Ruggable’s New Bath Mat Feels Like a Cloud and It May Be the Last One I’ll Ever Need (Yes, It’s Machine Washable!)

published Oct 14, 2022
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Ruggable Bath Mat Editor-tested Review
Credit: Ruggable

I’ll venture to say purchasing a bath mat usually goes one of two ways. Either we opt for the cheapest one with the fastest delivery — knowing full well we’ll need to replace it soon, but accepting the consequences of bath time grime — or we go for the design-y, maybe even pricey one that speaks to the mood of our decor. If you’re not familiar with either route, congrats, you’re a sensible shopper. But whether you’re impulsive like me or committed to finding the best option for your needs, routine, wallet, and maybe even the environment, I’m confident that a Ruggable bath mat will deliver.

Out of the gate, yes, this bath mat is an investment. But before you assume it qualifies as one of those aesthetics-first bath mats I mentioned earlier, check this out: Much like the myriad of Ruggable’s other editor-loved washable rugs (shout out to my beloved washable shag), the brand’s bath mats have a dual-layered system that makes functionality, longevity, and hygiene its priority. Underneath the removable rug top — the pretty part, if you will — there’s a plush, non-slip mat that caters to both comfort and safety… and man is it comfortable. The patented CloudFeel cushioning really is cloud-like — it makes the uncomfortably uneven tiling of my bathroom floor completely undetectable.

Each bath mat comes with both layers, but the top layer lifts right off the non-slip pad when it’s ready to be tossed into the washing machine, and you’re free to swap it out for a different design as needed (or wanted…). You’re not just getting a bath mat, you’re getting one that’s actually reliably non-slip, mold- and mildew-resistant, colorfast and machine-washable, and able to change its appearance as often as you’d like it to. I even got my long-haired flatmate to contribute a very juicy wet hair squeeze test to the cause, and the Ruggable bath mat dried completely (without being hung or even removed from the non-slip pad) no more than 10 minutes after being covered with about half a cup of water. Of all the bath mats I’ve tested, the Ruggable has become my ol’ (new) reliable.