Le Creuset Launched a Nautical New Color to Upgrade Your Kitchen — Score It While You Can!

published Feb 8, 2023
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matte navy enameled cast iron cookware
Credit: Williams Sonoma

As far as cookware is concerned, there’s nothing quite as dependable as cast iron. The only way to make this material even more long-lasting is to purchase it in a classic color. This is precisely why the latest drop from Le Creuset, the king of cast iron, is so exciting. Their pans and deep ovens are renowned in large part because of their stunning colorways, from authentic cherry red to vivid turquoise. But right now, exclusively on Le Creuset’s website and at Williams Sonoma, you can shop the brand’s all-new Matte Navy hue. Whether you’re in the market for a spacious casserole dish, an enduring fry pan, or the world-famous Dutch oven, you’ll be able to find it in this classy shade. Of course, it goes without saying that navy is timeless, so your buys will forever remain in vogue. Plus, some pieces are on sale in select sizes and bound to go fast. Take a look at some of our top picks below, and stake your claims.

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Williams Sonoma
was $195.00

There's no need for an actual grill when you have this stovetop essential. It can fit over a single burner and produce summertime cookout-worthy eats even if you don't have a backyard or patio. The grill pan's oversized side handles also make it super easy to transport from your prep station to the burner, and its high ridges prevent dripping. What's more, this item is currently marked down an entire $75.

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Williams Sonoma

Braising essentially means browning food on the stove and letting it simmer in a liquid, so the shape of this pot is perfect. Its wide interior and short sides aid it in cooking cuts of meat to perfection, and you can even use the braiser to fry up a quick (and tasty) breakfast. And as is the case with all of Le Creuset's enameled cast iron products, this piece won't stain or become dull over time.

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Williams Sonoma

You can immediately tell a low-quality fry pan from a well-made one because with the former, your food will stick to its interior. You won't experience that problem when you invest in this quick-heating skillet, which only requires a small amount of oil to create everyday meals of all kinds. You can even stick it in the dishwasher when you're finished for a seamless cleanup.

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Williams Sonoma

Dutch ovens are loved by culinary amateurs and professional chefs alike because they can cook tons of diverse meals with little effort, and the food comes out tasting exceptional every time. When it comes to this kitchen staple, Le Creuset's 5.5-quart pot is the industry superstar thanks to features like its tight-fitting lid, durable construction, and flawless silhouette. The new matte navy shade is selling at full price, though the same piece is on sale in ganache.

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Williams Sonoma

Sure, you could use a regular baking pan from the supermarket to prepare a casserole, but where's the fun in that? This 11.5" by 7.5" baking dish is so much more sophisticated, not to mention better quality. It even comes with its own lid, which keeps moisture locked inside so your pasta or protein always comes out tender. Its stoneware material also won't absorb any flavors or smells no matter how often you use it.

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Williams Sonoma

There's a reason breadmaking got so popular during the initial pandemic lockdown: Bread is surprisingly easy to make, especially when you have a dedicated oven such as this one at your disposal. At 9.5 inches in diameter, this cast iron oven is the perfect size for your average loaf. It also comes with a deep lid that lets your creation rise to become fluffy and soft on the inside but crispy and golden on the outside — heavenly!

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Williams Sonoma

Even if you're not a breakfast person, you'll find plenty of opportunities to use this versatile frying pan. Although it, too, is made of enameled cast iron, the pan is remarkably lightweight. It retains and distributes heat like a pro, so eggs, greens, and even your frozen hangover meal will be ready in mere minutes. Additionally, the pan's interior is white (unlike the black interiors of some other cast iron pieces), so you'll be able to closely monitor the contents as they fry.