101 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

updated Jun 3, 2021
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colorful home interiors
Credit: From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Magali Saberian, Ola Zwolenik, Chinasa Cooper, Minette Hand, Geraldine Tan, Kate Dreyer

Color is a powerful decorating tool—it has the ability to improve mood, brighten a room, and it can certainly help you put a personal stamp on your home, too. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of color or have already embraced every shade of the rainbow, there’s always another way to work a new shade or shades into your space. These 101 ideas, which range from big, bold moves like buying an orange sofa to smaller projects like painting your window trim, will have you living in technicolor in no time. The beauty is that you can pick and choose what feels right for you—and your home.

1. Say hello to yellow furniture

Why not go ahead and pull the trigger on that eye-catching piece of furniture that’s a little outside the box? This Buenos Aires home exemplifies that an out-there piece like a plush yellow dining bench can look absolutely stunning. If you love a particular look or shade, there’s no need to hold back—it’s your home, after all!

Credit: Amazon

2. Liven up your linens

Hop on the tie dye bandwagon and use this affordable kit to take plain white bedsheets and pillowcases to the next level. DIYing a project at home is always satisfying, and multi-colored sheets easily camouflage stains.

Buy: Tulip One-Step 5 Color Tie-Dye Kits Rainbow, $16.10 from Amazon

Credit: Kristan Lieb

3. Paint your ceiling

Whether you choose to use the same paint color that’s featured on the walls or opt for an entirely new hue, painting the ceiling is an excellent way to introduce extra color to a space. Follow along with our easy instructions to complete this project in your own home, then admire what a difference it makes!

Credit: Minette Hand

4. Go for a gallery wall

This Charleston artist lives her life in color, from her mauve velvet sofa to the vibrant artwork hanging on her walls. If you want to hang a bunch of pieces but still want a tonal cohesive look, try a gallery wall setup that works within a tightly edited color palette. Here shades of peach, mustard, light blue, and green are the common threads between a variety of different works, from paintings to wall hangings and even photographs. Similar frame styles and colors will also help you achieve this effect.

Credit: Brooklinen

5. Be a little bolder with your bedding

Crisp white hotel bedding might be all the rage, but a colorful duvet or set of sheets can be a great way to energize your bedroom. You don’t have to go wild with color—a nice blush, coral, subtle blue, or mint green shade will do the trick. If you’re a little color shy, start small with a set of pillowcases and work your way up to sheets and comforters.

Buy: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set in Rose, $149 for a Queen Size at Brooklinen

Credit: Ana Kamin

6. Make your counters pop

Instead of settling for all neutral cooking essentials, look for colorful crocks and knife blocks. Every time you reach for a spoon or start chopping, you’ll smile.

Credit: Viv Yapp

7. Go big with books

Books are a simple way to add color and intrigue to a space, as spines come in so many different hues and sizes. If you’re an avid reader, there’s no need to hide your collections when you can create an artful display of texts in your living room. You don’t need to shelve them in a perfectly organized manner either, as a haphazard arrangement can amplify that “library” feel. This UK home shows us how it’s done.

Credit: Etsy

8. Upgrade your drawer pulls

Drawer pulls don’t have to be neutral to be chic, as exemplified by these colorful beauties from Etsy with brass detailing. Whether you choose to introduce them in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, you’ll notice that a change in hardware can make all the difference.

Buy: Brass with Leather Drawer Pulls, Starting at $10.90 from Etsy

9. Get glittery

If you love all things sparkly, you’ll want to replicate this hack by blogger Maghon Taylor. She added confetti to a simple acrylic ghost chair and created a magical piece in under 10 minutes. Whether you opt to transform one chair or several, you can’t go wrong with this glittery makeover. You could also try it on a smaller scale with an acrylic tray, ice bucket, lamp, or coaster set.

10. Make your architecture pop

You don’t have to paint an entire wall with a bold color to make a big statement. Instead, strategically focusing your energy—and paint—on architectural details like doorways, window frames, and pony walls will save you time and money. Moreover, painting little features like these still packs a lot of decorative bang in the grand scheme of a room, especially if you pick a zingy hue as seen in this cute and colorful Detroit bungalow.

