You Can Buy This “Amazing” LEGO Cherry Blossom Kit for Just $15

published May 22, 2024
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Beautiful Pink Cherry Blossom next to a Row of Old Brownstone Homes in Morningside Heights New York during Spring
Credit: James Andrews1/Shutterstock

Over the past few years, LEGO’s plant sets have exploded in popularity online, and it’s easy to see why. Each set comes with stunning, affordable pieces that add pops of floral color to your home in unexpected and creative new ways — all without having to worry about watering. 

You can also snag the plant sets from America’s most popular stores for budget-friendly prices. Here’s just one example: Walmart is currently selling LEGO’s gorgeous Cherry Blossoms set for just $14.97, and you can grab yours before the summer weather officially hits.

According to LEGO’s website, the Cherry Blossoms set — which typically retails for $14.99 — is made up of 430 pieces and is suitable for fans ages 8 and up, so you can enjoy creating it on your own at home or saving it to complete with loved ones of all ages. 

The set features two buildable cherry blossom twigs with white and pastel pink buds that you can mix and match to create customized LEGO flowers.

“As well as being a celebration gift for kids, the brick-built blossoms make a great gift for grown-ups … once complete, the set makes a beautiful piece of floral decor that will add a touch of joy to any space,” the official product description reads. 

Reviewers on say that the Cherry Blossom set is very easy to pass off as real. One reviewer wrote “We put it in a pretty vase and added green moss for a realistic look from afar!” Another added that they use the LEGO kit around their house to “brighten it up without having to worry about watering plants.”

Of course, part of the fun of LEGO is the ability to mix and match sets to your heart’s content. I find that’s especially true when it comes to the floral sets, which I love to combine to make large bouquets. Whether you combine the cherry blossoms with LEGO’s lotus flowers, daffodils, sunflowers, or something else altogether, you’re bound to create a stunning statement piece that will never wither.

If you can’t get to Walmart in time, Target is also selling the Cherry Blossom set for a comparable price.