17 Organizing Products That Completely Cleared Our Clutter in 2021

published Dec 23, 2021
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Credit: Anna Spaller

As 2021 winds down, we’re thinking about the one thing that makes our New Year’s resolutions list every year: staying organized. Even in a small space — or sometimes especially in a small space — clutter can reign supreme. But when it comes to organizing, you don’t have to do it alone. There are tons of miracle storage solutions out there to help you create new storage space where there wasn’t any before, or reorganize that unruly junk drawer. So without further ado, here are our favorite organizing tools and gadgets from 2021. We hope they help you stay organized in the new year and that you have a little fun while you’re at it.

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Yamazaki Home

Masks are here to stay, so it's finally time to figure out how to store them. This sleek face mask dispenser is super compact and sure to keep your mask clutter to a minimum. You can mount it on a wall (no drilling required) for easy access when you're on the go. It also doubles as a little shelf for keys or other essentials, so you have everything you need to get out the door in one place.

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was $24.98

For only $34.99, this roll-up drying rack is essential for a small kitchen — or anyone who just wants to save their counter space. The rack unrolls to sit over your sink, allowing your dishes to air dry while saving precious surface area. And when you're done, it can be rolled up and put into storage, taking up way less room than a traditional dish drying rack. Plus, it's on sale!

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This innovative spice rack is a can't-miss organizing solution in our book, especially if you want to get back the cupboard or drawer space your spices have been occupying. The YouCopia SpiceStack is a three-shelf organizer that allows you to pull out each shelf like a tray and easily view your herbs and spices. It's neat, efficient, and keeps the clutter out of your cupboard.

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Loop Living

When it comes to closet organizing, it can be easy to forget about accessories. So why not make it a part of your decor? These stylish wall hooks are a super easy (and cute) solution to all your organizing needs. They're sturdy enough to hang scarves, hats, jewelry — you name it! And they're a great way to add a pop of color and make use of any extra wall space.

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Yamazaki Home

Find a new home for your junk drawer in this magnetic rack. It's originally intended for recipe books, but this organizer is perfect for anything you might find yourself stashing in an extra drawer, like takeout menus or an extra pen. And you don't have to confine yourself to the kitchen if you're in need of organization in another room with a magnetic surface.

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When it comes to clutter, drawers are often the culprit. Whether it's a kitchen, desk, or dresser drawer, this modular drawer organizer is a lifesaver. It's customizable, so you can order it to fit your drawer dimensions and choose your own layout. You can even incorporate extra features, like a knife block or utensil tray!

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These super-affordable storage cubes are what AT's senior commerce editor Jasmine uses to keep her home clutter-free. They're perfect for stashing away those clutter creators, like beauty and skincare products, chargers for all of my gadgets, and important paperwork that you'll need to keep handy. Best of all, they come in tons of attractive colors and prints!

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There's never a bad time to up your hamper game, especially with a hamper as sleek as this one from simplehuman. The X-frame design is not only super stylish, but also makes the hamper very sturdy. Plus, if you remove the laundry bags, the X-frame by itself can double as a drying rack. And the double hamper can hold a lot of laundry (read: at least three sets of sheets in one side!).

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Open Spaces
was $184.00

You may have seen Open Spaces’ Entryway Rack flooding your Instagram feed or in a friend's home, and this product is totally worth the hype! Open Spaces boasts loads of ideas for this famous home fixture, including as a shoe rack and bookshelf. However, one writer found it to be a pretty nifty kitchen storage unit. It was the perfect home for her glassware, some pots and pans, and a few cookbooks.

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was $24.99

There's nothing worse than grocery shopping for your favorite snacks, only for them to be buried and forgotten about in the black hole of your cupboard. That's why we're grateful to have discovered the ShelfSteps organizer. Our assistant shopping editor Britt found them to be a game changer in the kitchen. "Instead of shoving cans wherever there’s space, the shelves keep them contained, neat, and displayed so nothing gets lost or forgotten," she wrote.

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Let's face it... exposed wires just aren't aesthetically pleasing. This ingenious Amazon find keeps plugs and cords out of sight. It includes a a pencil-thin cover for electrical outlets that hides unattractive cords while keeping the outlet completely usable. Every Sleek Socket includes an adhesive kit to securely fasten the white wire to the wall and create a neat, streamlined look.

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was $24.99

If you're all out of counter space but just need a little more, then this hanging storage set might just do the trick. These three plastic containers attach to a frame that you can put under a shelf or cupboard, making use of the extra space beneath your existing storage. It's renter-friendly, easy to install, and perfect for storing dry food or knick-knacks that would otherwise clutter your space.

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The YouCopia’s StoreMore expandable cookware rack creates a compact method of storing pans that makes all the difference as you move about in the kitchen. It expands from 12″ to 22″ wide, and has holes for its dividers that you can place where needed. The grips on the bottom keep it from sliding around, which is great when you need to pull out a skillet without shifting the entire rack. And while it's made for the kitchen, but can be used practically anywhere.

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was $25.00

One of the best ways to ensure you won’t lose your keys is to have a designated spot for them, right? But what about sunglasses, your phone, and spare pens? Enter the Umbra Hammock Organizer: a handy little organizer that helped our assistant shopping editor keep up with her consistently lost keys. It’s freestanding for nightstands and countertops, but can also be mounted to the wall. "I have a small table near my door where the organizer sits," Britt wrote, "so it’s my last checkpoint before heading out for the day. Let me tell you, it’s saved me so many times from doing a mad dash around my apartment to find my keys at the last minute."

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There's nothing we love more than a do-it-all organizer. Though the IDesign stainless steel cup is designed with toothbrushes and razors in mind, one editor quickly discovered how versatile it is. Turns out, you can use it to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, a razor, hair comb, manicure tools, or any other small bathroom items. 

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There's nothing worse than seeing gross, mysterious grime and water stains building up around your sink. Happitasa’s silicone tray, which holds your dishsoap and scrubbing tools, is practically designed to avoid such nasty circumstances. It has lifted grooves that prevent water build-up, keeping the bottoms of your bottles free of slime and mildew. We found that even the base of the tray stays slime free for almost a week and doesn’t leave any stains or gunky build-up. Another plus is the tray is thick and heavy, which means it will stay put even when your countertop is wet and slippery.

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Our commerce writer Sarah fell in love with the Fine Fixtures Greenpoint Medicine Cabinet. Available in a crisp white or wood grain finish, this stylish storage solution opens up to reveal three additional shelves with deep storage. This was more than enough room to keep all of Sarah's makeup, potions, and lotions neat and out of sight.