Credit: East Fork

11. Dine in technicolor

East Fork’s latest glaze color, Lapis, just might be the most perfect shade of blue. If you missed the pre-sale, keep an eye out for one more chance to buy dinnerware in this bright shade later this month. A portion of proceeds from the sale of all Lapis pieces will benefit The Campaign for Southern Equality in their fight to support lived and legal justice for LGBTQ+ Southerners. In the meantime, snatch up one of these wheel-thrown bud vases for your dinner table, check out the rest of the non-pottery Lapis collection, or bid on other blue wares from other creatives in an e-auction that’s also for charity.

Buy: Wheel-Thrown Egg Vase in Lapis, $70 at East Fork

Credit: Sylvie Li

12. Let a saturated sofa shine

This Montreal renter let the rust-colored velvet couch steal the spotlight in her bright white living room by pairing it with a shell pink chair and a sculptural coffee table. The lesson here: Choose a couch from any color of the rainbow, and it’ll instantly become a focal point in your living room setup.

13. Showcase colorful serving pieces

Take your favorite dinnerware out of your cabinets and display vibrant pieces on open shelving in the kitchen or dining nook instead. You’ll be surprised at just how many colorful accents are currently hiding behind closed doors. This Bronx studio features a darling display.

Credit: Yellowpop

14. Hang a neon sign

Spell out a favorite phrase, song lyrics, or just your name (hey, it’s your space!), then prepare to ooh and aah. Neon signs are becoming popular in bedrooms, nurseries, restaurants, and beyond, and while they’re a bit of an investment, their wow factor makes up for it. If you’re having trouble brainstorming a saying of your own, Yellowpop offers pre-made options, too.

Buy: This way – LED Neon Sign, $275 from Yellowpop

15. Cluster small rugs

There’s no need to scoop up an extra large rug when you can get creative and group smaller ones throughout a room like Geraldine Tan did. Your pops of color don’t have to stop there. Bust out patterned throws, pillow covers, and smaller accessories to make a space look extra festive and funky.

16. Let your clothes do the talking

Clothing racks are common in small spaces, but they’re easy to transform from inconvenience into statement piece. Use yours to display your prettiest pieces and let the various patterns and textures add pops of color and fun to your space. Whether you hang items in rainbow order or according to length, it can become an artful component of a room as seen in this Philadelphia loft.

Credit: Monica Wang

17. Think pink

Yes, a bright fuchsia carpet can work to ground a boho mix of wooden and woven accents, if this one-time HGTV “Design Star” contestant’s home is any indication. People tend to go for patterns underfoot, but a strong solid shade is always an option, too.

Credit: Minette Hand

18. Find colored tapers

Challenge yourself to replace every white or cream taper candle in your home with something punchy. From hot pink to orange or even gold, making this simple swap will add color to your mantle and dining table—and may help you fall in love with an old candelabra or candle holder all over again. West Elm currently has unscented colored tapers on sale, and The Floral Society specializes in subtle shades, if those are more your speed.

Credit: Viv Yapp

19. Store in every color of the rainbow

Max out every square inch of your space with storage cubes in bright, bold shades. You can tuck them into virtually any corner or cranny, as shown here under the seat of a sofa in this Bristol home.

20. Fake wainscoting with a half-wall paint job

No fancy wall coverings? No problem. All you need is a little bit of painter’s tape, a brush/roller, and paint to create a two-toned, faux wall covering effect. This New Jersey home office shows off a poppy color combo that’ll supercharge any space: pink, yellow, and green.

Credit: Viv Yapp

21. DIY a wall hanging

Garlands aren’t just for the holidays! Designer and artist Helen Ward made her own pom-pom accent piece, as seen in her UK home tour, and it’s just oh-so-whimsical. A little crafty creativity can go a long way. You can also use pennant and flag garlands—or wrap a cute felt ball garland around a window frame or a collection of objects on a shelf.

