16 Cute Plant Display Ideas to Steal from Super Small Tiny Houses and RVs

updated Aug 30, 2019
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Credit: Mandy Holesh

You don’t have to live in (or even dream of living in) a RV, house boat, mobile home, or other tiny house to take inspiration from them. Constrained by size and challenged by a lack of space, these types of small homes are full of ways to add decor without taking up too much real estate. The ways in which these tiny home dwellers managed to add beautiful plant life into their compact abodes are both cute and clever!

Credit: Mandy Holesh

There are two cute DIY plant displaying ideas to borrow from this 188-square-foot RV that houses two people, two dogs and two cats. Above, cute shelves with holes cut out are simple wall holders for an array of cute plants in small terracotta pots.

Credit: Mandy Holesh

Also in this 188-square-foot RV: the very easy, but graphically interesting, black paint triangle in the sink corner of the bedroom, punctuated by another little plant!

More plant shelf inspiration can be found in another RV that’s only 188 square feet. This time, small corner shelves maximize what could have been wasted space.

That same cute RV home also takes advantage of wall space with hanging terracotta pots on a wall. But here, rather than shelves with holes cut out, simple, nearly invisible hooks hold the pots to the wall. These pot clips available for purchase are similar.

While not technically an actual, living plant, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the plant-like paint idea in the same cute RV home. The homeowner simply hand-painted lovely green vines in the bathroom to add in nature vibes.

Those with black thumbs can take inspiration from the cute bundle of eucalyptus leaves tucked behind the shower head in this RV’s small bathroom. You can buy a dried bunch from West Elm.

Credit: Jennifer Hutter

This house boat may only be a teeny 400 square feet, but it has plenty of room for style aboard. Spotted in the newly renovated kitchen is an IKEA rail system perfect for kitchen tools AND a few green plants.

Credit: AT Video

While also not technically a living plant, pampas grass is a plant trend I fully support. Simple, minimal, and affordable, I love the modern display of it in this Airstream home. Pampas grass can be purchased on Amazon.

This tiny house in Austin is actually a rental home, so the renter had to get creative with her decorating in order to make the home match her personality.

One very cute display in this tiny house rental is the row of plants inset in the wood coffee table. You could either DIY this idea, or cheat by purchasing a long rectangular planter like this one on Etsy.

One more plant displaying idea spotted in this Austin tiny house rental is the DIY combo of a pipe rod installed on the wall, and little pots and terrariums hung from the pipe. There are plenty of small hanging terrariums available on Etsy.

Credit: Ben Tucker

This family’s small, converted bus home has simple, clean lines and a very uncluttered style. But I love how they brought in some green plant life by hanging a wreath over the bed area. You can purchase or make live wreaths; I like this boxwood one from Etsy and this live succulent one, also from Etsy.

Magnetic plant holders work great inside this converted van, but they could also work on your fridge. Similar magnetic plant holders to the ones above are available on Amazon.

Credit: Liz Kamarul

Liz’s remodeled Winnebago is a boho wonderland, and plant prints abound on the ceiling, fridge, and plenty of other spots. I appreciate that she added actual plants in the space, as well. These cute triangle holders complement the DIY triangle cutouts on the wall. These holders from Amazon are similar.

Hanging planters aren’t a new idea, but I love the unique one in this 180-square-foot RV. Find something similar on Etsy.

This 276-square-foot camper home shows that even in a small home’s office area, there’s room for plants right beside office supplies.

This custom 160-square-foot tiny house has the cutest example of leaving no space—however small—wasted. Planters hang from hooks attached to the underside of a shelf, a spot that’s often overlooked.