These 12 Amazon Cleaning Products Really Work, And They’re All Under $20

published Dec 20, 2023
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What’s better than a cleaning product that works? A cleaning product that works without cleaning out your wallet. Even if you would argue that a clean home is priceless, it’s hard not to think about how your hard-earned money is literally going down the drain in your attempt to maintain it.

Don’t worry, there are solutions out there that’ll work for you and your budget. Below, a roundup of a dozen effective cleaning products that you can find on Amazon all for $20 bucks or less — in some cases, way less. 

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This pumice stone cleaner is tough on hard water stains yet gentle enough not to scratch your porcelain toilet bowl. It has an attached handle, so you can use it as you would a regular toilet bowl brush. The best part? Pumice is sort of a magic stone in that you can simply scrub stains away — no need for cleaning solutions.

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Whether you’ve got stinky-but-cute pets, an overflowing hamper of sweat-stained workout clothes, or you simply love burying your nose in clean, fragrant laundry, Downy Rinse & Refresh is for you. Just add a dose to the liquid fabric softener dispenser and your clothes will come out feeling soft and smelling sweet.

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Wet walls and doors make it all too easy for mold to set up shop in your shower. Before you grab a towel to dry off, you’ll want to grab this shower squeegee and swipe off those droplets. It only takes a moment but you’ll save much more when there’s less scrubbing on your tiles and shower door to do later.

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Leaving dirty pans in the sink “just to soak for a bit” is a recipe for finding the dirty pans still there the next day. This brightly colored nylon pan scraper will make quicker work of baked-on grease and food residue so that you’ll get through kitchen cleanup sooner rather than later (this writer’s mom swears by it!).

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As much as I love liquid dish soap, it’s even easier to spray this foaming dish soap from Seventh Generation on dishes, pots, and pans to scrub away the remnants of a meal. I love the choice of scents — honey crisp apple or mandarin orange — that makes it almost like having an aromatherapy session as you clean up after a meal. Even more, it’s an eco-friendly cleaner that comes with one spray head and three refill bottles, so there’s less to discard.

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If you were today years old when you found out that you should really be dusting your houseplants, no worries. Just pull on a pair of these super-soft cotton gloves and gently swipe your hands over those leaves to rid them of the dust and dirt that are likely blocking much-needed sunlight. (Talking to your plants and telling them how beautiful they are is optional.)

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It’s easy to be cynical about a cleaning product called Vanish, but this stain remover bar does eliminate stains from clothes. It’s best if you use it as a pretreatment right before you toss in a load of laundry — just wet the bar like it’s soap, rub it on the offending stain, then scrub lightly with a soft nail or toothbrush. It’s especially great for removing stains from white clothing.

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If you’ve been avoiding mopping because you don’t have room to store a bucket, this collapsible bucket just eliminated that excuse. The bucket expands to hold 2.6 gallons of soapy water when you’re mopping a floor — or washing your car, soaking your feet for an at-home pedicure, you get the drift — but then you can indeed collapse it flat for easier storage.

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When it comes to cleaning hacks, it’s helpful to think outside the box — or in this case, the kitchen. Yes, this Scotch-Brite dishwand is designed to be kept by your kitchen sink for scrubbing pots, but at this low price point, keep one in your shower, too, to scrub tiles. You can still fill it with dish soap, but add some distilled white vinegar to tackle soap scum and keep other shower yuck at bay.

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A jetted tub might be a luxury, but cleaning one is anything but. Unlike other tubs where you can simply scrub and be done, you’ll have to clean the tub and the jets, too. That’s why this Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner is a must — just draw a shallow bath and add some, then turn on the jets and let it work. The jets get a deep clean and soap residue and grime comes off the rest of the tub without too much elbow grease needed.

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An old toothbrush is OK for cleaning grout and other hard-to-reach corners, but this OXO Good Grips set is even better. (Plus, it’s pro-cleaner approved!) The soft grip makes it easy to hold while the sturdy bristles do most of the work. The best part is that there are two choices of brushes and a wiper blade to clean small spots a sponge simply can’t handle.

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Cleaning a shower is a great upper-body workout, but honestly, I’d rather lift weights and do pushups than scrub tile. Thankfully, this Wet & Forget Shower cleaner lives up to its name. Sure, you’ll have to do some scrubbing at first if your shower is a little worse for wear, but soon enough you’ll be able to maintain a clean, sparkling shower with just a few pumps of this “magic” spray.