20 Beautiful Bohemian Kitchens that Are Surprisingly Easy to Replicate

published May 15, 2020
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Kitchens are the heart of the home, where many people spend a lot of time during the day, and even the spot where guests tend to congregate when you throw a party. Why not make it the most beautiful, relaxing space you can work, cook, and eat in? One the fastest ways to achieve that goal is to go boho. Bohemian kitchens are an intoxicating mix of a number of easy-to-implement elements, and unlike other design styles, you don’t have to undergo a huge or complicated remodel to get the look. In fact, one of the best things about bohemian kitchens is that the look can be achieved on a budget, and can be applied to owned and rented homes of any size.

The bohemian style is often associated with free-thinking, artistic types of people, and bohemian kitchens naturally give off a casual, relaxed atmosphere, which in my unscientific opinion means it can inspire creativity. Many different types of design details can work with a bohemian look, but there are some specific elements that immediately achieve the style. Chief among them are displaying plants, something you really can’t have enough of if you’re going for a bohemian look. But patterns (particularly with patterned tile and wallpaper) and textures also play a huge part in a bohemian kitchen, as does color. For inspiration on how to incorporate those elements and more, check out the 20 bohemian kitchens below!

Credit: Federico Paul

1. Maximalism works great for a bohemian look

Those elements I mentioned above, like plants, pattern, and color, all look great together, particularly in large quantities. This kitchen in a 410-square-foot Buenos Aires home combines a patterned backsplash, some pops of color, and tons of plants, all to create a wonderfully bohemian look. Even more impressively, it’s all done in a renter-friendly way!

Credit: Jo Chattman

2. Choose a bohemian kitchen backsplash that grabs attention

Whether through color, pattern, or texture, the best bohemian kitchen backsplash ideas are able to command visual attention, even in the presence of other strong decor elements. And if you can emphasize the craft aspect of the material—like the handmade tiles in Molly Hatch’s home kitchen—even better, since bohemian style is also about celebrating the beauty of art.

Credit: Viv Yapp

3. Opt for botanical wallpaper patterns

Botanical prints and other patterns derived from nature fit beautifully into bohemian themed kitchens. In fact, you can keep the rest of your kitchen decor fairly minimal if you really go over the top with a patterned print, like in this maximalist UK home.

4. Add pattern with bohemian kitchen curtains

In a bohemian kitchen, natural prints—including leaves, flowers, and other flora and fauna—really drive home a bohemian look, especially when incorporated through curtains. This California home’s kitchen shows off two different styles of curtain as well, proving you can get a boho look with the right pattern no matter what kind of window coverings you prefer.

5. Consider an abstract or botanical wall mural

If you’re interested in exploring the power of pattern on a bohemian style kitchen, consider jumping on the DIY wall mural bandwagon. This small Los Angeles home’s kitchen was already displaying a strong boho look thanks to a bright color palette, soft textiles, plants, and art. But adding the mural on the wall—using fun, amorphous shapes—takes the bohemian vibes to the next level.

Credit: Chloe Berk

6. Introduce pattern with kitchen flooring

Like wallpaper, installing patterned flooring in your kitchen can really up the bohemian vibes because you’re covering such a large surface with print. The kitchen in this Brooklyn home has a perfect example of this effect.

7. Play around with strong color combinations

Color can play a huge part in creating a bohemian kitchen look. In this colorful modern Mexico home, a yellow window frame, green cabinets, and plenty of green plants give a casual yet energetic atmosphere in this room. Color can be a very affordable way to add boho vibes in a rental or an owned home.

Credit: Viv Yapp

8. Select jewel tones for an instant boho look

Jewel tone colors are a natural fit for a bohemian style room, and are even more striking when used in the kitchen, as seen in this UK home. Strong color aside, this kitchen also has a great boho look thanks to other elements, like wood countertops, the cute collection of colorful plates, and the great hanging art.

