How To Green Clean Grease From Kitchen Surfaces
Grease is often difficult to remove, especially if you aren't able to clean it right away.
Oct 18, 2019
Before and After: 3 Messy Drawers Get a Makeover With $1 Trays from Target
After searching through office supplies, back to school supplies, the bullseye dollar spot section, and home decor, I ended up in bathroom organization, of all places.
Oct 12, 2019
Weekend DIY: Yes, You Can Make Your Own Weighted Blanket
You're not limited to store-bought! This is one cozy home accessory you can totally DIY.
Oct 11, 2019
Before and After: A Plain Living Room Gets Lots More Color and Charm
After a year of living with their new build's plain white living room, Olivia and her boyfriend Tom were ready to fill their space with color and personality.
Oct 5, 2019
Before and After: A Creepy Kitchen Gets a Bright and Beautiful New Start
You know what they say: the best home transformations come when the "before" photo looks like it came straight from a horror film (and if they don't say it, they should!).
Oct 4, 2019
Before and After: A Master Bedroom Gets Some Major Calming Vibes
First-time homeowners Nick and Sarah Wissinger bought their home in 2016 and, after having only rented apartments before, were grateful to finally be able to decorate in a way that felt like them. Their plain-Jane master bedroom gave them the perfect opportunity.
Oct 3, 2019
Before & After: $8 and a Strong Scrub Made a White Sofa Feel New Again
This second-hand sofa was gross and bound for the alley—but the alley wasn't an option.
Oct 3, 2019
Before and After: A Standard School Bus Gets a Stylish New Life as a Tiny Home on Wheels
When Brooke Cook came across a school bus converted into a tiny home on Instagram, she was smitten. Almost immediately, she and her husband started searching for a potential bus they could turn into a tiny house of their own.
Sep 25, 2019
The 10 Best Before and Afters We’ve Seen So Far This Year
Y’all have been sharing some really fantastic before and afters with us this year, so we wanted to take a sec to highlight a few that stood out as especially brilliant and inspiring.
Sep 19, 2019
Before and After: A Plain White Bathroom Gets a Greenery-Filled Upgrade
Get ready to see a lot of plant action.
Sep 18, 2019
Before and After: A Couple Gave Their SoCal Fixer-Upper a Light-Filled New Look
When Andrea Jensen and her husband were house hunting, they narrowed in on a Southern California area they loved. However, "the neighborhood came with a steep price tag," Andrea writes, "so we knew whatever we bought in our price range would require a lot of work."
Sep 15, 2019
Before and After: This Wasted Space Got a Super Functional Makeover (and a Herringbone Feature Wall)
Allison Schaeffer and her husband Noel had a large loft space at the top of their stairs that wasn't serving much purpose—but had serious potential.
Sep 14, 2019
Kirsten’s Bluebird of Happiness House
Name: Kirsten Coplans & Pearl Location: Uptown, Denver, Colorado Size: 900 square feet Years lived in: 11 years Kirsten Coplans is not just a collector, nor is her house just a house. Artwork, family memorabilia and rescued taxidermy grace the walls, shelves and floors of her tiny dollhouse of a home, all displayed lovingly and with purpose. Strongly connected to deer, birds and rabbits, Kirsten finds comfort in sharing her home with figurines and artwork of animals.
Sep 11, 2019
Before and After: A Melbourne Kitchen Gets a Big Transformation—Literally
Alanna and her husband Jesse purchased their tiny, two-bedroom Melbourne cottage when they were in their early 20s. The kitchen hadn’t been updated since the 1980s and was so small, the couple couldn’t comfortably cook in there together at the same time.
Sep 4, 2019
Before and After: See How Black Paint Made a Traditional Fireplace Wall Pop
Initially, Jessie Ecker only planned to paint her fireplace surround black, but she decided that it looked so good and modern that she would keep going and paint the paneling around it.
