Inexpensive Organizers Everyone With a Small Bathroom Should Be Using

updated Oct 13, 2022
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If you’ve got a small bathroom, you’re really making a fatal design and storage mistake by not including these five smart storage tools. These five items will give you more storage space, make your existing storage space more efficient and make using your small bathroom a lot more enjoyable.

1. DIY drawer dividers

Hate opening your bathroom drawers to a jumble of toiletries? Create your own affordable drawer dividers to transform those junk drawers into spaces that make you happy to open and use every day.

2. Over-the-door hangers

Alone they are an additional hook for a towel or a robe. Used with other storage tools and they can become substantial extra storage for whatever you might need. Don’t forget about the insides of any cabinet doors as spots that can house an over-the-door hanger, as well.

3. Lazy Susans

They’ll make getting to all of your stuff much more enjoyable and make you use all of your storage space a lot more efficiently. On top of counters and other surfaces they’ll elegantly corral all your items like a tray would.

4. Shelf risers

They’re another way to make sure you’re using every square inch of the storage space your home’s bathroom came with.

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5. Shower storage

Why put a ton of effort into maximizing your bathroom’s storage and completely ignore a huge chunk of real estate that can be hidden with a good-looking shower curtain? Invest in some of the tools that expand what your shower can hold beyond just the tiny little soap cubbie that’s built in.

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