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A Dry Mop and a Wet Mop Do Different Things — But You Don't Need Both
Without extra tools or wasted storage space, you'll get the clean floors you dream of.
Feb 17, 2021
This $9 Dusting Cloth Has Been a Household Staple Since 1892
Not all cloths are created equal. Which one you grab from your stock ultimately depends on what you’re cleaning.
Feb 16, 2021
This 2-Minute Trick Will Make Your Old Broom Work So Much Better
You might think it's time to invest in a new one. But not so fast!
Feb 11, 2021
I’ve Tried Many Mops as a Cleaning Writer — This $40 Amazon Find is the Best for My Floors
Here are 5 reasons I think this might be the best microfiber mop you can buy.
Feb 9, 2021
Dyson Just Launched New Vacuum Deals and They Include This Popular Stick Model
If you have a Dyson on your wishlist, this is the sale for you.
Feb 4, 2021
10 Best Dish Towels That’ll Absorb Any Mess With Ease
Because the dirty work shouldn't be your problem.
Jan 29, 2021
Now’s the Time To Finally Buy a Roomba (They’re on Major Sale!)
Save money, save time, and save your floors!
Jan 22, 2021
Keep Your Home Spotless with Walmart’s Huge Vacuum Sale (Hello, Dyson!)
Hello new year, goodbye dirty floors!
Jan 14, 2021
The $7 Cleaning Secret Weapon Two Real Estate Agents Swear By
They call it “the white sponge of love.”
Jan 11, 2021
This $30 Mop Makes Me Feel So Fancy While I Clean My Floors
From the spiffy tank to the chic white finishes to the nifty lever system, it's the kind of mop I have no shame putting on full display in my kitchen.
Jan 8, 2021
21 Game-Changing Amazon Products We Loved in 2020—Starting at $7
How did we ever live without a fabric defuzzer?
Dec 23, 2020
This Super Small $11 Vacuum Has Kept My Home Spotless All Year
I got it at Target as a stocking stuffer last year and I love everything about it.
Dec 3, 2020
This $4 Kitchen Tool is a Staple in My Bathroom Cleaning Kit
This trick is for everyone who doesn't have a tricked out bathroom with luxury features.
Nov 15, 2020
The Best Duster Isn’t Even a Duster—It’s This Versatile $9 Cleaning Tool
It lets you wipe off anything your fingers can touch—a sort of spotless-making Midas touch.
Nov 3, 2020
11 Cleaning Supply Tricks That Might Save You Money
Keeping things simple is one way to preserve your limited resources. And the principle is just as relevant to your cleaning arsenal as it is to anything else.
Oct 19, 2020
I Finally Got a Robot Vacuum and It Was Worth the Hype
I could never bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars for something I was skeptical of. But I discovered robot vacuums are not too good to be true, they're totally worth the hype.
Oct 22, 2020
8 Unexpected Things You Can Clean, Scrub, and Soak With OxiClean
Here are some tried and true ways to expand your use of OxiClean beyond the laundry stain soak you've come to know and love.
Oct 14, 2020
I’ve Tested Tons of Cordless Stick Vacuums, and These Are My Favorites
And not one of them is a Dyson.
Oct 16, 2020
This Kit is Green Cleaning, But Make it Fashion
Green cleaning just got a lot more fashionable.
Oct 14, 2020
One Endlessly Versatile Cleaning Tool I Convinced 5 of My Friends to Buy, Too
This trusty cleaning tool helped me tackle cushions stained with spit up, shower doors littered with hard water marks, and hardwood floors caked with tomato sauce.
Oct 8, 2020
I’ve Tested Over a Dozen Air Purifiers and These Are My Favorites
Trust me—I know what I'm talking about.
Oct 6, 2020
Your Vacuum Works Fine—You’re Just Not Vacuuming Correctly
Before you spring for a new machine, check through this list of common vacuuming mistakes that could be sabotaging your attempts.
Oct 6, 2020
This Game-Changing Spray Mop Makes Cleaning Effortless—And It Has Nearly 1,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews
Its fans include one editor's mom *and* grandma.
Sep 25, 2020
8 Affordable Air Purifiers That’ll Help Clean Your Air Without Breaking the Bank
Not one of these options will cost you more than $100.
Sep 25, 2020
Keep This $14 Tool In Your Kitchen and Your Counters Will Practically Clean Themselves
I recently started keeping one of these by the sink, and right away it came in handy for even more chores than expected.