Aug 28, 2019
Before and After: Faux Tile and Marble Helped Give This Basic Bathroom a $200 Facelift
When we see a bathroom renovation roll in for under $200, it gets our attention because, let’s be honest, a light fixture alone can cost well over $200!
Aug 22, 2019
Before and After: See a Dark, Damp Bathroom’s Carrara Marble-Filled Transformation
At first glance, Nidia Serrano’s monochrome bathroom seemed like one we’d all love to come home to at the end of a busy day.
Aug 21, 2019
Before and After: This Pink Powder Room Reno Cost Less Than $600
The powder room didn’t quite make it to the top of Laurel list of must-immediately-make home improvements—until she found out that a wall had to be taken out completely and rebuilt for proper support.
Aug 6, 2019
Before & After: You Won’t Believe How Fantastically This Inexpensive Dining Room Refresh Came Together
Alexandra Madison loves “taking old spaces and making them feel new and fresh,” she writes, so in a few weeks and with less than $600, she gave her dining room an entirely updated feel.
Aug 2, 2019
Before and After: A Tile-Heavy Bathroom Is Transformed from Mismatched to Classic
When Katie and ​David​ purchased their home in Memphis, the house had all of the charm of the 1940s—but the bathroom left much to be desired.
Aug 2, 2019
Before and After: Punch Needling Takes Planters from Basic to Business
Joanne Mooney​'s IKEA FLÅDIS​ planter did its job—aka, holding plants—but looked pretty bland against the backdrop of her colorful home. She decided to use punch needling to give the seagrass baskets a makeover.
Jul 31, 2019
How To Clean an Iron
We’ve all been there: pressed for time (pun intended), forced to use our iron with a dirty plate, nervous that the precious few minutes we are taking to actually iron out the wrinkles might set us even further behind by the transferring of gunk to the garment, forcing you to choose a completely new outfit altogether. Maybe you haven’t been there, but I’m speaking from experience. Good news: If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got a clean iron!
Jul 9, 2019
If You Constantly Feel Like You’re Digging for Sheets, It’s Time to Organize Your Linen Closet
If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet, you know how quickly they can become disorganized and messy. In my experience, a disorganized linen closet often leads to buying double (and sometimes triple) the amount of personal care items—only because you don’t realize you already have them. The trick to a clean, well-organized linen closet is creating an intentional space for everything. Here’s how.
Jun 22, 2019
Hear Us Out: Scented Drawer Liners Deserve a Comeback
These vintage fragrance-filled pops of color and pattern seriously deserve a comeback.
Jun 21, 2019
How to Create a Kokedama to Hang in Your Bathroom
With the rising population of plant parents, it’s no surprise we’re finding Kokedama decorating on porches, chilling on coffee tables, and hanging in showers. Kokedama, roughly translated as “moss ball,” is a minimal form of Japanese gardening that perfectly balances the odd and the beautiful, elevating hanging plants into an art form. That art form happens to be perfect for your bathroom—in the shower, to be specific.
Jun 20, 2019
This Power Drill Brush Changed the Way I Clean—and It's on Sale for $10
I love my drill as much as I love my motorcycle boots and red lipstick, so being able to use it to conquer my gross oven? Yes. Bring it on!
Jun 9, 2019
How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures
Light fixtures tend to be the final resting place for bugs. And if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned yours, you’ve more than likely got a bug graveyard hanging over your dining room table. Cleaning up can be quick and easy, and is a great project to add to your seasonal cleaning duties. So gather your supplies, round up some help and evict those exoskeletons. Depending on what type of fixture you are working with, you might need an extra set of hands to help out.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean a Fireplace
No matter how clean a room may be, a dirty fireplace can make it look messy and unkempt. Tidying up can take time and effort, but the end results are rewarding, and will help keep your fireplace in great working order. More than likely you’re only dealing with some soot here and ther—and if that’s the case, your cleaning adventure won’t take all that long. But if you’ve inherited a neglected fireplace like mine, prepare to put in some time and serious elbow grease!