Credit: Rifle Paper

22. Design your dream headboard

Recover a plain headboard in fabric that is bright and makes a statement. We love Rifle Paper Co.’s offerings, particularly this whimsical rose print. Just add some navy blue shams and a coordinating throw to tie the look together.

Buy: Painted Roses Rayon, $15/yard from Rifle Paper Co.

Credit: Emily Dixon

23. Hang DIY wall letters

Spell out a name, initials, or a slogan with colorful wall letters like the ones blogger Emily Dixon made. You can grab supplies at a craft store and then spend an afternoon customizing your designs. These creations would make for adorable gifts, too.

Credit: Aimée Mazzenga

24. Colorblock FTW

Have a fireplace or a weird stretch of wall that juts out into your space? Then consider giving it the color block treatment, as these Chicago homeowners did with purple paint above and below their mantel. They chose to trim out the small arched niches that flank the fireplace in yellow, but if you wanted to go even bolder, you could paint these entire features, including their backs, to add even more fun to the (color) block party!

Credit: Gray Malin

25. Frame it up

Up your frame game with a fun, ocean-themed frame featuring an aerial shot from Gray Malin. It’s the perfect spot for your favorite vacation snap.

Buy: The Reef Picture Frame, $55 at Gray Malin

26. Trim a pillow

If your pillows are feeling a little lackluster, colored ball fringe, ric rac, or ribbon might be the answer. Choose trim in a shade that’ll amp up your plain covers. If you can’t sew, try pinning bright tassels to the corners of cushions instead.

27. Put a mural on it

Murals are totally trending right now and no matter what you decide to paint, you can’t really go wrong! The geometric shapes in this LA home look nice and sophisticated and are a great way to incorporate a bunch of different shades.

Credit: Amazon

28. Switch out your switch plates

Say goodbye to that builder’s grade switch plate and replace it with an artful alternative. This bird print plate has chinoiserie flair and will liven up an entryway in minutes.

Buy: Art Plates Brand Double Gang Toggle Switch/Wall Plate – Watercolor Birds, $12.95 from Amazon

Credit: Sara Raak

29. Add stripes to your stairs

Stair runners are a popular choice for homes with little ones, and they certainly don’t have to be boring. Sara Raak’s Annie Selke striped runner leads the way to her finished basement and brings her all kinds of joy.

30. Bring in bold blinds

This creative couple matched their blinds to their tangerine sofa, and the end result is super striking. All of the quirky accents probably help make this space feel really original, too. You don’t have to choose a megawatt shade like orange for this design trick if you’re a little more into subtle shades. Imagine how pretty a soft moss green might look on these two furnishings—or even blush or cobalt—when given this kind of matching treatment.

Credit: H&M Home

31. Try tasseled tiebacks

Change the look of your curtains in a snap with tassel tiebacks in a saturated shade like this dark green. You can also use one of these guys to add a little personality to an old doorknob or canister top.

Buy: Tiebacks with Tassels, $17.99 for a 2-pack from H&M Home

32. Curate colorful stacks on stacks

Books and magazines can also add color your coffee table, especially if you top each of your stacks with something saturated, as seen in this eclectic studio. If you’re going for a maximalist vibe, don’t be afraid to rock multiple piles. A clear coffee table like the one shown will put the spotlight on your bright reads.

Credit: Minette Hand

33. Create an urban jungle vibe

For instant color and life, decorate with plants wherever—and whenever—it’s possible! Take an average setup to the next level by wrapping an extra-long pothos around an archway, as seen above. It turns a NYC apartment into the perfect little green oasis.

Credit: Amazon

34. Make chores more cheerful

You spend way too much time tidying up the kitchen, so don’t forget to add some colorful accents to your prep work. These cherry-themed dish towels from Amazon instantly add warmth to your cooking space and may even make chores feel a little less painful.

