The Incredible $1 Dollar Tree Organizer You’ll Use in Every Room of the House

published Apr 5, 2024
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Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA - March 14th, 2024: Dollar Tree store logo sign on a building.
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If you’ve brushed Dollar Tree (or other discount stores) off due to the store’s shockingly cheap prices, this is a PSA for you: Low prices don’t mean the finds are low quality! From chic glass jars to airtight food containers — don’t let the single-digit price tags on the smart organizing gems mislead you. And on that note, you’ll want to walk, not run, to your local store for this just-dropped storage find people are buying in bulk.

Dollar Tree’s new Essentials Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids may seem simple, but that’s exactly why they’re so great. For only $1.25 each (a price you won’t find anywhere else!), these medium-size boxes can store anything and everything, from markers to cleaning supplies to excess pantry goods. At roughly 14x8x4 inches, they’re about the size of a women’s shoebox and can be stored just as easily. The best part? The stackable design makes them fit atop one another seamlessly. 

Because the boxes are clear, it’s especially easy to see what you’re looking for. Whether you’re on the hunt for a specific marker, laundry sheet, or kids’ toy, the clear design saves you time (and hassle!) when you’re in a crunch. They’re also great for storing notoriously difficult-to-organize items like tools, bolts, and batteries. Simply throw a label (or just some blue tape) on the boxes so you know exactly what goes where. It truly couldn’t be more versatile.

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If you don’t live near a Dollar Tree (or don’t want to purchase 48 online to meet the minimum order requirement), don’t stress. Amazon’s six-pack of five-quart boxes of roughly the same size are going for about $5 a box, which is almost as great as the deal above — and they ship right to your door. Organizing has never been so easy!

Buy: Essentials Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids, $1.25

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