The Brand Behind the Customizable Pillow I Love Is Having a Major Sale That Includes Their New Innovative Sleep System

published Oct 6, 2022
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Choosing the “perfect” pillow can be a tedious task, especially if you need a variety of features to make your night’s rest as cozy as it can be. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one pillow that did it all? Brooklinen’s sister brand, Marlow, has a pillow that does just that, so it’s no surprise that it’s become an editor favorite. Considering the countless pillows AT staffers have tried, The Sleep System, a bundle of comfort that accommodates a wide range of sleepers from those who sleep warm to those who change positions during the night. I had the chance to try out The Sleep System, and it surpassed my expectations.

Marlow’s Sleep System includes their innovative pillow and cooling pillow protector, one of the newest additions to the bedding lineup. The two products can be used separately, but together they’re a dream team. The Pillow is a gorgeous, green-lined piece with a 100 percent cotton shell that’s thick enough to sleep on comfortably, whether or not you choose to use a cover. However, it’s a lot easier to keep clean if you choose to dress it up with your favorite pillowcase, or in this case, a pillow protector. The Cooling Pillow Protector complements the pillow with its green trim, and it does triple-duty by shielding your pillow from stains, preventing it from getting too hot, and keeping the moisture from night sweats at bay. I was surprised by how effective the pillow protector was because of how unassuming it is, but all of its best qualities are built into the fabric. 

Like The Pillow, the Cooling Pillow Protector has a breathable and antimicrobial 100-percent cotton shell that gives it a smooth feel. What makes the cover stand out on its own is its cooling tech. Beneath the cotton shell, there’s a blended layer of cotton and cooling nylon satin followed by an interior poly microfiber layer that’s printed with PCMs (phase change materials). The PCMs are responsible for absorbing and releasing heat, which ultimately helps to regulate temperature as you sleep. The pillow protector is conveniently machine-washable, so you can prolong the lifespan of your cover as it extends the life of your pillow.

As for The Pillow itself, it’s arguably the star of the Sleep System. Rolled like a tube upon delivery, the pillow only needs a good fluff and some time and room to expand before it’s ready to use. What’s special about this pillow is that its firmness is adjustable without the messy business of removing the fill and storing it elsewhere, thanks to a built-in feature that’s hidden in plain sight. On each long side of the pillow is a zipper. When it’s zipped up, the Marlow pillow is firm. As you unzip, it becomes softer. That means there’s no need to open up the pillow to refill it to increase its support and softness. The fill stays contained by a breathable mesh that also assists in regulating the temperature of the pillow.

Over the past year that I’ve had The Pillow, I’ve adjusted the firmness level more than once and it’s consistently super comfy! I like that it’s not as plush as a down pillow, but still feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud. It also stays cool, thanks to an 80/20 split of cooling memory foam and polyester fiber. On either side of the Marlow’s softness spectrum, my head and neck were supported throughout the night. No matter which way I turned in my sleep, I never felt the need to readjust the pillow for comfort. Whether you love a firm pillow or one that’s plush and squeezable, The Pillow gives you the best of both worlds in a single cushion.

Now through October 11, you can save on The Sleep System, which includes The Pillow and the Cooling Pillow Protector in one convenient bundle, during Marlow’s First Birthday Sale! When you purchase two or three sets, you’ll get 25 percent off, and when you buy four or more, you’ll get 40 percent off. New customers will also receive an additional 10 percent off their first order. The Pillow and Cooling Pillow Protector are also on sale separately with the same deals, just in case you only need one or the other. The pillow, protector, and Sleep System all come in both standard and King sizes. You can purchase them individually, but I highly recommend you opt for a bundled set of at least two. Believe me — you’ll definitely want more than one!