Costco Has the Lowest Price for This Hot-Ticket Patio Accessory That’s Perfect for Fall

published Oct 27, 2022
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View of fall porch with seating, blankets, and potted plants
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Warm summer nights might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean this is the end of patio season. The right gear (and a warm jacket) can help you squeeze a few more weeks out of your outdoor space — or even months, if you’re lucky!

Patio heaters are one great, no-fuss option for keeping cozy during chilly days and nights. If a crackling fire is more your style, though, you’ll probably prefer a fire pit. One super-popular option: the Solo Stove’s 19-inch-diameter Bonfire (now available as the new Bonfire 2.0 version), a portable fire pit that promises little to no smoke and has earned an average 4.9-star rating from more than 17,000 reviewers.

The Bonfire 2.0 is currently on sale on Solo Stove’s site for $240 (regular $399), but the cheapest place to get the first version of the Bonfire right now is — you guessed it — Costco. At Costco warehouses, the Bonfire is priced lower than anywhere on the web: $199.99, a price that includes the fire pit and a carrying case.

Credit: Megan Baker Detloff

The only differences between Bonfire version 1 and Bonfire 2.0? The newer model features a removable base plate and ash pan for easier cleanup. Other than that, the two versions are virtually identical.

Credit: Megan Baker Detloff

Even at about $200, the Solo Stove still isn’t the cheapest fire pit option around. But unlike a regular old fire pit, which is just a simple vessel that holds wood while it burns, the Solo Stove is engineered with a multi-layer design that features holes around its base; the setup creates an airflow pattern helps sweep away smoke so that your fire throws off heat without the extra debris, which can cause lung and eye irritation (not to mention mess). And since it’s only about 23 pounds and 14 inches high, it’s easy to throw in the trunk of your car to bring camping or to a friend’s house.

Here’s the catch: Costco’s stellar price isn’t available online, so you’ll have to visit your local warehouse to snag this deal. But the extra trip might be worth it to be able to take advantage of Costco’s generous return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. (Based on thousands of online reviews, though, this buy is a pretty safe bet.)

If you want to take advantage, act quickly — there’s no indication how long the Solo Stove Bonfire will be on shelves or if it will restock once sold out. And of course, as with all warehouse-only offers, prices and availability will vary.