These Turkish Towels Are So Good, Families Fight Over Them — and Now They’re on Sale

published Apr 8, 2022
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Credit: Lana Kenney

Sometimes you stumble on a product that’s so good you can’t help but talk about it with everyone you know. This holds especially true when said item is something as ubiquitous as bath towels, which, let’s be honest, call for an upgrade every now and then.

Frontgate may not necessarily be the first place you head to for a bath towel upgrade, but you can bet that opinion is going to change after you read this post. Turns out, the do-it-all brand has a resort-worthy towel collection that our editors just love — and can’t stop telling their friends and family about.

Frontgate’s Resort Bath Towel is thick, luxurious, and absorbent, with over 7,000 five-star reviews. Made from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton woven to 700 GSM, these towels can hold their own against a lot of moisture and still dry quickly without leaving behind any musty or mildewy odors. Our editor Jasmine was the first to try them, commenting, “Using this towel feels like a total treat, almost like stepping out of a sauna at a five-star resort. The feeling of being wrapped in it is reminiscent of the luxurious feeling you get at a fancy spa. Frankly, it’s hard to go back to using anything else once you’ve experienced them.”

Engineered with a “zero-twist” process that produces a plush and shed-free weave, these towels will never make a mess of your dryer or leave little fluffs of cotton all over your body post-shower (we’ve all been there). “There are towels and then there are the beautiful, exquisitely, sumptuously soft Resort Towels from Frontgate,” raves one reviewer. “These wonderful towels absorb moisture from your body after a luxurious soak or refreshing shower, leaving your skin feeling hydrated but not saturated with water. They are available in an absolutely incredible assortment of colors to match or contrast with whatever color scheme you desire. They laundry easily and beautifully, returning to their original incredible softness without releasing any of their gorgeous color. You can rest assured you have made a wise choice when you invite these great towels into your home. You and your guests will really feel so pampered.”

Hilariously, Jasmine found that these towels were such a win in her home that her entire family kept stealing them! “I truly knew these towels were something to behold when my stepfather, who isn’t impressed by much, made several trips to the linen closet looking for them,” she says. “I quickly added the Frontgate towels to everyone’s Christmas list.”

If you happen to share your home with some towel thieves, too, these Frontgate beauties come in over 20 gorgeous shades — including trendy Green Clay and timeless Ash Rose — so you can designate a color for each and every person to encourage them to keep their hands on their own towels. Plus, now is totally the time to spoil yourself (and your loved ones) with the gift of bathtime luxury. Through Apr. 11, you can score 15 percent off these towels (plus many other stylish Frontgate offerings), bringing the bath towel to just $34. But heed our warning: Your family and friends will make it impossible to buy just one.