Sep 23, 2020
I Trust This Stain Remover So Much, I’ll Leave My 6-Year-Old Unsupervised with Sharpies
Parenthood is definitely full of surprises, but “Yes, I’d leave my 6-year-old alone with a Sharpie” is truly something I never thought I’d say.
Aug 22, 2020
Neat People Reveal the Cleaning Tool They Won’t Live Without
These "neat freaks" share their recommendations for the cleaning tool they can't live without. Their answers might leave you floored!
Aug 3, 2020
Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
What do I love about cleaning? When it’s done! Usually the dirtiest things in my home are the ones I forget about completely and, thus, never clean. Luckily, that’s easy to fix; if you have ten minutes, you can get these ten chores done today. 1. Sponge — Although you should be regularly replacing your kitchen sponge (right?), you can increase its mileage by nuking your damp sponge in the microwave to kill bacteria. 2.
Jul 17, 2020
Saturday Assignment: Clean Your Blinds!
Looking for help remembering to clean those “forgotten” areas of the home that have a huge impact on your space looking and feeling clean? Well we’ve got today’s assignment to tackle: Blinds! They’re a common element in many homes that we tend to leave off of our regular cleaning to-do lists. Take an hour (or less!) of time to tackle today.
Jul 16, 2020
When To Vacuum vs. When To Use Compressed Air
Most computers, appliances, and electronics get fairly hot while in operation and need sufficient air flow to keep them running efficiently. Dust is one of the biggest culprits of electrical equipment failure, due to ventilation interference and eventual overheating.
Jul 15, 2020
This Cult-Favorite $8 Kitchen Cleaner Has Been Working Wonders For Decades
"Newer" doesn't necessarily mean "better."
Jul 13, 2020
The $8 Cult-Favorite Stain Remover Laundry Experts Recommend (Even for Sharpie!)
What if you could have one stain-fighting solution to cover all your bases? And, better yet, what if it was even more effective than the alternatives?
Jun 22, 2020
You’ll Never Need to Touch a Dustpan With This Stationary Vacuum Cleaner
Say goodbye to that last line of dirt.
Jun 22, 2020
Here’s How You Can Take Advantage of the Only Cleaning Tool With a Built-In Timer
Weekend Projects
By going until it's "finished," you'll be motivated to keep scrubbing long past your usual stopping point, tackling some areas that rarely get cleaned.
May 29, 2020
5 Ineffective, Out of Date Cleaning Staples You Need to Replace ASAP
Whether it’s disinfectant spray or a duster, obsolete cleaning products aren’t doing you—or your home—any favors.
May 18, 2020
This $7 Surface Cleaner Saved My White Marble Countertops from Deep Stains
Even the deepest, darkest, toughest stains don't stand a chance against this miracle in a bottle!
May 12, 2020
9 Things You Can’t Clean With “All-Purpose” Cleaner, According to Experts
Plus, what you should use instead.
May 5, 2020
The Laundress is Having a Rare Sale—And It Includes Editor- and Reader-Approved Favorites!
Yup, including the cult-favorite Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.
Apr 28, 2020
5 Simple Steps Standing Between You and a Better Vacuum Cleaner
You can breathe new life into your vacuum cleaner in one weekend afternoon.
Apr 24, 2020
Two Easy Homemade Alternatives If You Don’t Have Glass Cleaner
Picture this: Inspired by the window-cleaning marathon you completed while getting a jump start on spring cleaning, you’re cleaning all the glass in your house. You’ve done all the doors, the glass that protects every photo that’s hung on the wall or displayed on a bookshelf, and the mirrored tray on your oversized tufted ottoman. In your zeal, you’ve finished a spray bottle of glass cleaner.
Apr 6, 2020
Worth the Effort: 10 DIY Skills to Finally Master This Year
To truly master all the skills of maintaining a home is an exhaustive list and frankly, out of reach for many people. But even if knowing everything about home repair and DIY is not on your list of life goals, there are still a few skills worth knowing. This year, consider finally mastering a few from this list of ten — they’re skills that will come in handy in just about any home and not that difficult to learn!
Mar 11, 2020
Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This Special Broom Meant for Pet Hair
It has nearly 5,000 5-star reviews.
Mar 10, 2020
Gear Up for Spring Cleaning Thanks to Walmart’s Vacuum Sale
Including top brands like Roomba, Shark, and more!
