Our Editors’ Favorite Organizing Finds of 2022

published Dec 13, 2022
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This year, we observed a relatively new law of nature in full effect: If you own a thing, you can find an organizer built specifically for it. That led us to a lot of amazing organizing tools that can help keep your home tidy and make smarter use of your space — whether that means having less cluttered rooms, maximizing your storage capacity, or both.

As we tested, reviewed, and fell in love with many nifty organizers, we kept a list of the ones that went above and beyond the call of duty. We’re talking about the ones that change how you use a space, improve access to everyday items, and help you keep your home neat with less — or in some cases zero! — effort. Now, we’re delighted to share those absolute favorites. These are strictly the must-have, can’t-miss, how-did-I-live-without-this finds that our editors know you’ll love just as much as they do.

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One of the greatest improvements to storage bins has been collapsibility. Fold them down flat when they're empty and pop them back up when you're ready to put them to use. These stackable bins go a step further by letting you see what's inside, so you don't have to open up and search just to see if that one scarf is even in here. We recommend these for keeping seasonal clothes clean and ready to wear, plus they're a great place to organize extra bath towels. Our Assistant Shopping Editor Britt loves how roomy they are and wrote that they helped her get "at least 60 percent of [her] closet space back."

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As our SEO Editor Sarah wrote, this clothes drying rack obeys the cardinal rule of small-space living: think vertically. Instead of using a bulky rack that takes up floor space, opt for this over-the-door model that takes up zero floor space and folds up when you're done. It's built with four rods for holding clothes and comes with hooks to create extra drying options. We love everything about this magnificent contraption, and only wish we'd known about it sooner!

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Folden Lane

Vegan leather that's this smooth and sturdy might look too good to be true, but in this case it's not. This luxuriously practical basket includes removable dividers and a labeling kit, plus it has handles that don't look out of place when not in use. Our senior commerce editor Alicia enjoys the supple material and attention to detail — "If I didn't know the leather was fake, I might have been fooled," she wrote. Use this bin to add stylish storage to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room — or really, any room.

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Open Spaces

When you find an organizer that is stylish enough to be a living room centerpiece, you know you've struck gold. The Entryway Rack is the rare piece that makes anything you put on it — shoes, books, plants — look more chic. You can certainly elevate your entryway, as the name suggests, but we've found this to be a great storage and side table addition for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

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Yamazaki Home

We wish every storage upgrade was as quick and effortless as this ingenious basket. Its magnetized back attaches to your fridge to create an extra shelf out of thin air, and the design is strong enough to hold almost five pounds. Our writer Erin finds it useful for reducing clutter and holding everyday staples like coffee and cooking oil. It also makes for a perfect spice rack, and it's sleek enough to look like a natural extension of your fridge.

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These hanging utensil organizers meet all the requirements for game-changer status: they free up counter space, they make accessing utensils easier than drawers or upright holders, and they're self-adhesive. Add them under cabinets without drilling any holes and see how convenient it is to spin your cooking tools around instead of digging through drawers or canisters. With all the room you'll save, you'll have to think how you want to use your newfound counter space.

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Shelves need help to do their job, which is why we're always on the lookout for shelf accessories like these dividers. They instantly add structure and prevent stacked items from sliding out of place and becoming one big messy pile. We love them for keeping bedroom closets neat and making it easy to find what you want, but they're just as useful in your kitchen pantry, garage, or laundry room. One of our favorite features is the stabilizing clips that don't clip on too tightly or too loosely. They fit just right, so you can slide the dividers over to adjust your storage situation as needed.

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When you want the feeling of a new fridge without the cost of a new fridge, think about bins. These sturdy bins with adjustable dividers (for creating custom storage slots) and wheels (for easy access) are transformative. By keeping food compartmentalized, they make it easier to keep your fridge clean and clutter-free. Having better access to food also helps you keep track of groceries and cut down on waste. And don't worry, the soft wheels won't leave any scratches.

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We love a good tiered organizer, but we wish more of them took note of madesmart's design that lets you slide each level out and grab things with ease. That small (but important) detail takes this storage system from being one that's nice to have to being one that you'd never want to part with. Alicia was impressed by how many toiletries fit neatly within each bin, and while she has been making great use of it under her bathroom sink, she could easily see it become an integral part of her kitchen or cleaning storage.

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Hats and gloves have a way of scattering themselves around our homes, so this clever hanger finally gives them a permanent place to live. Hang it in a bedroom or entryway closet to keep your baseball caps, beanies, and gloves easy to find and hard to lose. Our writer Mary found that the metal clips hold all her hats safely without damaging them, and she likes how this tool lets her see all her hat options at a glance.

