Cutting Back on Bottled Water? Amazon’s Top Selling Brita Water Filter Pitcher is On Sale Right Now

published Mar 13, 2020
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If you’re still drinking bottled water: Stop it! As you’re probably aware, the carbon footprint of shipping water around the globe and producing little bottles to put it in isn’t great for the environment (or you). And, experts estimate, fewer than half of water bottles bought are collected for recycling and just 7 percent of those collected are turned into new bottles. If you want to curb your plastic water bottle usage, consider making the switch to a water filter pitcher. And right now, the Brita Everyday Pitcher, which is Amazon’s #1 best-selling pitcher, is on sale for 22 percent off.

The best feature of the Everyday Pitcher is that it works with Brita’s Longlast Filter, which does exactly what the name implies—it lasts for a really long time. Six months, to be exact! That’s about three times longer than most home water filters. And replacement filters (which also happen to be on sale) are still affordable. If you do the math, your monthly filtration cost would be about $2.50… less than the price of one bottle of very fancy water. Plus, the Longlast filter replaces up to 1,800 bottles a year.

To be fair to bottled water fans, tap water can be iffy depending on where you get your water from. Lead, asbestos, cadmium, and a whole lot of other stuff you probably don’t want to be drinking can end up in your drinking water, so you might find it safer to use filtered water. The Longlast Filter is also one of Brita’s most powerful, getting rid of 99.9 percent of lead and other contaminants, so you can rest assured that your filtered tap water is just as safe (or maybe safer) as any bottled spring water. And, don’t worry, the pitcher itself is also BPA-free.

In addition to all those contaminants you definitely don’t want to be drinking, there’s chlorine. While it plays an important role in protecting our water from spreading various illnesses, and consuming the small amount that’s added to tap water won’t hurt you, it certainly doesn’t taste very good. Brita’s Longlast filter is also designed to instantly dechlorinate water and one reviewer attests, “it filtered the water to taste better than many bottled waters I’ve tried.”