Jamie Birdwell-Branson

SEO Home Strategist at Apartment Therapy

Cincinnati, OH

After a childhood of combing through my grandmother’s home and design magazines, it was only natural I wanted to pursue a career writing and editing home-centric stories. Since college, I’ve taken on any home-related writing, including a gig copywriting for a carpet cleaning company (go ahead; quiz me on any carpet stain, I dare you). I’ve primarily covered real estate and home improvement, with clips in Elle Decor, Bob Vila, Vox, Marketwatch, Zillow, Rachael Ray Every Day, and Apartment Therapy. I was also the senior home improvement editor for Hunker.com, where I managed a team that produced stories on repairs, real estate, and anything technical in the home. Now, I serve as an SEO strategist for AT, working hard to help our content appear at the top of Google search pages. I collaborate with our edit team to create content that answers questions we often have about our homes — and provide simplified and personalized advice on how to get things done. (How do you actually buy a house? Is putting up wallpaper actually as hard as it looks? How do I keep my plant alive if I’ve never had a green thumb? Whatever your question, we’ll help you along the way.)
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