9 New IKEA Products You Need to Hack in 2024 (They’re So Versatile!)

published Jan 4, 2024
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IKEA-lovers know that the only thing that’s better than a fresh round of new products is a fresh round of new products that are totally hackable. Of course, you can always look to the tried-and-true IKEA hack classics — you know, like HEMNES dressers and KALLAX bookshelves — but if you’re itching for something novel, it’s time to shop IKEA’s latest products.

The new IKEA offerings include innovative spins on existing products (hello, new BILLY) and plenty of completely original launches, too. Not sure where to start? No worries — we did the work for you. Below, find the nine most hackable new products, along with clever ideas from DIYers to get you started. 

Credit: Ikea

BILLY/OXBERG Bookcase with Doors

The new BILLY bookcase — with a paper foil finish over particleboard, and a lower price point — finally launched stateside! Alongside it come a few new releases that help you create your dream BILLY setup, including this BILLY/OXBERG bookcase with doors. Its simple shape makes it a perfect candidate for hacks in virtually any style.

Credit: Ashley

Hack it: Options abound for this bookcase, but for a complete 180 on style, take inspiration from Ashley of @historyinhighheels. She used a similar cabinet — the IKEA SKRUVBY — as the base of this whimsical-yet-glam scalloped furniture piece. Paint, contact paper, and pool noodles were the key ingredients of this transformation.

“My biggest takeaway was the power of pool noodles!” says Ashley. “They are a great (and inexpensive) hack for creating a scalloped effect on furniture and for upholstery.”

Credit: Ikea

LACK Console Table

You’re probably familiar with the LACK side table, coffee table, and shelves, which are among IKEA’s top-selling products. But this year, IKEA released a new product in the line: a LACK console table that’s available in both a light oak finish and a dark black/brown finish. The sleek shape with thick, waterfall-like sides make this LACK iteration look way more elevated than its predecessors — but it’s still just as hackable.

Credit: Trine

Hack it: Scalloped trim across the front of this console table would take it instantly from sleek to sweet. Need an example? Look to this bookshelf hack from DIYer Trine from @boligglade. She used a Cricut machine to create her scallops, plus sage green paint, to turn a plain shelf into a vintage-inspired piece for a children’s playroom. You don’t need a Cricut to pull the look off — instead, look for scalloped trim made of wood or MDF, which you can glue in place.

Credit: Ikea

MOSSJÖN Glass-Door Cabinet

Reeded glass was a huge trend in 2023, with many DIYers upgrading plain glass to get the look. Good news: The new MOSSJÖN glass-door cabinet has the trendy reeded glass built right in. What it lacks, though, is an expansive color palette, as right now it’s only available in black.

Credit: Stephanie

Hack it: To hack this cabinet, it’s all about paint. Reach for any color that gives you heart eyes, like a vintage-y green, a cheery red or pink, or a sleek metallic gold. A fresh paint job has lasting power if you do it right — just look to DIYer Stephanie’s VITTSJÖ shelf hack. She painted her shelf (originally black) gold over a decade ago and it still looks great today. Another upgrade she did that’s worth trying on your own hacks: She swapped the plain shelf at the bottom for a mirrored one, adding a glam touch. “This IKEA hack taught me you can update low-end items with high-end and customized touches and they can look great,” says Stephanie.

Credit: Ikea

HYLTARP Loveseat

The new HYLTARP loveseat has a classic shape that will outlast any come-and-go trends, which makes it a pretty sound investment. What makes it hackable, though, is the removable cover that comes in 10 colors (one of which is a very tie dye-able white).

Hack it: Time to tie dye! That’s what Robin Heller, designer at Surrounded by Color, did for her own IKEA sofa (it’s the SÖDERHAMN). She used a dye pattern from Upstate to give the once-plain sofa a vibrant ‘70s-style look that’s a little kitschy but pretty sophisticated, too. And it’s surprisingly practical: “One thing I’m always thinking about is how perfect this tie dyed slipcover is for kids!” Heller says. “I have three boys and it’s impossible to stain.”

