Eight Sleep’s New Mattress is a Game Changer for Hot Sleepers

published Feb 13, 2019
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A burgundy accent wall behind a bed with white fluffy bedding and a wood bed frame
(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Once upon a time, we picked out mattresses in a maybe hour-long visit to a mattress store. Now, with the advent of beds-in-a-box and direct-to-consumer, online-first companies, where you rest your head at night feels like more of a a lifestyle choice. Parachute now sells mattresses that vibe with their all-natural, California aesthetic. Casper, which started with the one perfect mattress model, has expanded their line to include sheets and pillows and even sells a lamp that touts better sleep. Eight Sleep, an NYC-based start-up, takes the overall sleep wellness model even further. Billing itself as a “sleep technology” company rather than just another mattress destination, it feels a bit like if Nike tried to get in on the bed game. This isn’t just about a better night’s sleep, it’s about becoming a better sleeper and, by extension, better at whatever you want to be.

Named as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2018, Eight Sleep’s first Smart Mattress was also a TIME top invention of 2018—and was featured on our very own list of the best mattresses. Their latest product takes that smart technology and adds a truly game-changing feature for hot sleepers. Called the Pod, it’s more than a mattress; it’s a full system that combines temperature regulation, biometric tracking, sleep coaching, and smart home connectivity designed to give users their ideal eight hours of sleep a night plus much more.

As a perpetually hot sleeper, I’ve tried it all: open windows in the middle of winter, linen sheets, and self-proclaimed “cooling” mattress pads. The idea of an air conditioned mattress, if you will, has always been a dream of mine, and the Pod is the closest thing to what I imagine that could actually be like. While I haven’t used it overnight yet, I got to see it in person and give it a test run—and I was honestly impressed.

The biggest draw of the Pod is that it gives you full control of your bed’s temperature. Temperature is one of the most important factors of sleeping, and the Pod actively works to keep you cool without changing your internal temperature. With a range of 55-115 degrees, it adjusts throughout the night based on your sleep cycle, and even works independently on both sides to ensure you and your partner are comfortable. No more kicking your foot out of the covers when you get hot!

So what’s the magic trick? The base of the Pod is an adaptive foam bed, but the top layer is where it all happens. It’s built with a grid design that targets and supports pressure points, plus holds a thermoregulation and sensor network that controls temperature and tracks metrics. All of this activity is controlled by the Hub, a small and and mostly silent engine that sits next to your bed and controls all of the Pod’s functions. And of course, all of this information can be accessed and controlled through an app.

Like the original Smart mattress that first put Eight Sleep on the map, it also tracks your sleep and provides feedback. Eight Sleep is a major proponent of “sleep fitness” and encourages users to treat sleep like you would any other part of your overall health. Both the Smart mattress and the Pod monitor over a dozen data points, including total time slept, time to fall asleep, heart rate, and sleep breaks. A fitness “score” is then calculated and offers recommendations based on your own habits.

Starting today, Eight Sleep is taking reservations with a $95 deposit for Pods that will be shipped in April. Prices range from $1,995 for a Full to $2,495 for a Cali King. Yes, it’s a steep price, especially when compared to the most popular direct-to-consumer mattress brands that tout lower costs. The reasoning here is that the Pod is not just a mattress, but an investment in your overall health—after all, not getting enough sleep is associated with health risks like depression, anxiety, and heart disease. If you’re someone who chronically doesn’t get enough sleep (or tosses and turns all night), the Pod promises to provide an optimal sleep environment catered to your specific needs, which could be incentive enough to splurge.