Buy: Now Designs Cherry Swedish Dishcloths, $11.50 for a set of 2 from Amazon

35. Install a bold backsplash

Why not take a cue from designer Lisa Quina and opt for aqua tiles in the kitchen rather than your ordinary marble? You have to stare at your backsplash as you cook anyway, so you may as well make it a little more exciting.

36. Frame a favorite textile

Frame an oversized scarf or textile in a color scheme you enjoy, then display it over a mantel or sofa for personality-filled art. The piece in this Philadelphia home captures the eye immediately.

37. Display a beautiful juju hat

Juju hats originated with the Bamileke people of Western Cameroon, who called them “Tyn” and typically wore them in ceremonies and for special festivities. They’re a celebration of traditional African craftsmanship—perfect for that prime blank spot above a sofa, as seen in this Montreal apartment—just be sure to source them responsibly.

Credit: Hay

38. Turn up your bath towels

Perk up your bathroom with patterned towels in a pretty aqua shade. This style from Hay comes with sewn-in loops that you can hang off hooks, so you never have to fold another towel again and so you can use a set to brighten up plain white walls.

Buy: Plunge Towels, Starting at $25 to $40 $15 to $24 each from Hay

39. Make art out of multi-colored pom-poms

Want large scale art work to fill a wall, in your dining room or otherwise? An installation of multi-colored pom-poms will definitely make a statement, as seen in this LA apartment. Create your own out of yarn or purchase readymade poms for an even quicker solution. No need for a pattern—just place pom-poms next to each other at random. It’s best to use some kind of cardboard, wood, or backing alternative for the piece, so you can take it with you or move it around your place.

Credit: Jung Hi Han

40. Use color to carve a space into zones

Don’t forgo color in your space just because your apartment is small. If a 315-square-foot NYC studio can feature a brilliant wallpaper display as seen here, you can replicate the look in your home, too. Wall coverings can be used to create designated zones as well, especially if your space lacks walls or transitional areas.

Credit: Target

41. Add some zest to your table

Placemats aren’t just for kids. Target offers tons of peppy, affordable options that will take your tablescape to the next level in an instant. We’re all about this lemon print for summer.

Buy: Opalhouse Lemons Placemat, $4.99 from Target

42. Let posters provide a colorful pick-me-up

Ariel Garneau hung paint swatch-inspired posters from Society6 in her hallway, and the cheerful display complements her decor perfectly. These pieces are a cute alternative for renters who can’t actually paint their walls in their favorite hues.

43. Mellow out with yellow in a bedroom

Looking to jazz up the wall behin your bed, but don’t want to (or can’t) go the route of wallpaper? Try painting a yellow circle behind your headboard. Not only are circles said to be visually soothing, but in this sunny hue, this paint project just might make you smile every time you see it. Bonus points if you pull off a monochromatic look like this, matching your headboard, bedding, and curtains to your paint color.

Credit: Paddywax

44. Light a candle

With opaque colored glass vessels and frosted lids, these cute candles will bring a pop of color to any space. You’ll want to burn through them quickly, so you can repurpose them as little canisters for corralling cotton balls and swabs in the bath—or even pens and pencils on your desk.

Buy: Lolli Candles, $22 each from Paddywax

Credit: Carina Romano

45. Ombre your stair risers

A few sample pots of paint—and a staircase—are all you need to pull off this subtle but fun makeover. Use a paint color card to choose shades that will blend seamlessly as you ascend (or descend) the stairs.

46. Think beyond the basics

When shopping for basic pieces, such as a kitchen island or a storage cart, keep your eyes peeled for options with a bit more flair. Here, a yellow rolling cart adds a happy element to an otherwise ordinary kitchen in Brooklyn.

Credit: World Market

47. Add energy to the bathroom

Save the plain old bathmats for hotels and opt for something with a little more pizzazz in your own space. This tribal print bathmat from World Market will take your bathroom from so-so to spectacular for just $15. Bright colors can work wonders in helping you feel invigorated and ready to start the day.