Mar 9, 2020
Amazon Reviewers Swear This $10 Vegetable Brush Is the Secret to Safely Cleaning Cast-Iron Skillets
Sturdy and stiff enough to thoroughly clean, yet gentle enough to not strip away that seasoning.
Mar 5, 2020
This Is Why Your Place Is Messy: 5 Common Clutter Causes
Let's get introspective.
Mar 4, 2020
This Handheld Vacuum is Made for Pet Hair and Has Over 4,000 5-Star Reviews
Plus, it's 16 percent off right now.
Mar 3, 2020
This Soap Dispenser Is Made of Sustainable Packaging (Yes, It’s Also Soap)
It can be used to store liquid soaps, too.
Feb 28, 2020
I Took a Risk on an Expensive Toilet Brush—And It Totally Paid Off
An impulse buy with no regrets.
Feb 25, 2020
This $14 Broom Organizer Just Might Inspire You to Clean More Often
It's pretty sexy...for a broom organizer.
Feb 18, 2020
This $9 Amazon Find Is the Secret to Keeping Your Kitchen Counters Spotless
Tiny, mighty, and on sale!
Feb 15, 2020
Here's What You Don't Know About Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting
Including why all-in-one products can't do it all.
Feb 15, 2020
I’ve Been Using This Kitchen Sponge for Over Two Months—And It Still Hasn’t Gotten Gross
Step away from the smelly sponge, I've got just the solution for you!
Jan 28, 2020
This Steam Mop has Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon—And Might Make You Ditch Your Regular Mop
Welcome to the magical world of steam cleaning.
Jan 22, 2020
This Mop Has Almost 7,000 Five-Star Amazon Reviews—And Might Make You Enjoy Cleaning Your Floor
Spotless floors in a jiffy, and you're not even touching the grossest part of the mop!
Jan 16, 2020
IKEA’s New BORSTAD Collection Has Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools Starting at $3
IKEA's new collection is meant to tidy up your home in no time.
Jan 14, 2020
I Bought a $170 Vacuum From a Thrift Store for $20—And You (Probably) Can Too
These eight quick tests will tell you if a used vacuum works well, and if it had a rough past life.
Jan 12, 2020
Attention: Amazon Is Offering Seriously Good Deals on Dyson, Roomba, and More Favorite Vacuums
Here's to kicking off 2020 on a clean and tidy note!
Dec 20, 2019
The Must-Have Cleaning Tools and Products Landlords Swear By
You'll want to add these four things to your cleaning kit ASAP.
Dec 17, 2019
The Game-Changing Cleaning Tool at the Top of My Wish List This Year
I know it's a controversial topic, but I personally welcome the gift of cleaning tools.
Dec 13, 2019
This Spray Mop Is So Much Better Than a Swiffer—and It’s On Sale Right Now
Your floors are going to sparkle!
Nov 26, 2019
This $2 Old School Stain Remover Has a Close-to-Perfect Amazon Rating
For hundreds of Amazon's 5-star reviewers, there’s one stain treatment that stands out from the rest.
Nov 12, 2019
Pet Owners Love these Heavy Duty Stain Remover Pads from Amazon
And they're 20 percent off today!
Nov 11, 2019
Probiotic Cleaner is Made Just Like Kombucha—And It Keeps Cleaning Long After You’re Done
It’s no secret that probiotics are one secret weapon for healthier digestion and overall wellness. But this popular wellness remedy is now making its way into the world of cleaning products, too.
Nov 4, 2019
I Use This Steamer Every Day—And I’ll Never Iron Again
Before this device entered my life, I was either burning clothes with an iron or throwing them in the dryer with a damp towel to get wrinkles out.
Oct 15, 2019
The 7 Things You Need to Clean Your Entire Home
From a scrub brush to a hand duster, here are the seven things you need to clean every inch of your space.
Oct 10, 2019
The $5 Cleaning Solution That Saved Me Hundreds on My Rent Deposit
It works like magic!
Oct 8, 2019
The $10 Cleaning Gadget That Made My Laptop Less Disgusting
So long, fingerprints and food crumbs!
Oct 2, 2019
It's *That* Time of Year Again: 4 Things That'll Help Prevent the Flu
Reminder: clean your phone right now.
Sep 30, 2019
There’s a Surprising Source for Truly Powerful Cleaning Tools—And It’s Right Around the Corner
When it comes to getting things done around your home, sometimes convenience and versatility are the magic words.
Aug 22, 2019