Jun 5, 2019
How To Whiten Yellowed or Bleached Wool
White or natural color wools can yellow for a number of reasons, ranging from age to the environment it’s stored in. If your wool has yellowed naturally or because of a bleach stain, don’t fear! You can bring it back. I recently took in a stray rug that had a pretty significant bleach stain. The stain was intimidating but the rug was really nice, so I was determined. I figured it couldn’t get any worse than it already was!
Jun 5, 2019
How To Wash Walls
Washing your walls is a fantastic deep cleaning chore that is best tackled in late spring and early fall when you can crack a window or open a door to assist in the drying process. However time consuming, it is a necessary task to keep your home looking (and smelling!) great and can extend the life of your paint job. Washing your walls is a fantastic deep cleaning chore that is best tackled in late spring and early fall when you can crack a window or open a door to assist in the drying process.
Jun 5, 2019
Use That Booze: 10 Ways to Clean With Vodka
Whether you’ve resolved to lay off the libations in January (Anyone out there giving Drynuary a try this year?), have just a few drops left in a bottle, or are stuck with bottom-shelf booze after a big bash, we’ve got some great alternatives to pouring the party down the drain—clean with it!
Jun 5, 2019
Scrub A Dub Dub: How To Make a Natural Cleaning Paste For The Tub
Over the years I’ve been guilty of occasionally buying whatever bath cleaner is on sale at the store -could be all-natural, could not. The moment I try to settle into a nice, relaxing bath I immediately start thinking about what chemicals I’m being subjected to and majorly regret my decision.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean A Wool Blanket With Snow
Wool blankets are one of the most coveted finds at flea markets these days. They are practical, durable, and fashionable. And we’ve found a great way to clean them that costs only your time —and maybe your comfort if you don’t have a big warm winter coat. People have been cleaning with snow for ages.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Safely Brighten Your Whites Without Bleach
If you find it difficult to convince yourself that those formerly bright, now slightly graying towels and t-shirts are indeed fresh and clean—keep reading. I can totally embrace my hair going gray, I actually love it, but I absolutely positively cannot handle graying white linens. So when I noticed a beloved old t-shirt turning that awful shade, I quickly took to researching a safe, effective way to return it to it’s original glory—without compromising the fibers. Mrs.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean a Chandelier
We recently stripped the old paper from our parlor walls. Though precautions were taken to keep our chandelier safe while we were working, wallpaper particles and plaster dust found its way to the fixture, leaving the prisms dusty and in need of a good clean. Knowing all too well it would probably be months before we decided on a paint color to finish the room, I figured I’d add some sparkle by showing the chandelier a little love.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean a Shaving Brush
Shaving brushes can run the gamut in terms of cost, ranging from $5-$250 depending on the materials used. No matter what you spend, one thing remains true: Your brush needs to be cleaned regularly to keep soap scum from building up and bacteria from growing. Vinegar Castile soap or organic detergent Warm water Glass or shallow dish Clean rag or paper towel 1. Run your brush under warm water to remove any soap hanging around from your previous shave.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean Makeup Brushes
It’s a task that’s too-often overlooked, but cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is so, so important: it’s an easy way to promote healthy skin by keeping bacteria and dead skin cells at bay. It takes just two minutes, and can even prolong the life of your makeup brushes. How often should you clean your makeup brushes? At least once a week for concealer and foundation brushes that get caked with build-up.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean an Oven Without Harsh Chemicals
Forget harmful oven cleaners: This two ingredient, all-natural recipe is great for more recent stains, like quickly cleaning up the lasagna spillage in your oven (and on your pans!). I know baking soda is a miracle compound, so I had pretty high expectations as to what this magical paste would do for my oven. The photo below is what I was hoping to tackle, but alas, this years-old stain was just too much for the simple recipe.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Condition Leather Furniture