Buy: Terracotta And Blush Sunwashed Tufted Bath Mat, $14.99 from World Market

48. Hang wallpaper strategically

If you think too much wallpaper might overwhelm your small bathroom, you can always opt to hang a half-wall’s worth in a favorite print, like Tiffany Brown did in her space. This is an excellent compromise if other members of your household aren’t fully on board with the wall coverings trend.

49. Bring back the accent wall

Accent walls are a quick, easy, and affordable way to enliven a bedroom. If you’re worried about choosing something so jarring that you might not be able to fall asleep, then a deep hue like the navy in this Australian home is the way to go. You can even match the throw at the foot of your bed to your walls, if you like the color-coordinated look.

Credit: Pottery Barn

50. Table it

Spruce up a dining table with a printed table cloth or runner. This shibori table throw, which comes in pink and indigo colorways, is the perfect way to set off white dishes. It won’t cover your entire dining surface, so it’ll still look modern and feel unfussy.

Buy: Shibori Tie Dye Table Throw, From $79 to $99 $30.99 to $38.99 at Pottery Barn

Credit: Kaviya Ravi

51. Make your own bespoke wallpaper

Can’t be bothered to paint a whole room or wall in perfect, uniform strokes but don’t want to splurge on wallpaper either? Then don’t! Get the best of both worlds by painting your own custom “wallpaper,” as artist Kaviya Ravi did in her Louisville guest bath.

Credit: Mike Rivera

52. Say yes to a colorful fridge

You can even opt for colorful appliances if you’re selecting new ones. Smeg is a longtime favorite brands for adorable refrigerators, toasters, and the like. This yellow fridge shines in a Michigan home.

Credit: West Elm

53. Purchase a funky fixture

Say goodbye to plain white globe lights and get a little funky with this beautiful West Elm piece. After all, overheard light fixtures are supposed to make a statement! This piece proves that whimsical can also be functional.

Buy: Colorful Globe 6 Light Chandelier, Multi, White, $399 from West Elm

54. Focus on flowers

Even if your furniture is white or gold, flowers are an excellent way to add pop of color in seconds, as seen in this space Michelle Gage designed. No matter your budget, you can totally have beautiful blooms in your home every day of the week.

55. Put your passion on display

Love to surf or skate? Hang your boards up on the wall for instant decor and a heavy dose of personality. They’re sure to be a conservation starter as soon as guests walk in the door. Storage has never looked so good!

56. Have fun with hue in a hallway

Sure, you could leave the floors in your hall or hallways bare. That said, the easiest ever way to add some color in these kinds of transitional spaces is by unrolling a dramatic rug, and nothing beats a long runner at this game. Whether you go solid or patterned, all eyes will be on the floor.

Credit: West Elm

57. Make some mirror magic

If you thought metal and wood were the only materials that mirror frames were made out of, think again. This round, asymmetrical design is actually wrapped in teal velvet, so it’ll bring a touch of color, whimsy, and a bit of ’80s style to anywhere you hang it.

Buy: Fabric Wrapped Mirror, $299 $179.99 from West Elm

58. Supercharge the rest of your staircase

This Chicago couple raised the stakes on painted stair risers by also coating their railings and spindles in an electric lemon yellow. Primary colors always look good when paired together, if their entryway is any indicator.

Credit: Ola Zwolenik

59. Redo a dresser with color

Repaint your furniture but highlight multiple colors instead of just one. Yellow and orange are a bold combo and look super chic on this mid century chest in a London home.

Credit: Amazon

60. Try a simple bathroom upgrade

It’s all in the details! Hang your shower curtain with hooks that have some personality. A set of 12 is just $9 and proves that even a small change can positively impact your space.

Buy: Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings, $8.97

61. Rethink your shower tiles

If you’re selecting tiles for a bathroom, why not go for a hue that you’ve always wanted to incorporate in your home? Designer Kelsey Haywood proves that dark green shower tile can look stunning and soothing.

62. Hang colored curtains

Don’t settle for white or beige curtains when you can hang literally any other color instead. Match your drapes to a sofa, chair, or another feature in your room to set up a colorful eye path that’ll create movement in your space.

