You Need to Try Nate Berkus’ “One Spot” Organizing Method This Weekend

published Jun 1, 2024
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Nate Berkus headshot graphic
Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Nate Berkus may have an enviable decor aesthetic and homes filled with vintage pieces that define quiet luxury, but he’s also chock-full of ingenious organizing tips. Last year, he shared a sweatpants folding tip that helps the pants actually fit inside your drawers, and now he’s back with a brilliantly simple way to organize your home — and you can do it in a weekend.

Berkus shared his advice in a video on his Instagram (where he’s sitting in front of a gorgeous wallpaper mantel situation, but that’s for another time). In the video, Berkus says that organizing your whole home in one shot is way too overwhelming. Instead, he suggests picking one spot and making that your focus for the weekend.

The spot you choose can be any size you want and, in fact, going small has a better chance of guaranteeing success. “You can pick even a drawer or the inside of a cabinet or a linen cabinet and just make that your goal for the weekend,” he says.

But what’s almost more important than thinking small, he explains, is maintaining whatever organizing system you put in place. “It’s so tempting just to fold a sheet a different way and throw it in the closet and close the door, but if you have a system, just take that extra 30 seconds to put things back the way you’ve decided you want them to go and your house will run so much more smoothly than it ever has before.”

And that’s it! This “one spot” rule is time-tested, and there are so many tried-and-true organizing methods you can use once you’ve picked the area you want to focus on.

Commenters on Nate’s post loved his idea, and talked about how downsizing the number of items you own also helps keep things in order. “That is a perfect tip; thanks, Nate!” one commenter wrote, while another said, “Really good advice.”

What spot will you choose to organize this weekend?