This $15 Drill-Free Organizer Instantly Adds Storage Space Anywhere — It’s Perfect for Renters!

published Apr 3, 2023
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Any time you add storage space to your home, you get a good return on your investment — and I don’t just mean monetarily. I’m talking about the time you spend researching, buying, and installing storage pieces. Those steps all add up, especially if your purchase requires a lot of assembly or needs to be mounted to a wall, and the results are very worthwhile. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to put so much effort into every single storage upgrade. You can have small but meaningful wins, too.

We love discovering time- and budget-friendly upgrades, such as this little self-adhesive container that lets you add storage space to any room. It comes in handy at your desk and in your kitchen, and it’s especially useful for your bathroom because it can go on tile walls without damaging them. At just $15, this is one of the smartest storage finds on Amazon. (Check out more of our favorite no-drill solutions here, too.)

Installing this organizer is super quick and easy. It comes with two adhesive strips you apply to the back of the container and then peel off a protective layer to stick the entire thing to the wall. The adhesive material works well on glass, tile, stone, and metal, but it’s not recommended for use on painted drywall or wallpaper because it’s so strong it can rip those materials off if you ever want to move the organizer.

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Tiled bathrooms are a natural place to let this storage container do its thing. Inside it has two slots that are great for holding cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, and tissues. The entire container is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall, so it doesn’t take up too much room but still creates helpful storage space for all the small things that don’t always have a place of their own to live. This tool would also make a handy addition to your kitchen — organizing napkins, plastic utensils, and spice packets — and to your bedroom, where it can hold lipstick and small bottles of moisturizer.

“It is a great way to use the wall to keep things away and off of the counters,” A reviewer writes, “Very handy. It is smaller than what I anticipated but I love it. I can easy storage sanitary pads, makeup and toiletries away.”

These organizers come in three colors — pastel pink, green, and white — which is helpful if you’re using multiple ones to store different objects. I’m thinking of getting some of these for my desk at the Apartment Therapy office. They would not only be great for holding sticky notes, pens, and pencils but also for keeping my phone charging cable out of sight so someone else doesn’t use it and forget to return it.

Credit: Amazon

Whether you could use just a little more storage space at home or at work, this compact and affordable organizer is a great choice. Just make sure to get your favorite color while you can — you never know when these things will go out of stock.