Credit: Nordstrom

63. Go fuzzy and funky

There’s no rule that says shearling and faux sheepskin rugs have to be cream or gray. For a unique take on this Scandi staple, try one that’s been dyed to a pretty shade like these ultraplush Ugg rugs. One would be so cozy bedside, or you could use one to perk up an old chair or bench.

Buy: Ugg Shearling Rug, $145 from Nordstrom

Credit: Grace Atwood

64. Checker your floors

Rental floors don’t have to be blah. If your landlord lets you, you can make like blogger Grace Atwood and paint a checkered pattern in your favorite hues. While this is a time-intensive project, it’s certainly worthwhile if you plan to stay in your space a few years.

65. Paint your door

If you have the capability to paint, why not perk up an interior door with a pop of color? Bright yellow makes a sunny statement in this Atlanta kitchen, but you could choose any color that works with your decor.

Credit: Society6

66. Pick out a peppy print

Jazz up a plain wall with a vibrant art print like this leafy one. Society6 is full of colorful, affordable artwork and frequently runs sales. Many of their pieces can be ordered framed, which makes it easy to assemble an arrangement in a snap.

Buy: Moroccan Coast – Tropical Sunset Scene Art Print, starts at $23.99 from Society6

67. Color your kitchen cabinets

Say goodbye to plain white or wood and hello to an inviting color like light blue, as seen in this space by Kelsey Haywood. Depending on your DIY skills, you could even paint existing cabinets by yourself.

68. Lean into your linens for a color palette

When picking a color scheme for a whole room, sometimes the best place to start is with a striking duvet cover, throw pillow, or even a set of curtains. This LA couple used their sherbet colored bedding as the jumping off point for the rest of their bedroom, from the pink papered accent wall to the orange chevron nightstand.

Credit: Etsy

69. Mix a “fan” into your florals

Dried and fake flowers have been trending as of late because they last forever. They’re also fairly easy to over-dye, so many of the varieties you’ll find are super saturated. Try adding a few sun palm leaves to a plain vase. These fan-shaped florals are so striking, you only need a few stems. You could even hang a couple on a wall in a spot that’s often hard to decorate, like over your headboard.

Buy: Pastel Pink Sun Palms, $25 $22.50 for 5 stems from Etsy

Credit: Rachel Smith

70. Taste the rainbow

Follow blogger Rachel Smith’s lead and construct your own rainbow shelf rather than opting for a store bought option. Smith had the clever idea to use hers to stash her sunglasses and provides a full set of DIY instructions on her blog.

71. Make your own tapestry

Have a small patterned rug on hand that deserves some extra attention? Hang it on a wall as you would a tapestry for some unique, eye-catching artwork, as seen in this Illinois home. You don’t need to travel far to replicate the look: Etsy is an excellent source to shop for petite yet beautiful rugs that are one-of-a-kind.

Credit: Etsy

72. Give your plants a colorful home

Rethink your plant pots! Upgrading from neutral terracotta to a fun ombre option is bound to spark joy. With all of the available color combos, these small, cheerful planters from Etsy are sure to complement all of your plant babies.

Buy: Small Gradient Ombre Cement Planter, Starting at $17.49 from Etsy

Credit: Carly Hill

73. Cover your fridge

We love how blogger Carly Hill covered her fridge with an assortment of business cards from her favorite NYC spots. This is an excellent way to add spunk to a kitchen (for free, to boot!) while keeping local spots top of mind (though be warned—you may frequently find yourself reaching for the phone to order takeout).

Credit: Kate Dreyer

74. Add kid-friendly charm

Kids’ toys don’t have to be seen as clutter. Do what blogger Kate Dreyer did: Give a few charming pieces some extra attention by integrating them into a shelf display as you would with other decorative accents. Favorite art projects can also be hung on clipboards and rotated out as new masterpieces come in.

75. Emphasize a built-in

To amp up the visual impact of a built-in shelving unit, consider painting its shelves, shelf backs, or both in a color that contrasts with the rest of your walls and furnishings. You can also try this idea when faking a built-in with slab style shelving. If you paint a rectangle or circular shape behind all of the shelves you put up, this can create the illusion of a recessed niche.

