I Took a Quiz to Create the Custom Pillow I’ve Been Dreaming of — Here Are My Thoughts

published May 12, 2022
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Have you found your perfect pillow? For me, I wasn’t sure it existed, but I don’t necessarily need a pillow to be “perfect” as long as it’s comfortable for the long run. I’ve tried square pillows, adjustable pillows, and even an oversized neck pillow; and each one was great for different reasons. As long as I don’t wake up grumpy with an aching neck, it’s hard to go wrong. Still, with the bar so low, it’s amazing when you find a pillow that stands out. The one that’s so good, it feels like it was designed just for you to sleep on every night. Lo and behold, when I heard there was a brand that has you take a test before crafting a pillow made just for you, I immediately wanted to try it out. Put the test to the test, if you will. I didn’t know what to expect with Pluto Pillow — I even had some doubts — but the results were unexpected.

The Pluto Pillow test is quick, straightforward, and only 11 questions long. It asks about you, your current pillow, and your pillow preferences, which includes your sleeping habits. (I’m primarily a stomach sleeper, but often wake up on my side.) It took me less than five minutes to take the survey and then all that was left to do was wait for the customized pillow to be designed and delivered!

I know it’s strange to say that a box emits a certain energy, but receiving a pillow from Pluto feels like a Christmas gift. It comes in a color-blocked box with minimal design and fun vibes. Dare I say, I was looking forward to unwrapping and sleeping on it from that alone? With your pillow, you receive a printed note with details of your answers and the pillow that was created from it. My Pluto Pillow has a foam core and plush cover to give me the “plushy and melt-in” feeling I indicated was my pillow preference.

Credit: Pluto

I admit I was skeptical about my ideal pillow being determined by an online quiz, but as soon as I got my hands on it, all of my concerns flew out the window. First of all, it’s a beautiful pillow with a quilted cover and a pretty blue stripe around the perimeter. I squeezed and squashed it, and the pillow regained its shape wonderfully. It’s so soft and cool, too! Did I mention one of the quiz questions was whether or not you’re a hot sleeper? I am, which means I prefer pillows that don’t trap heat so I can sleep comfortably all night.

When it comes to comfort, my Pluto Pillow certainly delivered. It’s not too bulky or too firm, and it’s just as nice to lay on it on my back while scrolling my phone in bed, as it is to fall asleep on my stomach or roll over onto my side. Commerce editor Nicole Lund, a fellow hot sleeper who primarily sleeps on her side, also tried a Pluto Pillow and had this to say: “The second my head touched that pillow I was in heaven. The cover has a cooling quilted knit surface, which I found very satisfactory as a hot sleeper. I asked for something not too firm and not too soft, and my pillow strikes the perfect balance. It’s supportive enough to keep my neck aligned, but soft enough that I stay perfectly comfy through the night. Plus, I found that it stayed comfortable no matter what position I moved into during the night.”

Credit: Britt Franklin

One thing I love about Pluto is that they actually take into account what you already love about your favorite pillow. I can’t get enough of my Deep Sleep Pillow and had that in mind when taking my Pluto Pillow preference test. I could tell that they really considered that when crafting my customized pillow because the two feel similar, but not exactly the same. I haven’t decided if I like one better than the other, but I’m not one to complain about an abundance of pillows! At $110, the Pluto Pillow is a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it for a pillow that’s tailored to suit you. With more than 35 pillow variations, free shipping and returns, and a 110-day risk-free trial, there’s nothing to lose by giving it a try. (And who doesn’t love an internet quiz?)

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