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Our favorite thing about this over-the-door organization system is that it's completely customizable. Use as many of the support racks as you want to extend it all the way to the floor or just part way up your door. Then decide how to lay out the eight bins to fit tall or short items. This adds a ton of vertical storage space to a pantry, closet, laundry room, or home office, where Britt put hers. And as a renter, she appreciates that it can be installed with renter-friendly hooks.

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Customization really is this organizer's superpower. Instead of settling for a rack that has more (or not enough) space to store your pans, lids, and other cookware, choose this adjustable rack that expands (or contracts) to fit your needs. Britt likes how it keeps her kitchen cupboards neat by storing her cookware upright and lets her grab what she wants without digging through a pile of pots and pans. Imagine having a storage solution that grows with your cookware collection — how nice!

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It's time to do away with the impracticality of jewelry trays and reclaim the top of your dresser from jewelry stands and boxes. Once you see this double-sided, 80-pocket hanging jewelry organizer in action — and experience the convenience of being able to quickly see all of your jewelry at the same time — you won't go back. Alicia appreciates how much this piece helps her on a daily basis: "I can see absolutely everything I own in one place, which makes getting ready so much easier."

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All the t-shirts, leggings, shorts, and exercise clothes that currently have a hard time finding their place in your dresser will feel right at home in this hanging closet organizer. Each of the 24 pockets keeps clothes separate, so you can easily find and grab just what you need. We're big proponents of vertical storage solutions, and this is one of the most compact (and versatile) designs we've ever seen. AT contributor Amy swears by this organizer.

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When you want to be conscious of your floor space, these industrial modern shelves are one of Britt's top picks. It's not easy to find shallow shelves that look good, so we appreciate the stylish combo of metal and wood here. If you're unsure about the wall-mounted design on the top, don't be. It's recommended for safety reasons that you attach most tall shelves to a wall anways, and these make that step easier. Their open layout also makes them perfect for both display and storage.

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Toilet brushes would be so much better if they could just hide themselves, and that's exactly what this trash can makes possible. It hides the toilet brush in plain sight, so you can quickly grab it when you need it and put it away when you're done. However, that's not the only design upgrade. A built-in handle on the garbage pail makes taking out the trash easier, and a convenient bag holder on the back lets you keep extra trash bags right where you need them.

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When your dresser drawers are full and your dedicated clothes chair is becoming unmanageable, you need some storage help. This hanging organizer gives you a couple dresser drawers' worth of space and stays out of sight in your closet. Each of its three bins will hold a sizable stack of shirts, sweaters, or pants, and little guard flaps at the front keep anything from falling out.

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We love any organizer that takes an underutilized space and helps it realize its full potential. By using strong (and renter-friendly) adhesives, these baskets add enough shelf space to your shower to hold all your shampoos, conditioners, and body washes — and it has hooks for loofahs. The clear adhesives don't stand out on tile walls and are surprisingly strong — each bin carries up to 10 pounds. A simple but serious upgrade to any shower.

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Whatever advancements scientists have made to adhesives, we're glad someone had the brilliant idea to apply them to shelving. These chic white shelves go up in minutes without a drill and are ideal for adding more stylish storage space in your bathroom or kitchen. Our Commerce Managing Editor Tamara added some to the tiled wall above her stove and loves how they keep essential ingredients in reach. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should only install these on unpainted surfaces like tile, glass, or metal. The adhesive does such a good job it can actually rip paint off the wall(!).

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Mustard Made

Step out of storage norms with this colorfully stylish locker. Its height (43 inches) makes it fully accessible to kids and an ideal storage and display piece for entryways and home offices. Our Assistant Shopping Editor Britt finds it useful for storing baskets, books, and device cords in her home office, and she appreciates the hole in the back that lets her keep her printer plugged in yet tucked away. Plus, you're more than welcome to decorate the inside door just like you did in middle school!

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A good hamper doesn't take up too much floor space, but a great hamper (like this hanging one) takes up zero floor space and shrinks completely when empty. The wide opening lets you easily toss in clothes, and because it hangs either over-the-door or adhesive (renter-friendly) hooks, you can pick up the bag and carry it to the wash on laundry day. A double-duty laundry bag/hamper that saves space checks off a lot of boxes for us.

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Sometimes you just need one more shelf or storage spot to make your decluttering complete. That is precisely when you should turn to this versatile caddy. It's a great in-between size to fit cleaning products or crafting supplies, and because it's held up by super strong Command adhesive strips, it's 100 percent renter friendly. AT writer Ashley found it to be a perfect addition under her kitchen sink, where it holds 10-pounds worth of supplies while still letting the cabinet door close fully.