76. Find fun flatware

Maybe you don’t want to stray from white dishes because they’re classic. Well, then turn your attention to your flatware instead. This sleek, modern two-toned set is the perfect way to set off suppertime in style.

Buy: Gold and matte pink luxury 4 piece flatware set, $32.88 for a set from The Black Home

Credit: Kaviya Ravi

77. Be all about a border

Painting or wallpapering the back of a bookcase is just the start. Turn this idea up a notch by adding a colorful border to the mix. You can use paint, of course, to make a border, but painter’s or washi tape would be an even easier way to trim out a favorite feature, as seen in this quirky living room.

78. Paint an arch—or two

Arches are all the rage right now and are easy to create in just an afternoon. Paint one on its own or layer two, as seen in this LA home.

79. Switch up your vase sitch

Pare down the glass vases you’ve accumulated from the florist and treat yourself to a piece that will make you do a happy dance every time you bust it out. This orange and polka dot cutie is sure to do the trick and is priced right at just $15—you’ll wonder how your coffee table went without it for so long.

Buy: Orange Polka Dot Small Vase, $14.95 from Paper Source

Credit: Reid Rolls

80. Frame old book pages

Framing pages from coffee table books with worn spines is an easy ways to source sophisticated photography on the cheap. If your books are still in pristine condition, you can always make color photocopies of your favorite pages rather than tearing them out.

81. Take advantage of textiles

You’ve probably seen woven hangings, rugs, and fabric remnants on walls—but have you seen textiles suspended from a ceiling? Long pieces of fabric create a dramatic canopy over the dining table in this New Jersey loft, calling attention to its stunning high ceilings.

82. Display a decorative bust

Classic art and decorative accessories never go out of style, but this time around, the trend is decidedly more colorful. Take this bust, for example. Its blue and gold design is the perfect finishing touch to top a stack of books or your mantel.

Buy: Mildura Statue, $188 from Karen Jai Home

83. Stain a piece of wood furniture an unexpected color

Like color and love wood? Then try a funky, unexpected stain on a piece of wooden furniture to play up the beauty of the wood grain. That’s exactly what Sarah and Gunnar Larson did with their blue storage bed, and it has so much more warmth, depth, and texture than had it just been painted with flat paint.

84. Spray paint metal chairs

This Philadelphia loft just might inspire you to spray paint metal industrial stools in your favorite happy hues. It’s more than okay if your dining chairs aren’t all the same color. There are too many fun paint options out there to settle for just one shade.

Credit: H&M home

85. Pick out patterned pillow covers

Whether you prefer to stick to just a few throw pillows or incorporate as many as your sofa will hold, they’re an easy way to add some brightness to your home. The ever-changing, wallet-friendly selection at H&M Home is always worth perusing, and this floral find is a favorite right now, especially if you like the grandmillennial look.

Buy: Slub-Weave Cushion Cover, $12.99 from H&M Home

Credit: Dabito

86. Set your TV screen to art

If you own a high-tech TV like the Samsung Frame, set the home screen to something cheerful that complements your existing decor. You can even go so far as to work it into a gallery wall, as blogger Dabito did. It’s hard to tell which piece above is the television!

Credit: Minette Hand

87. Have a colorful curtain call

Your shower curtain might actually be one of the largest, uninterrupted surfaces in your bathroom—other than the floor. See this spot as an easy opportunity to add something punchy to the mix, like this South Carolina renter did with a fruit-covered curtain in warm oranges and pink.

Credit: SustainAble Home Goods

88. Get in on some fringe benefits

Use decorative fringe to jazz up a plain basket—or even better, buy a readymade option that’s been dyed all one color, like this earthy red design. Slip your favorite houseplant into one and call it a day, or use a style like this in your entry to hold umbrellas, hats, and scarves.

