlist.

Are you ready to get emo, dear Scorpio? As a Water sign, you have a lot of feelings, and your fixed nature gives you the capacity to fully delve into them. For your $0 activity, try curating a series of playlists inspired by different moods. You’ll be moved by the myriad ways musicians express their emotions through song, and the intuitive process of piecing together a playlist will fulfill you spiritually and creatively.

Sagittarius: Watch a foreign film.

With boundless, wanderlusting Jupiter as your ruling planet, Sagittarians love to explore. Travel as far as you can without actually going anywhere (or spending any money) by watching a foreign film at home. With so many streaming services at your disposal, there is no shortage of international cinema available to you at all times. As a Fire sign, you’re also highly opinionated, so be sure to invite a friend over to discuss the film after screening it.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Capricorn: Cook a meal using only pantry staples.

As a practical Earth sign ruled by restrictive Saturn, Capricorns know a thing or two about adhering to a budget. Challenge yourself to cook a meal for you and family using only the staples you already have in your pantry. You’ll find these constraints inspiring, not stifling, and with your famous follow-through, chances are you’ll whip up something creative and delectable.

Aquarius: Refresh old clothes.

Aquarians also answer to stern Saturn, but as an intellectual Air sign, you think outside the box. Embrace your nonconformist nature by refreshing old clothes from the depths of your closet — think a fresh coat of fabric dye, new buttons, or a hand-cut hemline. Your inner humanitarian will appreciate the sustainability of breathing new life into forgotten garments, and as a bonus, you’ll have truly one-of-a-kind items to wear out and about.

Pisces: Make art with materials you already have.

As a mutable Water sign, you have the emotional depth and fluid mindset it takes to be authentic in your creative projects. Why not try your hand at making some art with whatever materials you have lying around at home? Whether you opt to draw, make a collage out of magazines, or hand-write some poetry, you’ll find this exercise in artistic self-expression soothing and generative.

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