If you’d rather not use liquid dye, try using the tissue paper method to give your sofa cover a groovy new look.

Credit: Ikea

BILLY Bookcase

Yes, yes, the BILLY bookcase isn’t new — but this finish is! That’s a good enough reason to check it out this year and use it as a base for any built-in projects you have on the horizon. Think beyond bookshelves: This IKEA staple could also become a smart pantry or clever storage for folded clothes.

Credit: Nicole

Hack it: Look to hacks of the equally iconic PAX line for some fresh ideas to bring to your BILLY. For instance, Nicole of @the.decor.edit built in a whole wall of PAX wardrobes before fitting them with custom doors that make them look like high-end carpentry. Nicole had thick plywood cut into arched silhouettes, then stained them a rich walnut color. Little touches — like magnets at the top, middle, and bottom of each door to keep it securely shut — help this project go the extra mile. The result is a striking, sculptural closet that’s as much a work of art as it is a functional element.

Credit: Ikea

RACKNÄS Three-Drawer Chest

The best thing about the new RACKNÄS three-drawer chest is its small size, making it a versatile piece of furniture that can fit into a lot of different places in your home. But the most unique thing about the piece is its sort-of-floating, sort-of-not construction, which means it takes up little visual space, too.

Credit: Tereza Kohutova

Hack it: Let RAST hacks and hacks of other similar three- or four-drawer chests be your guide for this piece. One gorgeous idea: a faux bone inlay look you can achieve with paint and a stencil, like DIYer Tereza Kohutova did with her TARVA chest. “The dresser has been going strong for six years now,” Kohutova says. “The only thing I’d change is adding a layer of stronger waterproof polish on top for easier maintenance and some extra backing to the cabinet to make it sturdier.”

Credit: Ikea

STÄLL Shoe Cabinet

Shoe cabinets are small entryway heroes, and the new STÄLL model takes up even less floor space than the original four-door version, as its three compartments are all stacked vertically. It looks super sleek as-is, but the flat fronts, sides, and top all make this piece easy to modify, too.

Hack it: Try giving the ultra-modern cabinet a vintage look, like Erin Zubot of Erin Zubot Design did with her GALANT filing cabinet. This impressive project is not as complicated as it appears: To create the look of a vintage filing cabinet with lots of smaller drawers, Zubot attached thin wood strips to the facade of the assembled cabinet. Then she added labels, pulls, and casters to create something that looks like it came right out of an antique shop

Credit: Ikea

HAUGA Four-Drawer Chest

The tall HAUGA four-drawer chest features a few different drawer sizes, making it handy for stowing items that have a large variety in shape: clothes, of course, but also linens and even desk supplies. Because it works for a wide variety of applications, it’s worth hacking so you can create something that’s not only practical, but also perfectly matches the style of your home.

Hack it: This is a great opportunity to use cane webbing to create a vintage-inspired look, like Melanie Boyden of Melanie Jade Design did with her desk hack (created with both MALM and MICKE products). Start with paint (and a high-quality primer), then add in cane webbing before framing it with trim. “Always allow a little extra margin for adjustments,” Boyden advises when it comes to using cane webbing. “It’s easier to trim excess material than to compensate for a shortage.”

Credit: Ikea

BILLY/OXBERG Bookcase with Doors

The new additions to the BILLY line are too tempting to pass up when it comes to selecting hack-worthy IKEA products. What’s so lovely about this BILLY/OXBERG model is that it features a unique setup of top and bottom cabinet doors separated by an open shelf. That means you can use most of this bookcase for hidden storage, but can still have a little personality on display with plants and other decorative objects in the middle shelf.

Hack it: The big, relatively flat doors offer an enticing opportunity to play with another trendy material: fluted wood. This project, from Amanda Hendrix of Love & Renovations, was done on a TARVA dresser, but the look is simple enough to bring to any piece with broad, flat surfaces. Hendrix used pine screen trim to create the fluted look on the drawers of this dresser, then followed with a cheery yellow paint. The result is bold and retro — a far cry from its plain beginnings.