Buy: Fringed Large Catch All, $66 at SustainAble Home Goods

Credit: Erin Derby

89. Rainbow-ize your books

This idea’s always a controversial move, particularly if you like browsing books alphabetically by title or author—or prefer sectioning them by size or genre. However, if you can’t paint and are looking to create a colorful “moment” on your walls, you can arrange your books by spine color to create a rainbow effect, just as blogger and author Liz Moody did in her Brooklyn apartment.

Credit: Maca Atencio

90. Hang mini shelves

Hang mini shelves in a favorite hue to make the most of vertical space in a kitchen or bathroom. You’ll be maximizing square footage while creating a focal point, as demonstrated in this Montreal home. If painting isn’t your thing, you can also wrap plain white shelves in patterned wallpaper.

Credit: Etsy

91. Remember to shine on

Hop on the Danish lampshade bandwagon—but go beyond the usual neutral colors and instead order a piece like this pink beauty. It’s sold by Etsy shop LeKrazyHorse, which has become an immensely popular destination for stunning lamp accessories. A shade like this will make an old fixture look new again.

Buy: Knife pleated lampshade, Starting at $49.83 from Etsy

92. Restyle your sofa in seconds

Tired of your plain old couch? Try this simple hack where you use a blanket or textile to wrap a sofa seat, adding extra color in seconds. This decorative move is a great way to conceal spills or stains without shelling out the cash for a new piece—or waiting for reupholstery.

Credit: Kara Brown

93. Craft or buy a quilt

There’s no shortage of color in this Texas home, and colorful quilts are on display in both the bedroom and living area. You could opt to craft a quilt of your own using favorite fabric scraps or old t-shirts, or you could purchase something new with the intention of using it as decor. The latter is a great way to support local makers.

94. Pattern mix in the bedroom and beyond

There’s no such thing as too many patterns in a bedroom—at least not if you ask designer Aelfie Oudghiri of Aelfie, who’s Brooklyn home is pictured above. She designed both the bedding and rug in this space, and the key to mixing patterns with aplomb is a commonality in color, as well as some variance in scale. Thanks to primary pops of color—red, yellow, and blue, this space sings with a cohesive shade story.

Credit: Jo Chattman

95. Paint your floors

If your floors are past their prime, consider painting them in a surprising shade like blue, as artist Molly Hatch did in her home. You can always paint over the color if you tire of it, and area rugs can also be used to break up the surface for more visual variety.

96. Switch out your light bulbs to color-changing LEDs

If you’re the indecisive type, then your best source of color might actually come from a light bulb as opposed to paint, wallpaper, or furniture. Invest in color changing LEDS, and you can go from white to fuchsia pink to blue—and back again!—all with a simple screen tap.

97. Hang a collection of baskets

Create a global, boho chic look by grouping together a collection of colorful baskets and hanging them above a sofa, as seen in this Bronx space. Leave extra room around your arrangement, so that you can continue to build your display with finds that you pick up at flea markets and as you travel.

Credit: Etsy

98. Pin up a fashion-forward poster

Celebrate your love of fashion and color with a poster that pays homage to designer YSL and is bound to brighten up your room. You may even be able to snag one that reflects your birth year for an added personal touch.

Buy: YSL Love 1989 – Yves Saint Laurent – Poster Print, starts at $26.01 from Etsy

Credit: Chloe Berk

99. Mount a fun wall calendar

To some, wall calendars may seem so last decade, but there are so many options on the market that can practically double as art. If the Stendig above is too black and white for your taste, feel free to snazz it up by coloring in the digits and days of the week.

100. Work a custom wall hanging

Have a favorite color or just love a rainbow look? Then a handmade Chilean telar wall hanging, as seen in this stylish San Francisco home, might be just the thing for you. Find more information on pieces like this one at Cosa Buena

101. Buy bright bookends

Invisible metal bookends certainly get the job done, but your shelves will look so much snazzier if you find something with a little bit of color and a fun shape. Bi-Rite Studio’s tubular bookends look like Slinkies and are sold as individuals, so you can mix and match shades for a custom set.

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