Brooklinen’s Massive Labor Day Sale Includes So Many of Our Best List Favorites

published Aug 30, 2023
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Credit: Katie Currid

After a sweltering summer that I’m sure we all can’t wait to escape from, fall is nearly here. Once Labor Day hits, which is the end of summer in my book, I’m more than thrilled to put the hotter months behind me. (No more sweating!) I’m ready to go into full cozy mode, with blankets, warm drinks, candles — you get the idea. And even though I love getting my entire apartment ready for cooler seasons, I pay particular attention to my bedroom. I take great pride in my setup. Getting your bed perfectly comfy is an art form, after all.

The rest of the team here at AT knows this, as well. They’ve tested more bedding products than they can count over the years, so you can trust that they know what’s what when it comes to getting your bed in perfect condition for the fall. Brooklinen is one of our go-to bedding brands, and for Labor Day, they’re offering 20 percent off their entire website. We’ve rounded up the 10 best products we’ve tried from the brand that you can get at a major discount, now until Sept. 6. Happy shopping!

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was $239.00

Even though we’re trying to get our beds ready for fall right now, it doesn’t hurt to get a set that’ll work year-round. Our shopping writer Nikol loves the Organic Core Sheet Set, which has a natural wrinkled look that gives off a laid-back vibe. “Their featherlight construction and breathable material kept me cool even on humid Midwestern nights when my family was still reluctant to turn on the AC,” she added.

2 / 10
was $88.00

Your skin and hair will thank you if you get the Mulberry Silk Bundle, which comes with a pillowcase and eye mask, both of which are a breeze to wash, according to assistant shopping editor Britt. “I wake up with my skin as smooth as it was when I went to bed the night before,” Britt wrote. “I’m a hot sleeper, too, and this pillowcase helped me stay cool. I usually flip my pillows throughout the night for some relief, so it was so nice to sleep on something super soft that doesn’t trap heat.”

3 / 10
was $22.00

I know this technically doesn’t fall under the bedding category, but hey, what detergent you use plays a huge role in how soft your bedding is (and how good it smells!). “The plant-based formula cleans as well as my previous detergent, if not better because there’s no residue stuck on my clothes or in my washer, and the Herbal Clean scent I tested is long-lasting and smells wonderful and calming,” shopping director Jada said.

4 / 10
was $299.00

This one won a spot on our Best List as the top all-season comforter because, as Britt wrote, it’s “plush without being too thick or heavy, so it feels like sleeping under a cloud of comfort.” Enough said!

5 / 10
was $179.00

These sheets became contributor Jasmine’s “all-time favorite” since they’ve gotten softer and softer after every wash. They “felt airy, soft, and crisp when [she] removed them from the dryer,” she said. “Putting them on the bed was a breeze, thanks to the convenient “long side” and “short side” labels on the fitted sheet.” Major bonus!

6 / 10
was $99.00

Again, not exactly bedding, but an essential nonetheless! The brand’s bath sheets — which are basically oversized towels — are a favorite of our contributor Caroline, who says they’re almost blanket-like in how you can wrap them around yourself. “They evoke the same feeling of lounging in a fluffy hotel bathrobe, yes, but they’re also far more size-inclusive,” she noted.

7 / 10
was $319.00

Another all-season bedding staple? Linen sheets, which are just as stylish as they are soft. Regarding Brooklinen's offering, home projects director Megan said that the “bottom line is that these sheets are comfortable, seem high quality based on a handful of washings, and [she has] really liked the feel of them.”

8 / 10
was $179.00

Don’t want to shove a whole comforter in the wash? A duvet cover is a must. “I got to enjoy everything I adore about my comforter along with the added bonus of the creamy-smooth feel of the duvet cover,” Britt wrote of the Luxe Duvet Cover. “It didn’t add a ton of weight, which meant I didn’t overheat while I slept; and it gave me the chance to change up the look of my bedding without buying a brand new comforter.”

9 / 10
was $209.00

Flannel sheets are a fall staple, but make no mistake: They work for hot sleepers, too. “The sheets are deliciously soft when you sleep in them, and I actually didn’t get as hot as I thought I would,” Britt said. “They’re breathable enough to help regulate your body temperature, and feel so incredibly cozy that I had the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning!”

10 / 10
was $169.00

“Since I got this blanket last fall, there’s hardly ever a time that someone in my house isn’t wrapped up in its comfort,” Britt wrote of the 12-pound throw, which has a stylish texture on top and is smooth on the bottom. “It’s soft, breathable, and doesn’t trap heat, and even our dog (the most finicky member of the household… ) snuggles up beside it!”