Credit: Minette Hand

9. Pick yellows colors to make your kitchen bohemian and cheery

Though I tend to lean toward moody jewel tones when it comes to decorating a bohemian kitchen, you can also go in another color direction: golden yellows. From actual gold, to goldenrod, sunny yellows, and more, it’s a strong look that can scream “bohemian” but also give you a cheery looking kitchen, too. This Georgia home’s kitchen has the perfect yellow for this look.

10. Include boho kitchen wall decor like plates, art, and more

If you’re just not really interested in painting your walls or cabinets or don’t want to do any work like installing wallpaper, choose the wall decor route instead. Elements like patterned plates, macrame, or art pieces can be hung on any wall to instantly transform a kitchen. A great example of this idea can be seen in this Dutch home’s kitchen and dining area.

11. Take notes from a laid-back country’s style vibes

There are some countries and regions that just excel at an effortlessly bohemian look, and Argentina is one of them. At least that’s what we’ve found in the gorgeous homes in that country that we’ve toured, like this one in Buenos Aires. The kitchen features a bold color and tile combo of teal and pink. But more importantly, there are displays of eclectic collections that shouldn’t go together, but do!

12. Blend bold cobalt blue and natural textures

The use of lots of wood, wicker, and a bold cobalt blue lends itself to a bohemian style in this Argentina house. Mixed in are more collections displayed on shelves and on the counter. It’s an appreciation of little vintage elements plus fun art that all combines together for a boho look.

13. Let a little wear and tear show

One of the things that makes bohemian kitchens so fun is that they have an easygoing personality to them. They’re casual rooms that relax you and your guests; they’re here to be fun, not formal. And one of the ways you can pull off that kind of atmosphere is by incorporating rustic, “gently used” furniture pieces that show a little wear and tear. This kitchen in a Buenos Aires home exemplifies this perfectly.

14. Get a little kitschy

It’s no accident that rooms that use and display a lot of vintage furniture and decor are often described as bohemian. Since a big budget isn’t required for the look, the idea is to infuse your kitchen with personality, and a short cut to doing that is collecting cute, quirky, and sometimes kitschy decor items. The mini kitchen in this Oakland apartment gets a little vintage in just the right amount.

15. Adopt the colors and textures of nature

If you’re looking to craft a bohemian kitchen, lots of green plants are simply a must. Nothing can bring the look of boho into your home like lots of leafy houseplants. You can even enhance your plants by using a lot of green paint colors in your kitchen, too. If you’re really looking for a plant-filled bohemian kitchen to get inspiration from, check out this indoor jungle in Brooklyn.

16. When in doubt, add more plants

The great thing about leaning on plants to give your kitchen a bohemian look is that you don’t have to go overboard with other elements. This California house’s kitchen is a great example. Without plants, it’s a pretty minimal, clean, functional space. But the addition of several very leafy, very vine-y plants around the room instantly boho-izes it.

17. Choose from all of the natural colors and textures available

Don’t get stuck on the idea that the only colors and textures worth using from nature are green plants. As this bohemian kitchen in California shows, straw, wood tones, burlap, macrame, and even things like beans and seeds can add a feeling of nature to a space.

18. Combine budget elements to create a bohemian kitchen

In case you needed a reminder, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a bohemian style kitchen. In the rental apartment’s small kitchen above, several budget elements were combined to create a bohemian style, without resorting to anything drastic or expensive. Open shelving, wood tones and natural textures, and a few different types of plants displayed all mix together to give the look.

19. Let it all hang out

Again, the idea of a bohemian style room is about creating a casual, relaxing atmosphere. It’s about looking good without trying, or at least not caring if your room looks good to anyone but you. Another shortcut for that look is by hanging things—anything and everything. From plants, to pots, to DIY planters, to baskets, dried herbs, and more, seeing things hanging in a kitchen can instantly feel cool and casual. The kitchen in this Melbourne home nails the look.

20. Get the look by going with open shelving

Several of the bohemian kitchens featured in this post have had open kitchen shelving. Not every room that has open shelving can be considered bohemian. But the ones that feature a casual array of someone’s favorite kitchen tools, cookware, and collectibles proudly displayed just have a charming, bohemian feeling to them, like this Australian home’s kitchen.