Nico Tortorella Gave Us a Glimpse Into Their Upstate NY Home — and the 7 Houseplants That They Love

updated Apr 21, 2021
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Credit: Nicole Rivelli/2021 ViacomCBS Inc. All Rights Reserved

I love seeing celebrities over video because I really get a glimpse into their homes that showcase style and priorities — from Kate Hudson’s “beverage window” to Tia Mowry’s stunning white and marble kitchen. But the one thing I love to see the most? Plants, preferably lots of ’em.

And that is why my interview with Nico Tortorella might be one of my all-time favorites (well, also because I’m obsessed with “Younger,” which just premiered its seventh season). In the first few seconds of our conversation, I immediately noticed the gorgeous living room backdrop, complete with beige walls, windows letting natural light in, and — there it was — the sight of a fiddle leaf fig in the lefthand corner. All it took was asking if they were a plant lover, and before I knew it, our plant tour way underway.

Nico panned the living room area, revealing “quite a bit of foliage,” they said. Nico first introduced me to the fiddle, then pointed to a lemon tree that had been blooming all winter. They mentioned moving a couple of hibiscus plants, then proceeded to point at a Bonsai tree and a rubber plant, plus a bunch of ivy and cactus garden in the other corner of the room.

“These are our children, in so many ways,” Nico said after giving me the proper introduction to their plants. Nico was currently based in their upstate New York home, but they mentioned that it was interesting to juggle the plants’ health while going back and forth between that home and their NYC apartment. Unfortunately, they did lose an elephant ear during the winter when the house ran out of oil, so there was no power to keep it warm. But, as Nico put it, “such is plant life.”