These $12 Gadgets Attach to Hangers and Neatly Hold All Your Closet Accessories

published Oct 9, 2022
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Hats and scarves are a godsend for bad hair days and boring outfits. You go out, and no one knows that your roots are showing, plus you look like a bonafide fashionista. It’s a win win — until you come home and have to put them away. They shouldn’t be hard to store because they’re much smaller than, say, a jacket. But it’s not like you have all that extra drawer and shelf space, and you can’t put accessories on hangers. At least, you couldn’t until now. If you aren’t aware, there’s a convenient little attachment you can buy on Amazon that slides onto your hangers and solves this major organizational problem, and it’s totally inexpensive. You’ll never have to worry about squished baseball caps and wrinkled shawls again after trying this awesome find.

The UCOMELY hat racks arrive in a set of two, and they’re essentially polyester sleeves with stainless steel clips attached at the bottom. Each sleeve unfolds, allowing you to wrap it around any hanger that has a horizontal bar. From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Clip headwear, scarves, and small garments onto the rack for a storage system that saves tons of space. For $12, you might as well stock up and grab a few pairs. Previous buyers love how orderly this tool keeps their homes. “My husband leaves baseball caps downstairs and upstairs, and usually they are just lying everywhere,” one reviewer shared. “I never know where to put them so they are within reach and also east to grab. This is a great solution to the problem.”

This product is especially convenient for smaller homes. We’re not all blessed with large walk-in closets, but the hat rack can so much as double your hanging space if used correctly. Although you can’t really hang heavy apparel from its clips, you can likely get away with using it for lighter garments, like blouses, children’s clothes, or even intimates. “Listen, I’m tired of hanging my bras all over to dry, and this thing was amazing!” one reviewer delighted. “No more fussing over where to hang or store them. Just clip a strap, and go.” What’s more, you don’t have to do any assembling or complicated installations of wall-mounted hanging systems. These racks are ready to use in seconds.

Although it’s titled “hat rack,” this product becomes pretty versatile once you decide to get creative with it. And you can’t put a price on extra closet storage space.