Aldi Is Selling $7 Fiddle Leaf Figs

published Sep 13, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Carina Romano; Design: Apartment Therapy

If you’re interested in filling your space with houseplants — especially ones that are universally beloved — the Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle leaf fig, is available at your local Aldi for a low price. 

For only $7, a fiddle leaf fig can be yours (and it’s so affordable that you could take a bunch more home). The indoor plant can grow up to 10-feet-tall, so the 10” plant can quickly surpass its original size if it’s maintained well. And there’s a secret to growing a healthy fiddle leaf fig with a strong trunk — shaking your plant (yes, you can literally wiggle it).

Native to the tropical regions of Africa, this plant is used to steamy, warm conditions, so you’ll have to put in some serious TLC to keep it strong and healthy. It’s recommended that the fiddle leaf fig is placed in bright, filtered light and frequently turned on all sides so it can receive equal sunlight distribution. As you’re occasionally moving the plant, take a damp cloth and wipe the dust off the leaves so the fig can receive the full amount of sunlight it needs. Fiddle leaf figs need a finicky amount of water, so you’ll need to be careful not to underwater or overwater the plant. Moderate soil is the ideal way to go to prevent root rot or decaying leaves. 

In case you’re not located near an Aldi, Amazon has a similar fiddle leaf fig available online for $15 with stellar reviews. And if you’re ready to increase the number of plants in your care, Amazon even sells a four-pack of fiddle leaf figs. Essentially, you’ll have a plant oasis in little-to-no time.

Now that you’re equipped to maintain the houseplant, add the fiddle leaf fig to your grocery shopping list at Aldi and keep an eye out for the olive trees, ZZ plants, and money trees that are a total bargain for the prices.