Leather furniture can last for decades if properly taken care of. Prolong the life of your piece by using this simple, all-natural leather conditioner. Vinegar Linseed oil Essential oil (optional) Jar with a lid or spray bottle Microfiber cloth Wipe down your furniture to be sure it is dust-free in preparation for the conditioning treatment. 2. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts linseed oil in a jar with a lid. Close the lid and shake vigorously.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Repair Chips on Porcelain Tubs and Sinks
I recently moved into a very old home and inherited a gorgeous claw foot tub. It’s pink, gigantic, and nearly perfect in every way, except for one issue: the porcelain around the drain has been worn away, leaving a very unsightly, uninviting rusty ring in my otherwise dreamy tub. While I have plans to keep this tub around, its not currently in the budget to have it refinished.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean Diamonds With Denture Tablets
Here’s a cleaning tip even Marilyn would appreciate: Make those diamonds sparkle and shine with a non-traditional jewelry cleanser that will also clean your toilet and flower vases! Denture cleaner tablets Warm water Small glass jar Toothbrush 1. Drop one cleansing tablet into a small dish filled 3/4 full with warm water. Add the jewelry and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Once the tablet starts to effervesce, the water will turn blue and start to foam. 2.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Clean the Inside of Vases the Easy Way
Fresh flowers are a treat for yourself and your home. The clean up afterwards, especially on narrow-necked vases, not so much. Our solution? Denture cleaner! The tiny tablets pack a punch and go to work on a myriad of household chores —and can be stored away with ease. Denture tablets Warm water Add very warm water to your bottle, stop an inch or two from the top to allow for possible fizzy overflow. Break apart one tablet and drop it inside.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Polish Silver with Toothpaste
It kind of makes sense — if toothpaste can remove plaque on your teeth then it should come as no surprise that it will also do a number on that pesky tarnish that has built up on your silver! Toothpaste (not gel!)An old scrubbing toothbrush Apply a dollop of toothpaste to your piece of silver. I used about as much as I would on my teeth, however, if you are working on a larger piece you might need to use more. Add just a bit of water to your brush and go to town!
Jun 5, 2019
How To Polish Wood Furniture
Of all the responsibilities that come with taking care of your home, paying special attention to your wood furniture is sometimes overlooked. I recently inherited a beautiful wood rocking chair that had been stored away for a few years and was in need of some TLC. If it’s time to restore the surface of your wood furniture, this step by step guide shows you everything you need to know and how to lengthen the time before your next polish as much as possible.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Remove an Ink Stain with Milk & Vinegar
Sometimes we find ourselves in the most cliché nerd predicament: a leaking or exploding ink pen (where was your pocket protector when you needed it!?). But you can put away your inhaler, because removing an ink blob is easier than you think. Just grab some milk and vinegar and get to the stain ASAP! 2 parts whole milk1 part white distilled vinegarLarge bowl 1. Place your garment in a bowl at the most shallow part, allowing it to be covered completely with the mixture. 2.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Polish Silver Using Banana Peels
Bananas are legit. They are a proper on the go snack, packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and come in a convenient peel-and-toss wrapper to boot! But before tossing the wrapper, consider attempting this super simple method for cleaning your silver. BananasWaterBlenderRag to polish silver There are a few all natural recipes for cleaning silver but this is my preferred method for jewelry.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Make Your Own Wood Polish
If you’re tight on space and don’t want a bottle of rarely-used wood polish hogging the shelf, don’t buy it! Wood polish is easy to make in small, single use batches, so you don’t have to worry about trying to jam yet another bottle away under the cupboard. Depending on the size lemon you use, the polish ends up being around about 1/2 cup of liquid.
Jun 5, 2019
How To Naturally Clean a Bathtub with Grapefruit and Salt
Lemons and vinegar are the great dynamic duo of green cleaning, but there’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh grapefruit. It’s fresh and sweet, and can give your bathroom that extra boost of freshness that is usually only obtained with heavily scented candles and other cleaning products that aren’t so earth-friendly. I recently moved into a home that had sat empty for a year and while it was in great condition, the old cast iron tub looked pretty rough.
Jun 5, 2019